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S-Code 390: 1967 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

This 1967 Mustang GT Convertible appears to have only led a fairly short active life before it was parked in the early 1970s. It then spent many years sitting in a Nebraska field before finding itself dragged out of that field and into a barn. The owner and his father had every intention of restoring the car, but it just hasn’t happened. Recognizing the reality of the situation, the owner has dragged it back out of the barn, and it is now up for sale. It is located in Melrose, Florida, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the Mustang has been quite lively, and has pushed on to $8,400. With the reserve now having been met, the Mustang is set to head to a new home.

The Mustang apparently didn’t see a lot of use before it was parked initially. The last tag on the car is for 1972, and if this is right, then you would have to wonder why it was parked after only 5-years. The owner and his father bought it with the intention of restoring it, but after 20-years, and with his father now aged in his 90s, the owner recognizes the reality. The Mustang started life finished in Dark Moss Green with a black power top. Time has taken its toll on the car, but it is actually remarkably solid. The frame and torque boxes are said to be good, while a number of photos of the engine bay show the shock towers to also be solid. There is rust in the front floors and the passenger side rocker, along with the rear wheel wells. The trunk pan is solid, but there is also some surface corrosion on the car, along with a number of dents and dings.

While the interior of the Mustang appears to be largely complete, there is still going to be plenty of work required to bring it back to its best. The Saddle vinyl trim all looks pretty sad, but surprisingly, the dash pad actually looks like it might be okay. The news isn’t so good on the mechanical front. The Mustang was originally home to an S-Code 390ci V8, but this is gone. The original 3-speed manual transmission is still present, along with the 3.25 Limited Slip rear end. If the next owner is looking at returning the car to some level of originality, then they will need to try to source another engine, and the preference would undoubtedly be to find one with the correct date code.

Mustang project cars continue to be popular, and that is something that isn’t likely to change any time soon. This one has a lot of promise, and could be returned to its former glory. Bidding has been strong to this point, but you can’t help but wonder just how much stronger it would have been if the original 390 was still under the hood.


  1. CarolSmith

    Sad on engine as unless you find a 390 within 99 days of build your NOM or SOL.

    The sheet metal on a stang is very affordable as is new interior and springs for rusted out seats .

    I would just drop a Summit magazine crate engine in place or order your free FordMOCO birth certificate to get the build date or run s vin decoder and start searching desert junkyards and online with google alerts and get lucky 🍀 ..

    Don’t think large rebuilding shops like jasper will help as they’re not bright enough to realize restoration folks would pay a hefty premium to get the right block 2 or 3 Times the regular price. 🐷

    I have tried and they state we don’t put the block numbers in our computer at all.

    One could get a crusty T bird 390 and drive it til you find the right block number .

    This is a fun car to modify with Shelby tail lights and fiber hood and trunk lids with side scoup adds on the cheap )who cares as your not original )

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  2. Superdessucke

    Seems like too much money for the amount of work that will be required. But I think it’s possible that someone will just take the v i n and data plates and put them on a dynacorn shell.

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    • Steve R

      Dynacorn bodies are not exact copies. If someone is dumb enough to try and use one for a high dollar restoration they deserve all of the legal troubles that will be heading their way, which will probably include some sort of fraud charges and whatever else the DMV can think up. Dynacorn bodies are better suited for restomods and race cars.

      Steve R

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      • Superdessucke

        Agreed but some of these sales don’t make any sense unless that’s what they’re doing. So how seriously DMVs take it, I don’t know.

        And even if they don’t dynacorn the shell, the car is going to have so many new parts on it it might as well be a replica.

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      • Steve R

        The DMV won’t care until the guy that shelled out a lot of money figures out he bought a fake. That’s what using a Dynacorn body will create. A car like this 390 GT convertible will eventually be found out, it’s too high profile, some expert will eventually crawl all over it to authenticate it. That likely wouldn’t happen with a run of the mill convertible. That my point, you don’t use a Dynacorn body on a car like this.

        Steve R

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  3. Bultaco

    Looks like it spent the last 5 years at the bottom of the crick down yonder. It never ceases to amaze me that people will realize that a car has some value, and refuse to sell it on because they’re “gonna fix her up some day”, then leave the car out in the elements for decades. Strange psychological phenomenon. This one looks savable, but it’ll have to be a nut and bolt restoration; literally everything needs attention.

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  4. Robbie M.

    This is 20 miles from me. I might go take a look for sheets and gigs. Nice area to visit.

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  5. Woody

    It would be better to buy the John Deere sitting behind if it’s available!

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  6. TimM

    It’s not a bad car to restore!! Big block 4 speed convertible!! I’d put the money in it if I could get it under 10K!!!

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      This car is not a 4 speed. It left the factory with a manual 3 speed transmission.

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  7. Paul

    I like the look of these and would like see see them all restored no matter how rusty they got this one does not even look all that bad.

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  8. Woody

    A big-block Ford would definitely be the perfect project with 4-speed and drop top,looks like it’s still under $10 thousand,lots of work here but this car will sell fast!

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