Round Three: 1974 Winnebago Winnie Wagon

Andrew TannerBy Andrew Tanner

Brian provided the link to this super cool Winnebago Winnie Wagon (say that 5 times fast!), and I immediately thought it looked familiar. Sure enough, we have featured this unique Winnebago/Dodge lovechild before, not once but twice! That does not mean it isn’t cool enough to share again. The original write-up from 2016 can be found here, and the Barn Finds Exclusive write-up from earlier this year can be found here. Last we checked, the seller had the price lowered to $8,000 though no price is listed on the current ad and it seems like the seller is looking for trades. Check it out for yourself here on Craigslist in Gorham, Maine.¬†

Based on a Dodge chassis, this Winnie Wagon was likely originally a camper, though since it surfaced in 2016 it has been put together as something of a party bus. The whole vehicle is very, very 1970s and extremely cool. Though it would still be cool as a camper, the party bus layout is much more what I was expecting to see inside of a van wearing the exterior styling this one is. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I like blue cars, especially Dodges, so this Winnebago is definitely appealing. ’70s style vans are a favorite of mine, not only because they have been something of an anomaly all of my life, but also because they stick out in almost any crowd.

How can you not love exterior styling like this? Okay, so I know it isn’t for everyone but the stacks, ground effects, and paint job are their own brand of ’70s cool. Under the hood is the ever so lovely Chrysler 318 V8, my personal favorite. Last we saw it, this van had 80,000 miles on it but needed some love. There are some rust spots here and there, and most of the drivetrain is a tad leaky. There is a video of it running here on YouTube if you want to see for yourself!

Outfitted with a hitch, this groovy Winnie Wagon is ready for your towing needs. Need a vintage car hauler/camper for racing? What about something that can pull a trailer to swap meets and house you for the duration of the event? The possibilities with something like this are nearly endless, and I’m really surprised it hasn’t found a new home yet! Though it needs some TLC, with a little love and a little cash you could have yourself something special that nobody else has! What would you do with it?

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  1. boxdin

    For photos always park on level ground. Looks odd w rear sagging.

  2. Howard A Member

    Looks like a major gut job to bring it back to another cool 8 mpg camper.

  3. Steve

    “Need a vintage car hauler/camper for racing?”

    I believe you would be asking a little too much of a 1/2 ton and 318 already saddled with a lot of weight…

  4. DrinkinGasoline

    I kinda like it but it’s the wrong tonnage, wrong engine and pricey the way it sits. Now if it were a One Ton with a 383, I would convert it back to a motor home using lightweight materials inside with a composite material rear porch and a SunSetter retractable awning. Use the porch for hauling bikes,coolers, grill,etc. on the road, then for relaxing while parked. Great for tailgating at your favorite events also. MPG’s would be horrible but it would be fun.

  5. F.A.G.


    Your links to the add are jacked up.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      All fixed, thanks for noting that.

  6. Chebby

    “Looking to see what’s out there.” Well, its clearly not thousands of dollars. That rusty fender crack is a harbinger of what’s to come.

    How about more detail on the pop-top, the most interesting feature on these. The mechanism seems to be there…does it still work?

  7. Gay Car Nut

    Sweet looking RV. I’ve heard of the Minnie Winnie, but I’ve never seen one like this. This is way better looking than anything I’ve ever seen produced by Winnebago in the 70s. I love the colour. It looks like it could be used as a taxi cab for anyone who’s either too drunk or too stoned to drive themselves.

  8. newfieldscarnut

    Nice camper to have nightmares in .

  9. Rspcharger

    I’d be the cats meow rolling into the KOA in this puppy.

  10. Dave Wright

    If this is worth 8,000…… 76 Chinook/Dodge is worth 25K………we must be running out of interesting vehicles to feature if this one has been here 3 times. It was boring and overpriced the first 2 times. Is it being sold by someone’s father in law?

  11. Harvey Peever

    It looks like someone cut the front off of one vehicle and the back off another and…
    wait a minute.

  12. Milt

    If this van’s a-rockin’, um, just back away slowly….

  13. Chebby

    Ok three times is the charm, Barn Finds clearly loves this vehicle. You guys need to buy it yourselves and outfit it as the mobile BF command post. Put logos on the side, write it off on your taxes, then hit all the rallies and car shows. And rig the stacks to shoot flames when you hit a switch….


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