Rolling Ragtop Project: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

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Chevy got into the pony car race in 1967 that Ford and Plymouth had started two years earlier. Out of some 285,000 of the hot little cars they built in the first year, more than 25,000 Camaro’s were convertibles. Which would include the seller’s car, which is a rough rolling project. The good news is the car gives the new owner almost a clean slate to work with. The bad new is the car gives the new owner almost a clean slate to work with. Located in Viola, Arkansas, this Camaro is available here on eBay where the no reserve auction has reached $5,300, but the Make Offer option is also available. Thanks, Larry D, for sending this tip our way.

This Camaro is far complete, which includes the lack of an interior and most likely the original 327 V8 and Powerglide automatic that we believe came with the car. There is a lot of rust and corrosion to be dealt with, so the buyer needs to go into this one with eyes wide open. Some of those issues include:

  • one of the rear frame rails is rusted through but the seller is providing both replacements
  • the entire floorboard was replaced in the past but has already started to rust and will need some patches
  • the trunk is rusted where it connects to the rear frame rails
  • the front frame has a rust hole at where a bolt is supposed to be, so its only set up to roll for now
  • the Camaro has new leaf springs but incorrect U-bolt clamps

Some of the exterior trim pieces are missing, but some are remaining and will come with the car. There is no mention as whether either of the two chrome bumpers are still around. The VIN plate and cowl tag are still in place. The car was set up with disc brakes, but the rotors are gone and just trailer hubs are there.

After the RS and SS models, the convertible is likely the most sought after of these 1967 cars. Hagerty indicates that a well-maintained example can go for north of $30-40,000, but this one is a long way from even being Fair, which is $15,000. Is this a project you would be willing to undertake, or would you just pass on by?

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  1. Curt Lemay

    Not sure what you would weld new metal to. Might be cold and dead. Is there even a title after 40 years rotting in the back 40? Too bad, these were sharp cars in their day, but maybe that day has past.

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  2. nycbjrMember

    Parts car? Is there even enough for that? Lol

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  3. Steve BushMember

    VIN swap? All the tags and a title are present.

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  4. Al

    Kind of reminds me of my Rolls.
    That is my “Rolls Can Hardly”
    Rolls easily down a hill and can Hardly be moved unless I push it by hand.

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  5. James Bishop

    Another case of thinking and drinking , this car is totally gone , isn’t worth but $300 , everything is rust and unknown for the few bad pictures it shows . Rusty money pit . Can’t believe somebody is actually offering $5300.00 for a rust bucket money pit . A easy 45k-50k project plus what a fool would pay .

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  6. Ralph

    This is truly a mess.
    There is a lot more to welding in replacement pieces than most realize.
    Especially structural and weight bearing parts. As structurally unsound vehicles age, and rot, the original alignments and measurements change from the factory settings. Most folks do not know how to do the measurements, and correct alignments on such a situation. To get it right is a lot more work than most realize.
    Fatigued frames and metal is a risky deal.
    Just need to let this one go, not much to really work with here anymore.

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    • dogwater

      Ralph… Amen

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