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Rust-Free 1976 Plymouth Silver Duster

For the record, just to dispell any rumors or fake news that may still be lingering there, yes, this 1976 Plymouth Silver Duster really did come from the factory with white paint, Spinnaker White, to be exact. The name of the car was the Silver Duster but they did not only come in silver – or Silver Cloud Metallic. They really didn’t. Formal Black and Vintage Red Metallic were also optional paint colors. This white Silver Duster can be found here on craigslist in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Thanks to Rocco B. for sending in this tip!

Wasn’t that a fun little history lesson?! The paint color confusion comes up periodically with the Silver Duster, but back to this particular white Silver Duster. This was a west coast car, the west coast of Oregon according to the seller, and they say that it has no rust-through on it anywhere. Check out the photos, it really does look like it’s in fantastic condition.

The body does look great on this car. New graphics are available from Phoenix Graphics is a person wanted to replace them for any reason, there is some deterioration on the existing stripes, but look at how solid this car is! This car has a dark red vinyl top but silver, white, and black were other colors that were available.

The bottom of the driver’s side of the front bench seat needs some help and this is the Boca Raton interior. This interior looks pretty clean otherwise other than the “cardboard” headliner needs to be replaced.

There is no overall engine photo which is unusual, but they show both sides of it and it looks solid under the hood, too. The last Silver Duster that we saw had a 90-hp 225 slant-six and so does this one. The seller says that it runs great and there is no question that someone could fly in and drive this car home. Are you that someone?


  1. CapNemo CapNemo

    I always did like those wheels. Cragar SS/T I believe. Wish they’d make them again. Nice car!!

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    • Little_Cars

      ….Until your brakes overheat going downhill in a hurry. There doesn’t appear to be any ventilation in those wheels. Also, I believe Centerline or American Racing did similar ones, but without the chrome finish.

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  2. Chebby Staff

    Man, how many of these Silver Dusters can you find Scotty?

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Ha! They’re being sent in as tips by readers, Chebby.

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  3. Solosolo UK ken tilly Member

    At last, a ’70’s car that I could live with.

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  4. Krindall

    The way the stripes dip then come back up on the rear quarter looks ridiculous, should’ve just went straight down the side

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    • bone

      They follow the lines on the body ; but it does look odd

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  5. Doc

    Like the 3rd one in a month..

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  6. Troy s

    Heck of a nice set of rims, even on a very utilitarian powered car like this. Quickest way for us kids to at least make a hot looking car was to change the rims to something like this…even if the thrill was gone after turning the key!

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    • Ken Wittick

      Wheels are nice also

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      • CapNemo CapNemo

        Right on.

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  7. Keith

    Another 225 slant six? really!

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    • canadainmarkseh

      Leaning tower of power. These were a solid reliable engine in there day.. it’s great to see that a lot of these dusters survived. I wouldn’t change a thing just repair as required. I’m surprised that the auto makers didn’t put port fuel injection on these and an over head cam configuration too.They could have up the compression ratio too and made these into an economical power house.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Is there ANYTHING that you won’t complain about? It’s getting tired.

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  8. Del

    these need V8s

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    • Rosco

      V8 would be nice, but for the size and weight of the car the slant 6 is adequate.

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      • PatrickM

        Adequate, yes. But, for a car that looks this good, one would almost expect a V8 under the hood. Owner probably saying, “Wow! I coulda had a V8!” Also, I did not see a price in either listing. No price listing? No bid.

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  9. Pete in PA

    An interesting Duster in very nice condition. But $7500? Really? For a slant 6, non-A/C car? Hard for me to believe and I’ve been a Duster fan since my dad bought a new one in June of 1971..

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    • CapNemo CapNemo

      The price seems a little high to me too.

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    • bone

      Most A body cars had no A/C , they were economy cars and were, at one time the compacts of the line

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    • don

      Considering its age and condition and what V8 Dusters go for, its not that bad of price

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  10. stillrunners stillrunners Member


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  11. TheGasHole

    Wow an interior that’s not black on black on black on black. Virtually impossible to find that in a modern car these days.

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  12. Chris Solomon

    I bought new in 1976 the white Silver Duster with a 318, 3 speed on the floor. no split vinyl roof and dog dish hubcaps..never seen another like it.

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  13. Augie

    Hello Everyone, I am the owner of this Silver Duster. I just ran across this article, never the less I found it and I’m really happy it’s being enjoyed by you all. Thank you everyone. As a bonus, here’s a video


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