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Our Triumph Spitfire Barn Find!

Triumph Spitfire Barn Find

Some of you may remember that we scored a Spitfire back in February. This little Roadster had been off the road for almost two decades so we were really sure what we weren’t getting into. For $500, how could we go wrong?

Crusty Interior

The owner had purchased the car about 10 years ago, but besides besides ripping out the gauges and steering column, they didn’t do much else with it.

Free Engine

The engine wasn’t seized, but the tags on the license plates suggested that it probably hadn’t been started in almost two decades.

Soft Goods

The dust covered paint didn’t look too bad and we couldn’t find any serious rust though.

Cool Bullet Mirror

And that bullet mirror just looked so dang cool!

Unique Tow Rope

The seller was even generous enough to give us a tow! They pulled out a cowboy rope and lassoed us up. Yee haw!

In The Day Light

Luckily, we didn’t have to go far. This car was stashed about a block from my house. Josh jumped in the dusty driver’s seat and kept his hand on handbrake.

Following Behind

I followed closely behind with my hazards flashing. The brakes on the Spitfire felt pretty sticky when we pushed it out of the owner’s barn so I wasn’t surprised by the screeching sound heard throughout the journey. About 100 feet from my house though, I realized that my parking brake had been on the whole time…


  1. MG'zer

    Nice project! Looking forward to reading more

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  2. grant

    I’m confused. Is there an update on the car? I have been wondering how it’s coming along.

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  3. milt

    OK Jesse, this time we will let the dirty, grungy Spit slide but next time you show it we expect you to will at least give this antique the bath it deserves.

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  4. jim s

    this is going to be fun. you have a second car for reference and a lot of people who know these. including Jamie who has lived with spitfires and other Triumphs for years, i think.

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  5. j.boyd

    do like an old friend, put a 283 SBC even bone stock engine would twist it enough to pop the doors open, yeah it got scrapped.

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  6. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    A progress update is coming!

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  7. Van

    “Spit 6 Spit 6 Spit 6”.
    “Body swap body swap body swap”.
    We’re all car nuts hear. The GT6 has bigger brakes, tighter suspension, and power.
    Just lift the bonnet, unhook everything, swap bodies, hook it up and close the bonnet. It’s many times more difficult to put an LS chevy in a muscle car.
    Did I mention I like the idea of a spitfire with a 6 cyl.

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  8. gary

    Please don’t put a GT6 engine in it. It makes them handle like an ox hooked up to a yoke. plough, plough, plough.

    There are a couple “Spit 6″es in the local club. I can outrun them in my stock Spit with very little effort. Yeah, they can beat me off the line but at the first corner they start to disappear in my rearview mirror. Dropping further and further back with every corner until they are nothing but a memory.

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