Second to the Last: 1973 AMC Ambassador Wagon

Yo yo, wagons ho, here’s a 1973 AMC Ambassador Brougham Wagon. This yellow project is listed on eBay with a $2,500 Buy It Now price or make an offer. This hauler really hauls with a 401 V8 and it’s located in Richfield, Utah.

You can see that there’s a bit of work to do on this wagon. Or, more than a bit, actually, but who doesn’t want an AMC Ambassador wagon with a 401 in it and with a swoopy woodgrain pattern on the sides?! The seller says that the floors are solid but there’ll be some welding to do in the quarters and elsewhere. They have that missing fender extension, by the way. This was a beautiful car at one time, in my opinion, and it could be again.

In 1973, all Ambassadors were high-level Broughams and, gasp, an AM radio was standard equipment! All kidding aside, this car is what I would consider “loaded”, at least for a 1973 vehicle, as it has both power windows and AC!

I always like seeing power windows in an AMC product for some reason, maybe because I don’t think of them as “luxury” cars and power windows in that era were generally reserved for the luxury makes. Now they’re pretty much standard equipment on anything and everything but not in 1973. 1973 was the last year of the seventh-generation Ambassador and in June of 1974 the last Ambassador rolled off the line in Kenosha, a sad end to a very nice line of cars by Rambler and AMC.

Here’s what all the hub-bub is about, bub: AMC’s 401 cubic-inch V8 with 255 hp and 345 ft-lb of torque. Ok, it’s not the crazy, rubber-burning monster engine that it was a couple of years prior to this model but 255 hp is nothing to sneeze at. The seller says that this car runs and drives, which is always a good thing. Is this car worth saving? I think so!


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  1. Rich Truesdell

    While one would wish this car was in better condition, the last-year 1974 models got the hideous, chrome rail road tie bumpers.

    The 401 makes it especially desirable.

  2. Rich Truesdell

    I wanted to leave a photo but hit post comment instead.

    Here’s what I wanted to post, from the standalone 1974 AMC station wagon brochure.

  3. Rustytech Member

    Not sure what this would be worth done, but there’s lots that needs doing here. The front seat is not original, so you’d need to add that to the list. Sorry, not my cup of tea.

  4. Bob C.

    I had one of these back in high school. It was blue with that contact paper wood on the side and a 360 engine. It also had vinyl split bench seats that reclined all the way down. I agree with Rustytech, not original.

  5. Bill

    I would buy it just for the 401 engine and put it in a pacer or a gremlin just for fun

    • racer99

      Yup, match this drivetrain with the Pacer wagon from the other day and you’d have the one-of-a-kind sleeper or use it as a Jeep upgrade as mentioned above. Can’t see any real reason to spend the time/money to fix the wagon body.

  6. JCW Jr.

    Would love to get this car. Not restore it just fix it up. Replace the valuble 401 with a 360 and put the 401 in a smaller lighter amc to have some fun. The wagon with a 360 is o ly worth a little less than with the 401. Have a 80 Concord 2 dr. the 401 would be really nice in.

  7. wuzjeepnowsaab

    401 with the 727 bell housing will have the Jeep crowd salivating.

  8. milotus

    Rust free Utah car?

  9. Bob S

    Never seen one of those. Don’t think anyone in Quebec bought an AMC Ambassador wagon in 73′. The line the woodgrain takes is certainly different. Must read up on these 401 engines.

  10. Cubs win

    This car is kinda rare with the options list. You won’t make a killing on a flip but this is the kind of car you keep. Lots of ways to go with this one. Looks comfy

  11. Bruce Best

    I do not know what it is but this car makes me want to go to WALLY WORLD per the Chevy Chase movie.

  12. smittydog

    Altered Mind Car designers… I forget….did they allow station wagons in the demolition derby?

    Like 1
  13. Brian Joseph

    I had a,72 401,engine,with 1970 390 heads in a 66 AMC rogue ht. With a,4:10 rear,end, the car ran very low,12s,and,was,fun to drive. There us,alot of interchangeability in AMC parts,brakes,trans and engines all fit for 1966-83

  14. Jubjub

    Cool old wagon. Mom had a ’70 Ambassador wagon. Love those door handles but they’re a bitch when they pinch you!

    Kinda rough. Weird that the left side is rustler than the right. Needs a matching set of attractive wheels…ASAP.

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