Rough Real Deal Four-Speed Z28! 1970 Camaro

Like a colorless cave skink, this 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey appears to recoil from the harsh and unfamiliar sunlight. While enjoying indoor storage today, this Chevy clearly endured lengthy outdoor storage as well. It seeks a new owner here on eBay where one brave soul with a $4999 opening bid and a truckload of optimism can get the auction started. Considering the rust, the missing original engine, and a missing title, it might take a Christmas miracle to get this Z28 regifted before the new year, and an army of Elves with up-to-date tetanus shots to make it ready to deliver presents next year. I’ll take that banana bike on the left!

Originally white with black stripes and black interior, this potent pony car gained blue stripes at one point. The Cragar S/S wheels and el-cheapo tires harken back to the ’80s. By the time this high-powered road-racing-inspired coupe was a few years old it could lay waste to nearly any new car that wasn’t built in Maranello. Signs of rust weeping from multiple wounds suggests a minefield of disappointments for the new owner.

This substitute takes the place of a new-for-1970 350 cid (5.7L) V8 that powered every Z28 that year. If you’re thinking “Sure; every car from the ’70s had a 350,” then you might take a beating when the ’70 Z28 unleashes its 360 HP solid-lifter LT1. The Flex-Fan dates from the early ’90s at the latest. A Holley four-barrel will be easy to tune if it’s not wasted. The seller reports that the drive train works “as it should.” Please share your interpretation of that statement in the comments below!

The Hurst-shifted four-speed adds to the fun. Considering its Trans-Am series inspiration, an automatic Z28 should make any enthusiast sad. Save the slushbox for your 396 SS. Who knows, there might be a gold bar in one of those boxes. Otherwise turning a profit could be unlikely, but if you’ve always wanted to own a ’70 Z28, here’s a low-budget specimen. What would you give for this mixed-bag coupe that Chevrolet called a “four-place Corvette?”


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  1. TimM

    The 70 was a great looking car!! This is a Jersey Shore car and it would be nice to see some trunk pictures and underneath as well!! The shifter is still sticking through the floor at least!!!

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  2. Dave

    No Title no deal

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  3. Troy s

    Sharp Z when newish, white with black stripes and a black interior, looks to be in rough shape for such a righteous Camaro. Runs as it should…. hmm, at least it runs period.
    Greatest Z/28 ever, the ’69 or the better known as 70 1/2? I call it a draw.

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  4. Camaro Joe

    Troy, I own two 69 Z/28’s with original 302’s plus a 57 Bel Air with a DZ-302. Back in the 1970’s when I had unlimited energy, keeping a 302 in tune wasn’t a problem. You just did it. 40+ years later I can still do it, it just hurts a lot more.

    All of mine have MSD ignitions, but they still require some tinkering to keep them running correctly. Since there isn’t a lot of bottom end torque, if it’s not right, it’s not fun.

    A friend replaced the 302 in his 69-Z with an LT-1 in the 1980’s. The extra torque from the 350 made a world of difference. It didn’t care if the plugs weren’t perfectly clean, it just ran like it should. I still love 302’s, and wouldn’t put an LT-1 in my Camaros, but the 57 might get an LT-1 some day. Bottom end torque is hard to beat in a street car and a 302 is never going to have it. But the rush when it hits 4000 RPM and starts to pull hard is something you never get over.

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    • moosie moosie

      Camaro Joe, “Bottom end torque is hard to beat in a street car and a 302 is never going to have it. But the rush when it hits 4000 RPM and starts to pull hard is something you never get over”, Ain’t that the truth, especially the sound of a 302 when they go thru the lights. This poor Z looks like a Sandy car.

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    • Troy s

      Camaro Joe, I remember your comments about gear ratios on the early Z/28’s, sounds like you favor the ’69. Killer ride indeed. The second gen Camaros, particularly the earlier ones, have grown on me lately.

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  5. Classic Steel

    The 70 can be a cool car but needs much rust repair. In my younger days maybe.. but NOM hurts the price too as well as title…

    new york is a BOS only state .. this guy have any relatives, friends living over there to help him out. (OTR) 😼😜.

    This of course in no way supports any gray areas of the law… and was a sarcastic statement….
    i guess we could always call a professional lawyer named Rudy Giuliani for Advise😜👀🤔😂

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    • Lynn Dockey Member

      Better call Saul from Breaking Bad.

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  6. Dave

    It’s a real “skinker” of a deal, another rusty Superstorn Sandy victim whose title got washed out to sea. I concur on the banana bike, probably a way better investment.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I also agree.
      There are a LOT more items in that garage more interesting than this heap.

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  7. Steve Courchesne

    1970 Z-28 had the small egg crate style grill. No one noticed that the grill is the later version 72/73, large egg crate style. May not be a 70.

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    • Barry

      Good eye

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  8. Mike

    My buddy came home from Vietnam & bought an orange ’70 Z-28 350/4 speed. It had the split chrome front bumpers on it.

    • Lynn Dockey Member

      If only that car was still around

  9. George Mattar

    Wrong grille. I live about 60 miles from this heap. Guarantee you the floors are gone. Salt air. Superstorm Sandy hit this place. Orig LT1 gone. No title. Again, almost daily people list cars for sale with no title. Get a replacement. Being a Jersey car, almost impossible to get a title in PA. I bought a 73 Corvette in Jerzee four years ago. Had a good title. Went to title the car in PA. Had to get the VIN verified by an inspection mechanic then the hassle with getting plates. Never again. If I was illegal, then no problem.

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    • Fred

      VIN inspection by a mechanic is simple in Pennsylvania.

      Any state title, with that VIN verification form can get a title.

      It is that easy.

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  10. Daniel

    there’s one near my place I don’t know if its for sale its been an outside car for 8 years but runs and drives and doesn’t look all that bad not a lot of rust

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