Rockin’ Roller: 1955 Chevrolet 4100 Bus

With the first transistor radio coming to market in 1954, I don’t know how many would have been in use on this 1955 Chevrolet 4100 school bus. By the 1970s, the school buses that I rode in were rockin’. This rockin’ roller (no engine) bus can be found here on eBay in Lincoln, Nebraska. The seller has an unusual $8,333.33 buy it now price listed, or you can make an offer.

The more I look at this thing the more I like it. Chevy redesigned their truck line in 1955 and the new Task Force series trucks were more modern than their predecessors were, which is usually the case. The 4100 series is a 1 1/2-ton chassis and a 130-inch wheelbase and I believe that this is a 4102 Flat Face Cowl chassis which came without a body or windshield – perfect for bus manufactures to plop their bus bodies onto. It most likely would have had Chevrolet’s 109-hp 235 cubic-inch inline-six. Unfortunately, the engine is missing but the 4-speed manual transmission is still there.

It’s a great chassis but I don’t know what I would do with the little school bus part. Camping? A mobile photo lab? Wait, everything is digital now, never mind that last idea. Most likely, a general hauler of motorcycles would be my choice. It looks like it’s in good condition but the next owner will be doing a little welding and lots of sanding to create their custom bus. The seller says that the overall length is just 20-feet, now that’s a short bus.

Unfortunately, there are no photos showing the engine bay and the above photo is one of only two interior photos and they both show basically the same view. I know! It is what it is but at least you can see the missing hood in the back and it looks like all of the windows are there so that’s good. Not having a cab photo is strange, so we’ll have to guess what it looks like (insert cab-condition-guessing-sounds here). Maybe the seller can send any extra photos to serious bidders. This is sure a cool little bus, what would you use this thing for and how would you power it?


  1. James Lee

    I owned a 1954 Short bus on a 3800 series flat cowl chassis. It was bought new in St. Louis with an empty Wayne bus body. The owner used it to sharpen scissors and knives in Maplewood MO. My mother remembered him driving the neighborhood. The bus had a big bell inside by the driver’s seat.

    The man died, his grandson got the bus and wanted my VW. Even trade. I sold it once, to Lowell Davis who sold it to Precious Moments and I bought it back for what I sold it for.

    I sold it with 75,000 miles to a grandfather in Texas who wanted it for football games.

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    • RC Ellis

      To the ex-owner of the Precious Moments bus – I’m pretty sure I followed you one day in Springfield, MO to a local school where you might have been picking up your grandkids…..about 5 to 7 years ago perhaps…..I talked to you briefly. I saw it a few years later for sale at the Spfld. Fairgrounds for the August Auto Swap Meet. Neat bus!!

  2. Kenneth Carney

    Sure looks a lot like the one that I kept
    running for the church my family attended in the late ’60’s. Used to drop by
    the church on Saturday mornings and
    repair whatever needed to be fixed so
    the Pastor could drive it on Sundays.
    Thank God Reliable Auto Parts was open
    on Saturdays! Without them, that poor old bus wouldn’t have been ready on time
    and I wouldn’t have made extra cash
    tuning up cars while the ladies cleaned
    the church! Oh, the good ol’ days!

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  3. Fred W

    This bus looks like it has original paint, or a dead ringer for original paint- very un messed with on the outside. Not sure what I’d do with it though.

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  4. Bob

    Sure would make one cool work truck! Although the back door is a little small for material. Would be cool though! Big dreams small budget! I’d definitely rather drive one of those than my box truck though!

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  5. Mountainwoodie

    Scotty, you rode the short bus?

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  6. LARRY

    Put a major blown big block in it..huge street slicks on the rear..go out and play!!

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  7. Crusher ppmct

    It would fit perfectly on my f350 duelly frame (yes I know FORD)
    and you are right a perfect motorcycly hauler just add a rampage lift and bring them in the back door

    • Rick Bliek

      I recently bought a 1955-57 Wayne’s bus! And I’m just curious how you know that your 350 ford dually frame would fit? Iam going to start searching for a compatible frame for my bus that’s why I’m asking? Any info you have would be appreciated.

  8. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    OK, I’ll say it. Partridge Family clone. One more thing. I have been gone for awhile, the instant notifications are gone again?

  9. Ted

    Elmer finds a school bus in a field, pays less than a grand for it, and can’t wait to get it loaded so he can take the obligatory trailer pic…..couldn’t spend twenty minutes to tidy the inside up?

    “Gee Bette Mabel we’re done sure gonna eat good after this here survivor truck sells yessirreebob!!!!!”

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  10. grant

    As I’ve said before, someone needs to use one of these to build a miniature tribute to Ken Kesey’s bus “Further.” If you aren’t familiar, look it up real quick. Paint it up right, do an RV conversion inside and call it “a Little Further.” This is an awesome idea and one that I will never get around to so someone please steal it!

  11. pugsy

    I want it.

    This could be so cool.

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  12. Elliot Kaplan

    With todays technology I would make such a bus a 4X4 and also give it the capability of being lowered as far as under the hood a Z1 engine and now as far as an interior driver seat a bench to fit 2 people on each side then any seats in the back being able to fold into the floor so any large items can go in the back but also have a screen above each of the benches and a tv that drops down from the ceiling and now for the exterior a candy apple red with flakes and flames that are orange, yellow and red.

  13. Stevieg Member

    This makes me think of Horny Mike’s bus from Counting Kustoms. Here I am a couple years ago (after looking @ the picture I am glad I lost that little bit of weight…so much more to go lol) with the bus in Vegas. Great time!

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