Saleen Stroker: 1989 Ford Mustang Saleen #722

This 1989 Ford Mustang Saleen is car number 722, and it’s an interesting specimen in that it hasn’t been kept in a car bubble with test drive-only mileage. No, it’s been driven, racking up nearly 70,000 miles and being significantly modified in that time. It’s a rare day when someone uses a limited production performance car like the original builders intended, but this appears to be such a car. The seller lists numerous modifications that he claims push the power output to over 400 b.h.p. Find it here on eBay in a no reserve auction with a $20,999 suggested opening bid.

No reserve auctions with big first bids always make me chuckle a bit, as it’s not really no reserve – you have to bid over $20,000 in order to have a shot at owning this Saleen. The car looks reasonably stock from the outside, with the Saleen-provided wheels, body kit, spoilers, and stripe kit all intact. But the real changes lay under the hood, where the seller has clearly spent some time. If it weren’t for the power bulge in the hood, you’d swear this was a completely stock example. This generation of Saleen is among my favorites, and even more so when wearing color-matched BBS-style wheels.

The interior looks like any other Fox Body in terms of its seating surfaces, which is the familiar gray cloth with red piping. The Saleen cars came with a unique aftermarket steering wheel and buckets with thick bolsters, and this seller has also installed a small roll cage. He claims the previous owner invested $10,000 in the drivetrain, and that he invested an additional $10,000 in paint and other areas. It’s easy to believe, considering the drivetrain has been stroked to a 347 with a Vortec supercharger bolted on. The seller notes the headliner needs replacing and the carpets could use a good cleaning.

Other modifications include a high performance crank pulley, harmonic balancer, fuel pump, fuel injectors, fuel rail, clutch, and more. Now, the engine bay isn’t super clean, and the seller doesn’t hide from this; in fact, he even states”…(it’s) probably not the car for a hardcore Saleen cryboy purist.” There’s a handful of issues disclosed, including inoperable cruise control, radio, and the instrument cluster doesn’t light up. The A/C also doesn’t work, so there’s some small quality control issues for the next owner to sort out. Would you go for a modified Saleen like this, or hold out for a museum specimen?

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  1. Todd Zuercher

    It has earlier seats in it (85-86). I’d want the Flofits that were in it.

  2. Troy s

    I’d take a modified version like this, dump all the AC components, but I actually worry a little about the supercharger on an engine that makes plenty of naturally aspirated power. How much extra stress does that put on an engine anyways?
    I’ll be honest, I’d take an LX hatchback with those mods without the exterior flash for a driver,,, this one for showing.

  3. Steve Bush Member

    Yes, this appears to be a pretty nice Saleen Mustang. But lets get this straight! This clown wants $21k just to start the auction and claims he spent $10k in the last year on paint and fixing a bunch of things yet he didn’t fix the AC, cruise, radio and instrument cluster which are way more important on a daily basis than it having 400-500 horsepower or whatever.


    It is concerning that with the money spent on mods simple things like a/c do not work. I think that attention of detail lacking which makes me question the build. I had several new Fox GT’s back in the day so I do appreciate. I think the start price is very unrealistic. A lot better iron choices that start at $20K. With that in mind money not an issue another $15K I am in R32 money.

    I would have fun but wince at the fact my son would certainly spank my ass with his Mitsubishi EVO and it doesn’t matter how much power to the wheels this Fox makes. Still a nice car though not the price

  5. jerry z

    Saleens were gaudy IMO. My parents lived not far from Steeda back in the 80’s and 90’s. They were built right with all the components going toward the engine and suspension. Some fast cars came out of that shop.

  6. Djjerme

    Love that it’s used!

    Except that “cage” is worthless. There is no cross bars in either the main hoop or front down tubes, nor door bars. Won’t provide any chassis stiffening Any side or front impact and it’s going to fold up like a napkin. Not to mention, no where to correctly mount five point harness. But then again, those seats wouldn’t be useable with the above corrections.

    Might as well just rip it out.

  7. Bob Mck Member

    Nice that someone actually drove this car. With the asking price they will probably be able to continue driving it. Enjoy!

  8. Bob_in_TN Member

    Well, no surprise, no bids. When I read the ad, I got the idea the seller has a definite ‘attitude.’ Why offend potential buyers with your comments (“Saleen cryboy purist”) or your perspective (“hog up all the attention and watch and feel your popularity sky rocket through the clouds”)? And if you are so sure you could get “a lot more money” by having horsepower data from a dyno, then spend a hundred bucks and do it. And, as noted above, how about fixing all those things which the majority of your potential buyers (i.e., not racers) find important.

    I will give him credit for providing quite a bit of info in the ad.

    Overall not a bad car but I think the seller is way off base on his approach. Interesting how that is important, well at least to me it is. A better-constructed ad with a lower price would do wonders.

  9. Michael

    Dont forget, run the vin # on the Saleen! Comes up with a frontal/side impact at one time , the mileage seems to be upside down towards the end of report and all the many other issues with that roach and hes starting at 21k !!!! What a joke! This guy must live close and watches too much Barrett Jackson there in Arizona


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