Rolls Nicely: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Do you remember the radio and television show (popular during the 1940s and 1950s) Twenty Questions? Its format was simple: players took turns asking questions about an undisclosed object until one person guessed the answer, then it became their turn to field questions. The seller of this first generation Camaro, available here on eBay, utilizes some Twenty Questions inspiration in the ad for this car by postulating: How are the rockers? How are the quarters? How are the floors? You get the gist. Thankfully, the seller also provides answers to those questions! While the Camaro does not run it is said to roll nicely, although a broken tie rod sleeve makes steering difficult. It’s located in Medford, New Jersey and can be purchased for the BIN price of $6,500 or best offer. 

Let’s start with a list of the car’s positive attributes: 1) it’s complete, 2) it’s mostly original, 3) it comes with two sets of wheels, and 4) the seller has a clear title. Oh, did I also mention it rolls nicely? The ad includes a pre-excavation photo showing the car resting under a large tree, covered in mold, with tires partially sunken into the earth. If the seller knows how long the car was resting under the old oak tree and when the last time it was running, such historical information isn’t disclosed. Rust is an obvious problem and the seller acknowledges this. The floors are reported to be an area of primary concern as is the passenger side rear frame rail. How is the trunk? Funny you should ask, rather, it’s funny the seller should ask. The answer: due to rear-end damage, the trunk isn’t able to be opened.

The seller believes the Camaro’s original exterior color is Butternut Yellow and it’s that paint color that can be seen poking through the deteriorating vinyl top. The black interior is original and despite layers of grime and filth, it appears the passenger seat and dash cover are in surprisingly fair condition for a car that’s been significantly neglected. Did I just describe the interior as being in fair condition? Forgive me but I’m trying to look for something positive! Just roll with it (pun intended)!

Other than being described as non-running, no further details are provided in regard to the inline 6 seen in the above photo. It’s mated to an automatic transmission which, if my research is any good, is a 2-speed Powerglide. In 1969, the base motor offered in the standard model Camaro was the (3.8 liter) 230 which I believe is what we see here. I’m confident there are a number of Barn Finds readers out there with the expertise to accurately identify this motor by simply looking at the photo and will either confirm or deny my speculation. Please share your wisdom in the comments section! I’m also confident there are many who won’t hold back on sharing their opinion on this first-gen Camaro’s potential (or lack thereof). Question: how much rust and rot is too much?


  1. Eric V

    Move on! Stupid price, almost as bad as what people are trying to get for rusted out 911’s.

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    • Miso Ornery

      Add naval jelly and a bucket POR, and you’d have a real jewel! Seller knows what it’s worth, and is saving it for his grandkids to shovel.

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  2. Jay

    Was the 250 was the standard 6 ?

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    • Denis Singher

      My 68 Camaro had an inline 6. I always thought it was a 250ci but I might be wrong. It was my first car. Didn’t know much about the mechanics.

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    • Neil

      If u want a Camaro take your $6500 to your local GM dealer.
      $650 for this “car”.
      It’s not even a parts car.

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  3. Neil Raden

    $2500? Is that a typo? 6cyl Powerglide mess?

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  4. bigdoc

    Far too expensive for what is presented.

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  5. TimM

    Why is it a six cylinder with a two speed transmission worth $6500!! Maybe if the body were in better shape and didn’t need a total of every single panel replaced!! Well the ad says it’s a good roller!! I’ll pull the windshield out bring the reins through there hook it to my horse and take it to the store!!!

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  6. KevinLee

    Jay I had to laugh when I read the title to this article. When buying a used family car one time, which my Mom was NOT even considering, my father was way more interested in it. I remember him telling Mom, ” but look, the doors shut beautifully!” It became an inside family joke for years to come. Rolls nicely is about all this clapped out Camaro has going for it!

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  7. r s


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  8. bob mccowan

    way to much lots of work

  9. Tom Member

    I hear a monotone ring and see a straight line on the monitor… it… the time of death.

    I almost never say this but this one is not worth restoring. Not born a number or letter car, forget the rust, it is the ROT that concerns.

    Don’t even know if this is a part car.

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  10. Ken

    Remove whatever parts may be salvageable and crush the rest. There comes a point when even a 1st generation Camaro is beyond hope.

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  11. garry connors

    this is another case of paying for what it could be 30 to 40 k in cost to make it worth 29 k its because of suppy and demand

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  12. Dave K

    ’69 Garnet Red Camaro was my first car when I was 16. Although the car was only 8 years old when I bought it, it was so rusted out from Midwest winters that you could stick your fist through the floorboards and quarters. 327, 2 BBL, 3-speed. 250 HP. Paid $650 for it. That’s about what this one is worth.

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  13. Angrymike

    $6,500 ? Maybe $650.00! I really can’t believe what ppl will pay for special cars that need as much work as this, but if someone puts up that kind of money for this pile of crap, they’re literally insane !

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  14. Neill

    I saw this on facebook marketplace a few weeks ago, I guess a dynacorn body and this cars title could be the start of a fun project but not for the $6,500 asking price.

  15. bob

    I didn’t know this website was promoting piles of manure, oh wait a minute while I clean my glasses, oh, it is a car, sort of.

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    • Al

      Put it back under the tree thats where it belongs !

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  16. Al

    How much does it weight ? X 75.00 a ton

  17. Rube Goldberg Member

    I tell you what, I remember a LOT of Camaros that looked like this. And they weren’t all fire breathing wheel standers either. Many were just basic Camaros. Way too far gone.

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  18. bruce baker

    My Cousin Dennis should buy this. He believes “the straight 6 is the most efficient engine design ever”. For the life of me, i can’t say nothing good about an engine originally design for 1930’s farm tractors. I can’t believe most Semi Truck Rigs still have straight 6 diesel engines. Yeah when Top fuel dragsters/Funny cars make a ton of horsepower/tork, using only V-8’s. Most any new 4 door car now days, could of out raced this Camaro when this car was brand new. Oh yeah assuming it always had a 6 in it. My Cousin also believes a new 64 Impala SS had a better back seat ride than my 3 year old 2014 Impala 42,000 miles on it two years ago.

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    • grant

      There’s a big difference between a Fueler and a big rig. Sure, the dragster’s going to run a V8 and make a ton of power, but it also gets torn down every 10 passes, where the big rig motor is going to go a million miles without a rebuild. And some of them are 4 pots, too! Your cousin has a point. A straight six IS efficient, and inherently balanced. Also, “should have.”

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    • Rube Goldberg Member

      Yeah, that’s an unfair comparison. I’ve spent more time behind an in-line 6 than most, and can say, without reservation, the in-line 6, in all it’s forms, was the best motor ever made.
      And btw, top fuel dragster engines are rebuilt after EVERY pass.

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  19. Poncho

    Who knows, there may be ‘Lost Civil War Gold’ buried in the trunk. Someone might give $6500 to find out.

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  20. Steve H.

    Funny how a ‘69 Charger in way worse condition than this one went for $6600 in a recent eBay auction. That one at least had a rusted-out 440 Magnum going for it. This Camaro is nothing more than a parts car.

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  21. Claudio

    And i have a fully restored protouring convertible firebird and i can hardly get more than the asking price of this clapped out pos ! Geez should have built another camaro but nooo i wanted something different!

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  22. TCOPPS TCOPPS Member

    rolls nice but cant steer worth a sh!t

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  23. Brian B.

    If these F bodies rust the way A bodies do the windshield is about to fall through the cowl. Covered in moss? I can’t imagine a better recipe for Swiss cheese

  24. Chrisscrustyclassics Member

    Wow folks thanks for all the kind words. It is my car up for sale. Wish all you folks the best of luck working on your barn finds!

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    • Little_Cars

      Love your screen name.

  25. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Six bangers can be made to put out plenty of power. When I was about 14 ( 1961 ) a young man from our church had a 39 Chevy coupe, he built a GMC inline 6 put it in the Chevy and ran 103 mph in quarter mile at the local drag strip. Had time slip to prove it.
    God bless America

  26. Del

    How much for the front bucket seats ?

    The rest can go to the Rest Home

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  27. Bshan

    I think the cowl tag shows the number 10 for the paint color. That would be black for 1969. The pictures are awful for an eBay listing. I also believe you get more than 5 photos with a standard listing.

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