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Running Survivor: 1965 Corvette

1965 Corvette Stingray

I love the looks of this Corvette Stingray! It isn’t a split window coupe, but I like being able to remove the roof and get some fresh air. The original paint has a great patina too it and looks awesome with the white letter tires and black steelies! The seller has already done the work to get it running again, but it will need some new tires if your going to go very far in it. If it were mine, I’d get some new tires, clean it up, install new seat covers and drive it as much as possible. Be sure to check this Corvette out here on eBay in Russellville, Arkansas.

1965 Corvette Convertible

While it would look amazing with new paint, or even having the original paint polished up, I would leave it as is. In a row of shiny Corvettes, this is the one that would stand out and draw crowds. It tells a story that nice paint can’t. Looking at it, my imagination instantly runs wild with thoughts of it racing from stop light to stop light, leaving other cars in its dust!

1965 Corvette Interior

The interior really is the worst part of this Corvette. The seats actually aren’t terrible and could probably be used as they are, but new covers aren’t that expensive and would make it more comfortable to drive. Whether you replace them or not, you probably won’t be thinking too much about the seats when you fire up the 327 and start rowing through the gears!

1965 Corvette

So what do you think of this Vette? We all know what I would do with it, but what about you? Would you completely restore it or would you leave it bit rough looking? And would you keep it riding on black steelies with white letter tires?


  1. Cassidy

    Its a sleeper, if any Corvette can be called a sleeper, as is. Might be fun for awhile as it looks, but it would need some chrome wheels, shine the paint up and new seat covers. If that back window is non-see-through, replace that too. Got be able to see the cops sneaking up!

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  2. Dan Skopp

    I am lusting after it!!!!! It really is a “sleeper” If I had the cash laying around, I would “throw” it at this car!!!!

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  3. Texaswarlord

    I would run it as is, then after one heck of a lot of fun I would want to do a re-spray in flat black. With some powder coated rims to match the paint!

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    • deliciousDelay

      Couldn’t think of a better way to go about it.

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  4. Bill

    Wish it was a coupe. I’d be breaking open the piggy bank!

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  5. Van

    I don’t want a 63-64 corvette. I want disk brakes. I don’t have the self control to drive a drum brake car. I remember the drum brakes grabbing and fading.

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  6. jeff6599

    Van, this is a 1965 model with disc brakes.

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  7. Luke Fitzgerald

    I like how something has sat on the bonnet for so long that it’s stained the paint – imagine your face when you went for a look after a few months (years) ….. Looks like the gitane dancer

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  8. Blindmarc

    Does anyone know what the hp rating could be by the numbers?

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  9. jeff6599

    The numbers do not tell. Only the cast iron manifold and dual snorkel air cleaner identify it as a 250 or 300 hp engine. the 350 and 365 hp units had an aluminum intake and of course the 375 hp has the fuel injection unit.

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  10. racer99

    $30K with 3 days left — how high will it go?

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  11. Eric Dashman

    What’s it worth in fully restored condition?

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  12. Pope Paul II

    Anyone notice the little gem to the left?

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  13. Craig

    Is this Corvette still for sale and if so how much are you asking?

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