Rust-Free 340 4-Speed! 1968 Dodge Dart GTS

The Dodge Dart GT Sport, or GTS, was made for the 1967 through 1969 model years and this 1968 Dodge Dart GTS is a California car that’s now located in Fort Worth, Texas. It can be found on Craigslist with an asking price of $10,000. Thanks to D. Haney for sending in this Dart GTS!

With just under 8,300 examples of the Dart GTS made in 1968 they are fairly unusual to see today and because of that they can command a good price. Or, at least a good asking price. I’m surprised by this one at $10,000 especially with the willy-nilly photos and no engine photos.

What a great looking front end! Other than the unusual 1962 Dart I would have to say that these fourth-generation cars are my personal favorite.

The body on this car looks great to me but it’s really hard to tell with this multi-hued primer paint scheme. The seller says “No rust or bondo. straight body” and that it was “org red .light coat of primer on it.” This car checks so many boxes for me but I know that the Chevy/Ford/Chrysler rivalry is still very much alive and some people don’t like certain cars based on their make so not everyone will like a Dart GTS just because it’s a Chrysler product. I get it, it’s like a baseball rivalry where nothing good that an opposing team does will ever change a person’s mind.

It’s disappointing to not have a photo of the engine for a $10,000 car that is basically all about the engine. But hopefully the seller will send one to any serious parties. It’s Dodge’s potent and powerful 340 cubic-inch V8 which would have had 275 hp. I know from experience that this 3,200-pound car with that engine will move right along. Be sure to save $20 a month towards your rear-tires-fund. Make that $30 a month. This is it for interior photos and it’s hard to tell much from it, other than seeing that 4-speed shifter and clutch pedal are great. There is no word on how this car runs or if it runs. Are any of you Dart GTS fans?

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  1. John m leyshon

    Absolutely love Chrysler muscle. Ridiculous what they optioned any car they sold with. Yeah, I’ll go with that 340 or 440 for a couple hundred more in my compact Dart…pretty cool. Ford guy, love all the great AMC ,GM’s, Chrysler…The people that appreciate them and their owners who care for them make the car shows everywhere so much fun ! American tradition like no other !!!

  2. Jimmy

    I’m a Ford/Pontiac guy but love all the classic muscle no matter who makes them. I like this GTS but yes why did he not show some engine pics. I would have to see that before laying down 10K.

    • mike D

      also, he doesn’t even mention an engine we assume it is a 340 but is it? does it even have one?

      • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

        Hey, Mike – he mentions it but it’s sort of hard to pick out because there’s a dot/period in front of it. I missed it the first couple of times I read the ad.
        “68 Dart GTS .340 4 SPD”

      • mike D

        hey, Scotty, my fingers were in gear before my brain was, thanks for pointing that out still has potential

  3. Beatlepat

    If that primer has been on there for more than a couple of weeks, it’ll all have to be stripped off and the car checked carefully for rust.

  4. Gary R

    Such a great high winding small block the 340 was with it’s steel crank easily taking it to 6500 rpm. Understated substantially at 275hp, this Dart could be a score if it’s more of a driver and less of a project. Hopefully someone will take it to the next level.

  5. stillrunners

    Wrong shifter for a console A-body….so what else…..

  6. Alan (Michigan) Member

    “after this weekend will not be for sale!”

    Eh, sure, whatever you say. Sounds like a little kid in the neighborhood, saying that if he doesn’t win and get all he wants, he’s taking his toy/game and going home.

    That’s my take, anyway.

    • r s

      Perhaps he’s moving and the car has to either be sold or will be taken to the new home. He may not be in a position to leave it where it sits and wait for a buyer.

    • Chebby Member

      Exactly. What happens Monday, are you gonna eat it?

      • Mountainwoodie

        lol. crackpipe pricing. Sellers sure have gottten crazy.

      • Superdessucke

        Do you honestly blame them? Buyers of muscle cars have gotten even crazier. So this is what you end up with.

  7. Snotty

    Love this year of the Dart,with the round turn-signal lamps in the grille. The only part of these cars I don’t care for [but willing to live with] is the C pillar, if they would of copied the B-body coronet’s, it would have been perfect. As far as the 340 goes,these small blocks shamed many a big block in their day.The 4 spd. moves the “fun meter” all the way over to the right.If I had the cabbage,I would be all in on this one.

  8. Howard A Member

    Ah yes, the 340, 4 speed Dart, the “paperboys” muscle car. Reason I say that, is back then, ANYBODY with ANY job could have one of these. Ok, maybe not a GTS,( oh boy) but 340, 4 speed Darts were very common, if they didn’t have a 4 speed, many were converted and we killed them accordingly. To even see one today is amazing. Price? What are your memories worth? They were fun cars.

  9. JamestownMike

    This is my absolute favorite year for the Dart (and it’s my birth year), especially a GTS, 340 and 4 speed!


    Took one of the Dart 340 4-speed out for a test drive( it was 4 sale) scared the crap out of my brother, very fast car, course the fact it didn’t have any brakes, it was nite, and narrow back road did little to sooth his nerves. Had my 67 Chevelle 396 at the time but for 1/4 mile that Dart would have eaten it for lunch. 3:31 gears didn’t won too many standing start races, but from rolling start 396 won a few street races.

  11. cold340t

    1 of @1200 4spds. Looks like early one from shift knob. I love mine…Have 68’& 69′ Swinger both 4spds. Fun, fast but need better brakes! Have 4 wheel discs now on my 68′. Good for low 14’s/94+mph straight off sales floor no tuning. Under appreciated to say the least. Great fun, good price for no MOPAR rust!

  12. Tom Justice
    • fahrvergnugen


    • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Now you’re talkin’! I’ll have the Mannix theme song in my head for weeks now, not that it’s a bad thing. Thanks, Tom!

  13. the chucker

    I bought a car in primer once. Once.

  14. Lawyer George

    Personally I prefer the round back Sport to the Swinger as having a more pleasing look. The Swinger looks like Dodge was fishing for old retired school teachers(but with a more sedate motor than the 340.) I tested a 340 Sport 4speed and like SC’s brother, It scared the hell out of me, and my mother went through instant, immediate menopause and was grabbing for anything she could get a hold of. I would like to have it now, but then I bought a new Charger.

  15. Miguel

    Holy crap that car is beat for the 10K asking price.

  16. Michael

    So $10K may not be out of the question according to Hagerty. We should take issue with the lack evidence in pictures of engine bay, rockers, trunk floor, floorboards, door jams, quarters, VIN, and full interior to justify a “firm $10K.”

  17. Troy s

    Seemed like hopped up Dart’s began to pop up all over my city just a few, well maybe ten years ago, I figured it was a price thing. Many looked like this one outside but had money under the hood and in the tires and wheels. Saw one yesterday cruising down the street, nothing shiny just a driver, souped of course.
    Craziest Dart I ever looked at was at a classic car dealer back in the eighties: one of 660 or so factory equipped with the 440 magnum,restored right down to the puny wheels they came with new. Absolute terror, for whoever drove one.

  18. Alexander

    Ugh. Why are all the well-optioned 60s-70s muscle cars always so beat? Didn’t anyone (young, old, or later owner) ever lavish any attention or maintenance to their prize/ Oh, and that steering wheel does nothing for me also.

    Having driven a “sportback” Dart with 4spd and a 66 Coronet, I agree about the brakes. The tranny will throw you back in the seat if you want it to and keep doing it for thousands of miles. Your left leg will give out before the factory clutches.

  19. Gary

    In my most humble opinion please note that 10K isn’t a lot of money today in the collector and enthusiasts world. If “340” anything strikes your automotive soul, then you are most likely of an age where it’s time to celebrate and party all things meaningful 60’s iron. Certainly 10 thousand shouldn’t stop you from having a good time.

  20. Mark

    I am not the seller, but the buyer. This car is amazing floorpans, trunk floor have zero rust. Numbers matching 340 and 4 speed. Very difficult to find in this condition.

    • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Hey, congratulations, Mark! Please keep us up to date on your progress.


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