Save a Porsche? 1970 911E

197 Porsche 911E

Early Porsche 911 prices have hit the stratosphere lately. If you haven’t been able to get into the 911 market before now and really want to, this may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Located in Danville, Indiana and offered here on eBay, this 911 could be just right if you really like the early cars. The seller tells a sad tale of trying to purchase the car before it was laid up for long-term barn storage. Now, years later, the car has a locked engine and quite a bit of rust, although it’s certainly restorable and the rust is said to be surface only. The rear of the car shows some damage and apparently someone tried to fit a light panel from a later 911 without success. The interior looks a little rough as well and it’s painfully obvious new tires are in order! Still, given the prices of early 911’s now, this may be the one to snag. I think I’d go for a later SC model, though. But that’s me—what do you think?


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  1. Don Bowman

    Depends on what ya mean by “save”?
    Get it running driving and safe. Make the interior functional. Then drive it as is. It would be so cool as a survivor not a restoration.

  2. John Edwards

    At the price it is now with 24 bids in at $20K+ for me its not worth the money in the condition its currently in. Seller’s of classic cars seem to want future worth when restored. Buyer’s seem to think to keep up with the Jone’s you just have to have one. Restored it could be worth what they will sell it for, now, here in the real world where I live, 7K may be.

    • jimmy

      first thing the engine is worth at least 4k a completely rusted out early 911 in way worse condition will sell upwards of 10k

  3. hhalebian

    My question. Backhoe in the background used to bury or unearth that thing? $21k? At least it’s an E not a T.

  4. rustylink

    $21K and counting! LOL – what am I missing?!! selling the dream!

    • jimmy

      I’ve seen a 16 option 65 or 68 911 on ebay almost made it to 40k “reserve not met” no fenders half the hood rusted away car has way to much rust

  5. Tirefriar

    Jamie, you raise a very interesting point: “Save a Porsche?” Obvious answer is OF COURSE – whether its a Porsche or a Corvair and especially being an early 911. However, there must be a rhyme or reason to everything and at the current bidding with RESERVE NOT MET still (!) it appears that saving this 911 is definitely not a top priority with the seller! Anyone who is intent on saving a dilapidated car such as this one should be concerned more about finding the right buyer for the car who has the capability of bringing it back from the dead. But alas, its all about the Benjamins. So, every time I hear “please save my wonderful little (insert classic/vintage model here), it was so wonderful to me (but pay me top top dollar)” I just walk away knowing that whats in the best interest of the car is not at the heart of the seller….

    • Horse Radish

      So you think if he’s had it this long, that’s not saving it so far ?
      He would be better off selling it cheap ?,
      now, after all these years and let the next guy (or the next 5 guys) flip it for profit ?

      I don’t get that reasoning.
      If he’s kept it that long let him have what he deserves.
      ABSOLUTELY irrelevant, what the next guy will do,
      even more so: the more money it sells for the more it will be appreciated.
      Problem solved, car will be restored

      • Tirefriar

        It’s not about selling it cheap but about who will take on the project and restore it right. And it’s not always the guy with the biggest wallet but sometimes the guy with the biggest passion.

      • Horse Radish

        I guess I stand corrected.
        This is already the first in a looooong line of flippers.
        HIM I wouldn’t pay as much as the last guy.

  6. Doug M. (West Coast) Member

    I bet this bidding is just getting started! Bet it passes $30k.

  7. frankie Paige

    I’ve seen worse. It’s a project I’d take on, but the price is way too high. I say this looking at the pics and seeing the tires sunk into the ground, wondering if i win the auction, go to pick it up and while pulling in onto a trailer it comes apart in two. Who knows how much rust is below. W.C. Fields said “A fool and his money are soon parted”

    • TuckerTorpedo

      W.C. Fields uttered lots of pithy pronouncements, but that phrase is actually 450 years old; attributed to English poet Thomas Tusser in Five Hundreth Pointes of Good Husbandrie, 1573.
      Regardless, I agree it applies to this particular Porsche!

    • jimmy

      the question is how do you get a car to sink into gravel how long does it need to sit there definitely not rescued from the barn

  8. Chebby

    Seems like the car was better off in the barn before this owner “saved” it.

    • Rancho Bella

      chebby………..that was funny

    • jimmy

      saved it by putting it in his driveway for the car to leak when it rains and get more water down the intake look at the rust on it.

  9. bcavileer

    Nonsense, that price for an overstuffed VW… The rust and damage thats hidden will blow your mind.
    Stop this sillyness. All based on speculation by a couple flippers who have TV shows.
    The fun is gone from this hobby. Might as well go dabble in the STOCK MARKET.
    Same kinda BS.

    • Horse Radish

      It seems you share my opinion, that “those” guys, calling themselves car enthusiasts have done more damage than good to this hobby…..

  10. Rancho Bella

    yep………..the cost plus 40 to 60 K…………and you to can brag about having one.
    I rather have the backhoe next it. That way I could stop hiring the guy down the road.

  11. Paul B

    What’s the matter with you guys? It’s beautiful, especially for the price. But I never liked those chrome headlight rims that went on after the U.S. banned the glass-covered headlights. So I think I’ll pass …

    • jimmy

      you can get those glass head lights they’re not cheap (not sure if they make new ones) though on some lights on top of the glass part of the headlight when your standing over it it’s clear but on the later ones look at the top and it looks like little bubbles/bumps don’t really care of the later version of them because of that but I believe they look the same from the front.

  12. John C Cargill

    not at these prices.

  13. Baron

    Pass. The mechanical injection on it is probably unrepairable now, and if the engine is frozen, God only knows what else is wrong.
    I bet the front underbelly is all rusted out, too.

  14. Dolphin Member

    Call me crazy, but every time one of these comes up for sale in neglected, rusty, or just plain trashed condition and gets bid to $20K+ I begin to think about what other good looking, running, driving vintage cars I could buy for that money.

    Please, Herr Professor P., what’s wrong with me?

  15. jimmy

    its worth every bit or more than its going for right know guy doesn’t know what he has yes there is hidden rust he called them “plane jane rims and dog dish hubcaps” that’s what be on there he tried buying it when the owner put it in the barn it should’ve stayed in there and then the guy lets it sit in the driveway where when it rains the water goes down the intake which you can that tons of water has gone down the intake plenty of times because of the rust. What does he mean by the seats don’t match the door panels look the same to me looks right. I hope he’s not selling it for that car behind the Porsche.

    • Jackson

      Hahahaha these comments…worse than a bunch of old ladies I tell you what. I think the price is crazy too but anything is worth what someone will pay for it. Just sounds like a bunch of old jealous children in here. It’s a cool car at a high market time…good for the seller!!

  16. Woodie Man

    I love when BF runs these dilapidated Porsche stories! Part of me is pissed the seller allowed it to deteriorate like this the other part of me can’t get over the naked hubris of actually wanting serious money for such a car. Then I run out and hug AGAIN my always garaged mostly original ‘ California 70 911 T. I better deflate the tires and throw some leaves on it

  17. Dinosaurdoctor

    Well it’s better than some of the Porsche shaped rust clods we have seen on here, but the thought that he’ll get 30K for it is still disgusting. God help the guy that can’t give this one what it needs himself. I can just see Hans writing the service order for this one…

  18. jim s

    is the piece of wood behind the pedals hiding a hole? has a lot of bids, most from someone with no feedback history! interesting bidding and find.

  19. Francesco

    Supply and demand, my friends.

  20. GlenK

    I am really beginning to think people are speculating on the old car market. Yes, Porsches are nice, but not $25,000 nice in this condition, then factor in a restoration. Its going to be a long time to make big returns when you consider the price and restoration costs and even more if you can’t do a lot of it your self.

  21. Horse Radish

    I see this over and over and over.
    For every early 911 there are 20 if not 200 guys drooling over it (secretly, of course, they’re to macho to admit it).
    Out of these people there are 90% dreamers, 5% potential buyers and 5% who are dead serious.
    The price decides which YOU are.
    It’s that simple.
    Unfortunately for those that are serious, there are just as many, who will want to profit from the demand, and that ruins it for those that would just like to enjoy them.

  22. jimmy

    for everyone who is saying “Oh it’s not worth 30k” well it is if people are willing to pay that money for it and there is still a profit to be made. You don’t know if it is rusty or not unless you’ve seen it if you’ve never seen then don’t say it’s a pile of rust. Have you seen other early 911’s on ebay then you should check then.
    I’m sure y’all pitch a fit over this one too.

  23. ron

    The car hasn’t sank into the ground. The tires are dry rotted and flat. I’m not flipping it, I am selling it to pay more pressing bills. The car is very solid. I know having been in auto repair for 50 years. It should be saved and I regret that I haven’t time or money to do so. And the comment about the car behind it. My nephews, and while many dream of an r25 in their 240sx or Mr2, he actually has done it. Not just sitting in the engine bay but it will scream down the road. And yes water has run down the deck into the motor on the porsche. But motor was stuck and water sitting in the jugs is probably keeping oxygen away that could make it all rust even worse. Keep the interest going. I will post more pics Saturday before the sale ends. Car is not at my house.

    • Horse Radish

      Just bought it less than 2 years ago and selling it again.

      If it walks like a duck , sounds like a duck,……………..
      still a flip to me.
      YOU haven’t done a thing to it.

      • Jackson

        What does that even mean?? Did you not read the description or see the pics…?? Obviously you’re a little special but it’s pretty obvious what’s wrong with it and what it needs. And the owner just said why he’s selling and even if it was a flip what does that matter? If someone wants to pay $40k then good for him!! And besides a “flip” it’s normally where you do some work then sell. You just restarted what the owner said and made some incoherent duck reference. Just funny people are getting worked up about this. Awesome for the owner and hopefully for the car so it’s good all around.

  24. Dolphin Member

    Sold for $36,200 on 37 bids.

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