Rough Bunch: Six International Scouts

The words rust and Scout can too often be used interchangeably. Such is the case with this stash of IH Scouts found here on Craigslist in the Sedalia, Missouri area. If a salvageable project can’t be found here hopefully at least some parts could be.

Being synonymous with rust the name Scout can also be synonymous with fun. Whether that Scout is an 80, and 800, or the later Scout II a lot of four-wheel drive fun is there for the taking. Unfortunately, none of these found here are in running condition. The seller states that most have rust (and it appears to be a lot) so these might be better reserved to create a mud buggy or rock crawler.

If a potential buyer was interested in a full-blown restoration project there might be enough here to create at least one decent Scout. With differences between the 80 and 800 and model year changes, this would be a really tall task though.

With the group of six listed for $7,150 altogether that would be a little over a grand for each one. That seems a little high for what these look like, but maybe an abundance of parts could potentially justify that price. Personally, I think the blue one with a nice rusty patina would be great to put a matte clear over, get it in running condition, and just go have a good time, on or off-road. So, what do you see here…. anything worth having some fun with?

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  1. bobk

    OK, if it weren’t for the other vehicles in the pictures, and the location being in/near Sedalia instead of KC metro area, I would have sworn that someone was taking pictures of my brother’s cache of IH Scouts.

  2. Jimmy

    The drab green one looks the best of the bunch, a couple hours away from me but the city would get all over me for dragging home all of these. Might be able to make one good one out of all 6 but at his asking price and the city I say NO.

  3. Rodney Elizondo

    The green and blue are very manageable to fix…. the one thing I hate is when people swap a scout engine with a Chevy or any other engine and still call it a scout. A scout without its international red engine is not a scout

    • AMXBrian

      Except for all of the factory ones that came with AMC or Nissan Engines

  4. Howard A Member

    This is a great find, Scouts were great trucks. These are still better than anything up north. The guy I bought my GoldWing from in N. Wis. had half a dozen Scouts in his woods, and they all looked like the red striped one. 99% were used as plow trucks, and were used until they literally broke in half. About 5 years ago, I stumbled on a junkyard in N.Wis. and the guy had at least 40 Scouts in a field. I went back 2 years ago, and they were all gone.
    As far as motors, IH did indeed use AMC motors. The 232 was available in ’65-’71 Scouts, and the 232 and 258 were available in the ’71-’80 Scout ll’s.(some 401’s made it into ’73 and ’74 pickups and Travelall’s during a 392 shortage, also painted red, so it is confusing).


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