Rust-Free Classic: 1965 Rambler Classic 660

Sometimes a vehicle just speaks to a person and sometimes it’s just a vehicle. This 1965 Rambler Classic 660 is speaking to me right now and it’s saying, “Buy me, Scotty G!” I have to resist, as hard as it is. This perfectly-patina’d Rambler is here on eBay with a buy it now price of $3,700 or you can make an offer. To top it off it’s in Huntington Beach, California where it’s currently 66 degrees warmer than it is where I live. WHY DO I LIVE HERE?! Let’s check out this sweet Rambler before I lose my mind and sell everything and move to a warmer climate.

Dang, that right-rear quarter panel looks iffy, or at least looks like it’s been primered for some reason? There are no photos of it to check, but the owner says that this car has “No rust – she’s solid as can be.” This car really looks great to me, condition-wise. According to the seller this car has no “dents or dings – everything is nice and straight.”

From this side, though, mmm mmmmm.. good. Just like Campbell’s Soup but even tastier. I know that a lot of people don’t like these faded paint jobs, but I think this one has weathered pretty handsomely. And since the car itself is supposedly rock solid, another paint job would really make it shine (says captain obvious).

Jeepers, even the interior looks great. Well, the seller does say that the “interior is clean and all original, but the seats need new upholstery. They’ve been covered for the past 8 years with blankets, which is actually super comfy.” This car has “been in sunny southern CA her whole life” so it’s easy to see how the paint can be faded and parts of the interior could be worn. A couple of photos of the seats would have been great, though. And a trunk pic, and an underside pic. And, is that a can of cat food on the floor in the photo above?

This car sounds like it’s ready to go, and recent “services include a rebuilt carburetor and all brakes gone through. All four tires and in great shape.” This is AMC’s 232 cubic-inch inline-six that would have had around 145 hp. They offered an optional 155 hp version, too. NADA lists a low retail value of $2,975 and an average retail value of $5,525. I think this one is right on the money, what do you think about this Rambler?


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  1. Alan

    As this topic about a Rambler which is also an AMC product this moment my 81 Concord DL coupe I bought from USA is on board the container ship with my 72 Buick Skylark coupe on route to Beirut. I was Never an AMC fan but being classic collector I liked have piece of AMC history. Its blue exterior with light blue interior, 2.5 4cylinder, Auto, PS, PB, Factory AC, Factory AM/FM radio, rear defrost. has 50K original miles. I paid 6,500 for it.

    • tioguille

      We missed buddy! yesterday there was another AMC and I did not see you around!

      • TouringFordor

        That’s not Allen, it’s Steve. Steve, Steve!

  2. John T

    TIME OUT … Do I see a third pedal and a three-on-the-tree to go with the straight-6? If this doesn’t scream “Buy Me Scotty G.” it might be saying “Buy Me John T.” Unfortunately since this car is in California it is way too far away from me in Massachusetts (where it too is bitter cold but maybe not as cold as in Minnesota) to be feasible so I will have to leave it for the honorable author. By the way Scotty G., You would not be crazy if you moved to a warmer climate. You would only lose your mind if you stayed put. Just don’t forget your computer so you can continue submitting these fascinating posts on Barn Finds!

  3. normadesmond

    Column shift, YES!

  4. Mark

    That is a can air freshener. At least you got the super bowl this year, Scotty. Too bad about the Vikings. But looks like Brady bunch will win again.

  5. Ken Carney

    I used to date a young lady who drove one similar to this one. Hers was
    a top-line 990 model. And like this car, it was powered by a 232 6-cylinder
    engine mated to a Shift Command automatic tranny. If I recall correctly, it
    was painted Frost Green with a dark Green top. It also had those reclining
    front seats that made for many interesting date nights. Also, my grandmother had a 990 wagon as well. That one was Powder Blue with a
    White top. Granny drove that thing til the rust monster made it unsafe to
    drive anymore. So yeah, this thing’s screaming at me to come and get it!

    • GP Member

      I thought the Classic model only had the 550-660 and 770 was the top model. I know my 65- 550 is the base but it’s a lot nicer condition then this one.

  6. Beatnik Bedouin

    Nice find…

    It’s interesting that the license plate was probably issued earlier than 1965. My California-new ’64 Buick Wildcat and my folks’ old ’64 Bonneville (also sold new in SoCal) were issued with plates starting with the letter ‘O’. I’m guessing that these are ‘year of manufacture’ plates that were reissued to the Rambler? It might be worth it for the buyer to find out.

  7. Mountainwoodie

    Super sweet…even with the extra 2 doors :)
    Huntington Beach as as it’s name states unequivocally is the beach…… so theres lots of humidity which begets some rust.

    I would think that the plates would be a little more beat up given the overall deterioration of the exterior. So they might be YOM plates. At least there are not the new ridiculous seven place black/yellow plates. Never say the Cali gubmint wont mine every nook and cranny for a buck.!

    All that said I think this is a handsome car…..and if you go and pick it up Scotty, you’ll wonder why you would ever return to the freezing North!

    • Steve R

      In much of California, the salty fog and humidity won’t even travel more than a few blocks inland. The cars that rust due to their proximity to the ocean generally look like they have been dipped in salt water. They rust from the top down, any place condensation forms, cancerous rust will follow. This car does not show signs of that.

      Steve R

      • Dave Mc

        I seen an older car in San Luis Obispo by the beach once that had nothing left of it so yes, be careful when buying in Ca.
        I’ve never seen a car so thoroughly rusted out as that one even being from Minnesota.

      • Steve R

        That is true. That’s not what’s happened with this car. The cars that have long term exposure to coastal fog are instantly recognizable.

        Steve R

  8. Rube Goldberg Member

    Oh Scotty, you weak, weak man. If there’s one guy that should have had a million dollars, and dozens of classics, it’s him. Such great taste in cars, yeah, even the Asian ones. Hardly the car you’d expect from “Surf City, USA”, but I suppose old men had to get to the store too. ( not many old lady’s drove stick shifts) Doesn’t get more basic than this. These are the cars, you, and 5 of your buddies drove around the high school or through McDonald’s with. I can hear the old man now, “no, you can’t take the Electra, take grampa’s Rambler”,,,and we did. Just wheels, nothing more. To be clear, Scotty told me he test drove an old Rambler a while back, the year escapes me, 60 or 61, maybe, and he wasn’t too impressed with it. Even though, by early 60’s standards, there was nothing wrong with it. This car isn’t too far from that, and would probably ride and sound the same.However, and nobody mentioned it, all Ramblers came with the one great feature that would make any daughter’s father nervous, reclining front seats. As far as the cold, May is coming,,,

  9. Dave Mc

    My mom’s neighbor in Andover, Mn has a wagon one of these in blue. I like it but it only goes up to 12 mph.

  10. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    Back in the early ’80s, a neighbor had a similar Rambler; 4 door, bronze color, auto. One day he strolled over and asked me if I wanted it. A Rambler? Six cylinders? Four doors? I’ll pass. “Gimme $5, I want to get a six-pack.” Why not? It was a cool little car; clean inside and out, it ran well and it was cheap on gas. I kept it for a little while but peer pressure and my rapidly tarnishing muscle car-guy image forced me to let it go for the princely sum of $25 which I immediately converted into six-packs for said peers.

    This restored my image with my gear-head buddies; the beer apparently washed the whole experience away. Still, looking back, I kinda wish I had that Rambler today. This Rambler looks like a fun little car to drive as-is. For the money, you can’t go wrong.

  11. Gay Car Nut

    Lovely looking car. I don’t mind patina, as long as it doesn’t penetrate into the rest of the car.

  12. Mark Radtke

    I love the old Ramblers and AMC’s from the 60s. I love the old convertibles from that era as well they seem to be off everybody’s radar. Six cylinders it doesn’t matter everybody wants the Chevys and Pontiacs so the prices are right. This particular vehicle is fantastic just put a nice stereo in it and your set.

  13. James M

    I think that can is actually one of those “California” style car deodorizers. They come in small cans exactly like that.

  14. Beatnik Bedouin

    Anybody notice the ‘Cal Custom’ clutch and brake pedal pads? I had them on my ’62 Rambler American station wagon (along with a ‘foot’ pedal for the gas).

  15. Gay Car Nut

    I noticed. Nice touch.

  16. GP Member

    All Ramblers do not have fold down front seats.

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      Maybe not, but it was a feature well known to Rambler.

  17. steve jesus

    Had one in 75 as a winter car. Had to keep in foot on the gas to review the engine enough to force water through the heater core. Not so easy when your parking with your girl friend trying to make it happen with one foot on the accelerator!

  18. steve jesus

    Had one in 75 as a winter car. Had to keep one foot on the gas to rev the engine enough to force water through the heater core. Not so easy when your parking with your girl friend trying to make it happen with one foot on the accelerator!

  19. James Petropulos

    That’s not a stick shift, the 3rd pedal on the far left is the hand brake release…
    You can see the gear shift on the column on the right, most automatics of that era….

    • Gay Car Nut

      Are you sure? I see three main pedals. To the right is the accelerator pedal (gas), the middle pedal is the brake, and finally the clutch. If you go further still to the left, that’s the parking brake.

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