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See How We Did On Our Spitfire!

So Long Spit

We were planning on doing a little more with our Spitfire, but an opportunity just came up that we could not pass by! We will share more about that later, but first let’s talk about the Spit. I did get it running. It still needed brakes and tires, but there weren’t any holes in the floor so it wasn’t too hard to find a buyer here locally. I had planned to offer it here on the site, but we needed the cash quick for the aforementioned deal. The buyer came with cash in hand and a car dolly behind his truck. If you thought our cowboy tow rope was questionable, then get a load of this! Hopefully he made it home safe. Keep reading to see how we did on the sale.

Ready To Go

Profit/Loss Breakdown:

Triumph Spitfire      $500
Battery                    $50
Ignition Coil             $30
Fuel Pump              $30

Total Cost:            $610

Sold For                 $1,000

Total Profit:            $390

We didn’t do too bad on this one considering the amount of time and money spent. I have a feeling that the deeper we would have gotten into it, the less we would have made. At least we can feel good knowing we shipped it off slightly better than we found it!


  1. Avatar photo Van

    I think you need to ask for more before and after stories. With balance sheets.
    We see possible lost causes on this sight every day. Many seem over priced.
    Anybody want to show what it takes to restore a rust bucket?

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  2. Avatar photo Bill

    Well done.. sometimes you have to seize the moment that presents itself. $1000 for a solid running spitty is a good deal as well.

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  3. Avatar photo SunbeamerStu

    No tax/registration factored in to your spreadsheet costs? Or do you not have to worry about that in your state? (Ha ha. Ha.)

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      Unfortunately, we do have taxes, supplies, rent, and labor to worry about. Didn’t make much when all said and done, but at least we didn’t lose anything either.

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  4. Avatar photo piper62j

    That’s great guys.. Money coming in is much better than money going out.. Great job.. On to the next one..

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  5. Avatar photo Burns Rafferty

    That was a Magenta Spit at one time, Triumph color code #92. Rare color here in the States.
    While not everyone’s cup of tea, it does a lot of attention. Here’s of photo of ours, repainted in 2006.

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    • Avatar photo 71 MKIV

      might have been a #17 Damson too. Hard to tell but the dash looks magenta-ish while the floors look more of the Damson.
      Very closely related colors.

      71 MKIV

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  6. Avatar photo Bruce

    Let the new owner know I have some new upholstery for their Spit. Seat covers and door panels. Plus I have parts for your new project as well Jesse.

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  7. Avatar photo Dave Wright

    Let me know when you have room to work on some of my stuff………I need a lot of 3.00 an hr labor……….I am sure I can keep you guys busy full time.

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      Good one Dave! We didn’t put anywhere near 100 hours into this one, but yes, we aren’t going to get rich at this rate.

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  8. Avatar photo Rob

    Like my Dad used to always say, “a bird in the hand is better than three in the bush”.. You didn’t lose $$, ‘n made a little, so you did good. :)

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  9. Avatar photo Jim C

    Someone got a Fun little car Cheap!! Wish it was me!! : ( My brother had one back in the 70’s in picked up for $100.00 bucks, nothing wrong with it either. I drove it a few times a lot fun going Top-Less!! lol

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  10. Avatar photo Sukey

    You had fun
    Made some cash and sent it down the road
    Well done

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  11. Avatar photo Steven C

    Good job guys!

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  12. Avatar photo Jubjub

    Man…I’ve loaded my old dolly pretty creatively on numerous occasions but it always looked better than that.

    I bought a ’78 Spit a few years back that had been wrecked then parked in an attached garage in ’86. Other than long term storage issues, a bent frame extension and a wadded up bonnet, it was in really decent shape. I sold it on basically recovering my investment. Hope the guy who bought it does it right.

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  13. Avatar photo Pete

    I dunno guys, you made a 39% profit. If you can do at least that well on everything you do. Then your not doing to bad. Just gonna have to increase the volume of sales. :-) Had you thrown more time and money at it so that it was completely intact how much more do you think you would have gotten? It’s something to consider for the next one. How many folks you know who have thrown 20K at a car when it was done was only worth 12K? To many I would guess.

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  14. Avatar photo jim s

    so what is the next BF project car?

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  15. Avatar photo jim s

    good job on the sale. you made money and the car is down the road. i hope the new owner will keep us updated.

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