Rough And Ready: 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe

There isn’t a more classic hot rod project than a 1932 Ford. Although this is merely a shell of a car, there appears to be enough parts here to make a decent project. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Darrun for the tip on this car.  Found here on eBay with a current bid of $15,000, this car is located in Angus, Ontario, Canada.  Keep reading to see if you think there are enough parts here to make the hot rod of your dreams.

There is quite a bit of information and a detailed description of parts in the ad, which is refreshing.  The ad claims this is a true barn find and has been parked since 1974 and was a hot rod built in the 1960’s.  There is no engine or transmission in the car which makes for a blank slate for the new owner.  These cars work great with everything from an inline 6 to a small block V8 or how bout a blown Hemi?

As mentioned earlier, there are a ton of parts that go along with this car.  You can read the entire list in the ad but a short list of the parts include the following:  Complete set of cut tinted glass, except windshield, replacement chrome windshield frame, original dash, extra all interior door handles & window winders, extra set of original head lights, original head light bar, set of original rear frame horn covers, original front fenders, original rear fenders, original steel rad shell , original gas tank, and original hood sides.

Here is the best shot of the overall interior in the ad.  There are some detailed photos which help, but it’s hard to get a picture of exactly what the interior holds for the new owner.  There are so many great ways to finish the inside of these cars.  You can go the simple route and do a bench seat, you can do bomber seats with an aviation theme or you can go all out with full custom leather.  What would you do?


WANTED 1959 Cadillac Seeking convertible Rust free Contact

WANTED 1970-1972 Honda N600 or Z600 Rough cars that need restoring or for parts Contact

WANTED 1932 —–1934 Ford pick up prefer project No SBC, prefer old time engine this should be a rea hot rod–not a rat rod and no chopped tops Contact

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  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    A Little Deuce Coupe with a flathead mill. That’s the only way to equip one of these. While I’d rather have one these original; since the carnage has already begun, might as well continue. I guess you could power it with a small block Ford. An SBC is SSOOO Belly button; everybody has one. Looks like a fun project.

  2. Joe Haska

    Geomechs, Here we go again! Since the carnage has already started, “Give me a break!” The 32 Ford, the 32 Ford Coupe ,is and always will be, the absolute Icon Hot Rod. Any Hot Rodder, from after WW ll, until now, would practically kill for one, but you say to a Hot Rod is carnage. If you want to see this carnage, go to Michael Christenson Photography and look at his photos from the GNR show ,this past February, and look at all carnage, of these beautiful cars.
    It’s a good thing we only visit via e-mail, talk about two different points of view. I also think you are a very knowledgeable car guy, as I like to think I am. However, I have lived breathed and loved Hot Rods since I was barely a teenager, and I am now in my mid seventies and have owned dozens of Hot Rods, including 32 coupes and 32 roadsters , 34’s & 40’s, and more early Fords than I can count And with all do respect to you, you are repeating things that you have heard and assume, and they just aren’t fact. How many traditional Hot Rodders does it take to screw in a light bulb? “You don’t know you weren’t there”
    As for this car, it could be a nice car (Hot Rod) with allot of effort and work, and money, but I think I would have to say, 15K is about all the money, even if you love it and want to build it

    • Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

      Harsh Joe you’ve pretty much smack talk Geomechs into the ground. All he’s saying is it’s to late to restore which is more his style. I personly like resto mods cars that look original but have modern touches in the mechanics. My thing with hot rods is when you go to a show everyone and their dog has one on display it becoming rare to see restored to original. I have nothing against hot rods I just find that it is an over done style. The fact is this car is in a state of carnage it scattered all over the guys garage and currently looks like a rusty heap of junk.

  3. Scott

    Is that price in Loonies?

  4. diehardchevy

    Like an an old man said to me me one day, many years ago…..anybody can restore one, it takes a real man to cut one up!!

    • Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

      Bull$h!t. It’s the other way round anyone can cut one up , but it takes skill, patients and a great deal of research to restore. A lot tougher job.

  5. JW

    Definitely this car should follow it’s build in the eye’s of Milner’s Hot Rod in American Graffiti.

  6. Tort Member

    The hot rod of all hot rods! I would think it will go a fair amount higher in the bidding. If it we’re mine a performance flathead, black in color, bench seat, wheels that resemble stock and keep it fairly simple and leave the big engines, plush leather interiors etc to the glass 32’s.

  7. 68custom

    there is a steel one running around these parts with a 348 chevy 3-2’s and a t-10 its all steel and black, beautiful car. I can’t believe what people pay for a steel body project like this but hope it turns out nice!

  8. GaryC GaryC

    I hear you guys up there. I’ve. Done both, restorations and hot rods. Enjoyed building everyone of them. One cold hard fact on the bottom line. A restored car just don’t bring the money anymore.

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