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Rusting Horse: 1966 Mustang Fastback

1966 Mustang Fastback

It’s no secret that people prefer the fastback Mustangs over their coupe body siblings. While I would be perfectly content with a coupe, I understand the appeal of the fastback, just look at how good looking they are! People are willing to spend considerable money to have this look, going as far as installing fastback roofs onto coupes. It seems like a lot of work and expense to me, but when you have one like this ’66, that has rust issues it might be a way to save it. Personally, I’d look into fixing this one’s rust issues before resorting to cutting the roof off and slapping it on a coupe! If either option sounds like a challenge you’d like to tackle, you can find this Pony here on eBay in Cannon Falls, Minnesota with a current bid of $8k.

1966 Mustang Fastback Engine

This isn’t a highly optioned car, a 289 2 barrel with 3 speed. While people want the high out 289, there’s nothing wrong with the base 289. It’s a good engine with more than enough power to have fun!

1966 Mustang Fastback Interior

I’ve seen cars with far more rust than this saved, so I don’t see why this one couldn’t be repaired. I’m glad the seller is honest about the condition though! From what can be seen in the photos, it actually doesn’t look that bad, but they state that the frame rails and torque boxes have rust, so plan for the worst and hope for the best. I guess if you just happen to have a coupe sitting around that is completely rust free and you don’t mind chopping the roof off, it might be easier in the long run to go that route. What do you think?


  1. JW454

    Gone already. The fastbacks are hard to find. Someone will be putting this one back on the road for sure.

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  2. grant

    It would be a shame to cut this car up. Fastback production numbers were about half in 66 what they were in 65. Rusty yes but hopefully someone saves it.

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  3. Cj32769

    Probably one of the most rotisseried cars out there.

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  4. BillB

    I’ll take the white ’69 Sportsroof that’s parked inside.

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  5. Shayne

    A 1966 factory v8 COMPLETE fastback for under 9k? Thats crazy. No wonder it went so quick.

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  6. Dolphin Member

    Yes it’s gone, maybe through a Minneapolis CL ad for $8,800 that was referenced in the Ebay listing.

    But I think he left money on the table. If you look in the Ebay bid history there’s a bid for $17K. That bid wouldn’t be triggered unless someone else bid close to that number in the Ebay auction, but it does show that someone wanted the car for that money.

    I’m no expert on these, but the car does look fairly original except for the wheels, the shifter, and what looks like a jacked rear end. The seller is honest, saying that the underside has lots of major rust and needs lots of work. I guess this will probably be done on a rotisserie like Cj said, but I have never enjoyed doing that or paying for it, so I would pay more up front to avoid it, especially if the alternative was a never-rusted or minimally-rusted Hertz tribute that came with the 4-speed.

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    • Rocco

      The shifter is Ford factory original for a three speed.

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    • Dolphin Member

      Thanks for the correction Rocco. It makes sense that Ford would put it on the floor since it was a Mustang fastback with the V8.

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      • Rocco

        All Mustangs were floor shifts. All. There never was a column shifter in a Mustang. Just more info.

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  7. Chris A.

    I always liked the fastbacks. But Dad wanted the coupe. But this one has been outside a long time and has hidden rust damage in addition to what you can see. Good luck to the buyer as he gets into this. Any idea how much it might cost to rebuild the body and get this back on the road as a solid driver?

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  8. cj32769

    Chris A. I’m pretty sure you buy everything once you have a firewall and a vin#.

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  9. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    If you can MIG weld and replace body panels rusty Mustangs are one of the cheapest cars to restore, 2nd to a VW Beetle probably, parts are very reasonable for collector cars. I have a pretty rusty 65 Fastback body that I will probably transfer the roof/quarters to a rear ended solid coupe I have, difficult for a novice but not impossible, there’s a guy in Florida that does them all the time with a package kit of all parts needed to go from Coupe to Fastback sheet metal panels, the package was around $5-7K, he had numerous step by step posts with great pics on a Stang forum.
    The Fastbacks aren’t that hard to find yet, just takes some time, I see decent ones now and then on Ebay, even Clist, but they aren’t on there real often, and usually go quick.

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  10. Robert

    Will I can beat that I have a 1966 Fastback GT with rust bad but not bad enought to put in the rust pile just yet. I had had it 30 years for the last 20 in the barn just pull it out try to start but sender in tank plug fix runs go. Will start with new pans then rear subframe then springs. Then some body and some paint replace some inside parts and call it go for now. Love my fastback to much to part with for now.
    Robert from mead

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    Had a couple back in the day.Was a big Stang fan before I got into Corvettes. Did my 1st motor swap on this one.289 to 351 w

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