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S-Code 390 4-Speed: 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

The original owner of this 1967 Ford Mustang ticked many boxes on the Options List when they ordered the car. Most of those parts are still present, and while it will need a lot of restoration work, the pile of new parts that the seller is including should help the buyer get a decent headstart. The Mustang is located in Warwick, Rhode Island, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding sits at $25,100, with the reserve yet to be met.

The Lime Gold paint on the Mustang is said to be original, and I can’t spot any apparent signs of repaint work. The panels wear a few dings and dents, but there is a noticeable lack of visible external rust. There are a few spots in the lower corners of the doors and lower fenders, but these could be addressed using patches. However, the owner does provide an alternative that we will get to shortly. The lower rear quarter panels are in good condition, and there are no signs of problems around the rear glass. Much of the external trim and chrome will require attention, although the original tinted glass seems to be in good order. The majority of the Fastback’s underside is sound, with no issues with the torque box or inner rockers. There is a small spot of rust above the rear frame rail on the driver’s side, along with rust in the trunk pan, front floors, and below the battery tray. That means that some work is required with the grinder and welder, but the capital outlay for parts will be relatively minimal.

Here is why the buyer will not be digging deep into their pockets for parts to address this car’s rust problems. This is a mere sample of the parts that are to be included in the sale. What we have here is a set of long front floors, a new front valance, two rear fender aprons, and a new front bumper with brackets and mounting hardware. Add in a pair of OEM doors, a hood, and numerous other body components, and the buyer is well on their way to returning this car to a sound physical state.

There’s no substitute for cubic inches, and this Mustang comes with plenty of those. The original owner chose to equip the vehicle with the S-Code 390ci V8, a 4-speed manual transmission, power steering, and power front disc brakes. In its prime, the S-Code was good for 320hp. That pushed the Fastback through the ¼ mile in a rapid 14.1 seconds. The bad news is that the Mustang currently doesn’t run, and I suspect it probably hasn’t since the car was parked way back in 1980. However, the engine does turn freely. You can see that some peripheral components, such as the power steering pump, radiator, and alternator, have been removed. These are present, with the owner removing them to treat them to a proper clean. He seems to think that getting the 390 back up and running should be easy, but that’s something that I wouldn’t be rushing after 40-years of inactivity. The engine will need to be pulled if the engine bay is to be returned to showroom condition. That would provide the perfect opportunity to treat that V8 to a refresh.

The Mustang’s interior is trimmed in Ivy Gold luxury vinyl and features a Sport Deck rear seat. Since this photo was taken, the interior trim has all been removed, but you can get a general idea of its overall condition. The owner has purchased a replacement dash pad, but there will still be a long list of parts required to return it to its best. One thing that the owner admits, but which doesn’t show in the photos, is that many of the chrome pieces inside the vehicle show some very visible pitting. This is a blow because that will add a reasonable amount of cost to a retrim. However, this is a one-off expense, so it is well worth the cost. The Fastback came equipped with air conditioning, and while the bracket and compressor have been removed to be cleaned, the system does appear to be complete. It appears that the AM radio is missing, but everything else looks to be present. In addition to the previously mentioned items, the Mustang features both a floor console and roof console, along with deluxe seat belts.

The collection of parts that the owner will include in the sale of this 1967 Mustang Fastback will not address all of its issues, but it will give the buyer a starting point. The bidding probably best indicates the desirability and potential locked away in this car. When it was listed, the opening bid was set at $99. It took less than 5-hours for that price to leap to its current $25,100. I think that this action tells the story perfectly, and it makes me wonder whether we have any readers who are willing to join the bidding frenzy.


  1. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    I was on the line with this one till I got to the dee-lux seatbelts.

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    • piston poney

      yeah we die like real men (wear your seat belts kids)

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  2. Brian

    Any idea on the rims? I have a gold set that I believe came off 1968 cougar mine are aluminum, factory? Add-ons?

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    • Troy s

      Look like Shelby Mustang wheels, could be wrong.

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      • Steve R

        Mid-70’s Cougar or Thunderbird time.

        Steve R

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      • 66FB

        MotorWheel Polycast wheels, a steel wheel with polyurethane injected into a mold over it. Steve R is correct, on the application. Ford used a lot of Polycast wheels, Mustang, Tempo, etc. around that time.

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    • Dave

      Those wheels were on 1977 T-Birds and Cougars

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    • Gary

      They look exactly like the wheels, I had on my ’79 Thunderbird, minus the center cap. They were 15 inch wheels, used on the Cougars too.

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  3. Troy s

    At least it comes with a lot of parts! May turn into a bidding frenzy on this one, any 390 Mustang that ran 14.1 in the quarter mile stock must be made of gold…..or lightweight aluminum. Haha,
    it’s a neat Mustang, must have looked sharp years ago.
    Hello mr. Ken Jennings!

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  4. Eric B

    This can be remedied, it just depends on how much someone wants to invest into it. Aluminum heads, upgraded suspension and brakes, etc. But I hear you, a built 289 or 302 would be lighter and could potentially put out as much horsepower or more

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    • TERRY

      40 years setting equals complete drivetrain overhal . Every brearing in that drivetrain has corrosion and pitting. A lot of work and money. But I have seen much worse brought back to better than new.

  5. CCFisher

    The weight difference between a Ford small block and an FE big block is about 150 lb. Enough to notice, but hardly enough to transform it from a competent handler to a dangerous one.

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    • Steve R

      It is if that’s the narrative you want to push.

      Steve R

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  6. Lee Hartwig

    Had a 67 w 390 4 speed. Easy to get the rears spinning, did a lot of autocrossing with it did not have a lot of front end push as you might think, suspension not in same league as current crop of cars.

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  7. jokacz

    I have never understood that color. And they even made Shelbys in that shade. Just hideous, belongs on an old lady’s Le Sabre.

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  8. wjtinfwb

    That 390 looks like it will need a lot of work. While it’s being rebuilt, why not drop in a Ford Performance 347 small block? Less weight than that 390 and will leave the FE in the dust. Take your time and rebuild the 390 to stock and store it for sale as a #’s matching package when you’re ready.

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  9. Eddie M.

    Aluminum intake and heads take a lot of weight off the front end. I’m restoring a 66 Fairlane 390 GT right now but would love to grt my hands on this Mustang.

  10. Marvin Askins

    Wow! It’s bid up to $30,000 now. That is pretty good for a 1967 “S” Code that needs a fair amount of work before reassembly. I currently have a 1970 351 Windsor auto Sports Roof available that doesn’t need hardly as much work for
    half that price! But it is a 4 speed with a 390 and will be nice when finished. Seller didn’t mention if it also has the overhead console.

  11. McQ

    Agree the 14.1 ET from a stock S code 390(GT) isn’t possible. A 15.1 is. Now a 428CJ or 351 Boss was capable of 13’s.

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  12. Eugene W.

    Some of you are just too old and crotchety and set in your ways. What a beautiful time capsule from 1967. Truly the last year that carmakers could do what they pleased. The Feds started interfering in 1968. Big block and a 4 speed? What more could you ask for? And the color definitely does not belong on your grandma”s Le Sabre. Shame on you. One owner, and all those new parts still boxed up. The rims are from a Mercury Cougar or a Ford Thunderbird. circa 1977 – 1979. At least you got that right. And, you all will be crying in your beer that you didn’t buy this car when you had the chance.

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  13. Btombraider0791

    My dad had a 390 come out of a ford mustang like that. He put it in a 1974 ford f100 he added a transmission that was built for this engine orange blossom specials made it load lol. I am not lieing when I say nothing touched that truck I dont know how many chevies of all types and even the same time period they would challange and rev up next to us. God bless my dad took that built transmission knocked it down twice and pulled into your seat like a jet and roasted them like they were setting still we do that same with any dodegs that did the same. I loved that truck and loved that engine. And fell in love with Ford’s been loving them ever since lol. They are the best for a reason. I would if I could afford it buy it and take my time putting that beautiful engine back together then work on the body and never ever let that mother go any were keep it in my family for generations to come. But drive the life out of it I would I would have so so much fun in that car I would do any and all things I have never done before with that car. And race most deffinitly kick every chevies rear end as much as I can lol. And any dodge that thinks the same I just saying dream car for me. Not to all but for me oh yes.

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  14. Curley

    A Friend of mine had a 67 just like this one with a 390 in it and He never had any problems with it. It was dark green with tan interior and a 4sp. It was a Fun car then and it still is now. He’s had it since 69. Seeing how this one needs a complete restore you can change it out with a small block but don’t get rid of that 390.

  15. tony giordano

    love always costs you money

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  16. Frank Farrell

    Check out the report from some guy named Marti.I hope the owner didn’t pay for it, its nothing more then a google. search.

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  17. bone

    30G for this so far !! See, its not just rusty Mopars and Chevelles

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