Sell or Swap: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

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This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner looks like it is a nice, clean car that could be driven and enjoyed as it is. It might not be perfect, but it is certainly in very nice condition. It is located in Duncan, Oklahoma, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist. Barn Finder Dean spotted the Plymouth for us, so thank you for that Dean. The owner is keeping his options open on the Road Runner because while he has listed a sale price of $17,000, he has made it clear that he might be open to a trade for the right car. He does suggest a Mustang GT as one potential option.

The Plymouth is a great looking car, and the Ivy Green Metallic paint looks to have a really nice shine to it. The owner doesn’t indicate whether the paint is original, or whether the car has been the subject of a repaint at some point. If it is original, then it has held up extremely well. There doesn’t seem to be any visible rust in the car, although we have no information on the state of the floors. The car does really show a fair amount of promise.

The interior of the Road Runner has its good points and its bad. The worst feature appears to be how the aftermarket CD player has been fitted into the dash. The photo isn’t that great, but it doesn’t look like it is a high-quality installation. Personally, I could live with the aftermarket gauges, because these wouldn’t be hard to remove if the stock look is desired. The bench seat, the upholstery, and the carpet all look to be quite good. I can’t see any speakers for the CD player, so I suspect that these have been fitted into the rear parcel tray.

Performance from even a standard spec Road Runner is nothing to be sneezed at because the 383ci V8 does deliver a healthy 335hp. The 383 in this car is backed by a 4-speed manual transmission, and the combination is capable of sending the Plymouth down the ¼ mile in 14.5 seconds. For a car of this age, the engine bay does present quite well, while the owner refers to it as a good driving car.

If this Road Runner is as solid as it appears to be, then it is a car that could either be restored or could easily be driven and enjoyed as it is. The fact that the owner has set a price of $17,000 for the car is something of a surprise because that does appear to be on the low side of what I would expect. In my humble opinion, I think that on the face of it, the next owner of this Road Runner could be getting a pretty decent buy at that price.

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  1. greg

    Just something about buying a nice classic on “craigslist” just raises all kinds of issues for me Never a good experience with craigslist for me EVER.

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    • Jon Kam

      For sure craigslist has plenty of loonies, but you usually can meet the person, see the car before you commit. If more proof is needed a test drive may be possible, and/or bring an expert.
      The web site I dislike is “Bring a Tria…” I won’t spell it out, but I think most gearheads know the site. With that site, you can not view the car, meet the owner, bring an expert, etc. until after the auction end. If you bid and win, you are required to pay the sites 5% fees, regardless if you buy.
      I think I will always feel much more comfortable with both Barnfinds and Craigslist.

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      • PDXBryan

        If I were in the market for a muscle car, this is what I’d want! Nice, straight ahead 4 speed. Not some unicorn low numbers car. Just a solid driver I could be proud of.

        Jon Kam
        There are no BaT rules saying you can’t make arrangements to see a car before bidding. People do it all the time. Having said that, I must admit I like the common folk vibe here on Barnfinds!

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      • Superdessucke

        I’m no fan of Bring a Trailer but I don’t think they prohibit you from going to look at the car or getting it inspected. You just have to arrange that with the owner before the auction ends.

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      • Terry R Melvin

        And, “Spring A Sailor” cars are waaaay overpriced. makes you wonder if some funny business is going on with their auctions..As far as Carl’s List goes, always bring a friend when checking out listings.

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    Nice RR…friend of mine had one just like this same color, and that thing was a blast to drive. Gutsy and fast, sheer pleasure bangin’ the gears. Hope someone who has always wanted one gets this beauty, just remember, close inspection a must!! Good luck to the new owner!

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    Trade this for a Mustang GT? He’s crazy.

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    • Sandy Claws

      Why? A Mustang Gt is by far a better car in all ways. Besides, how did he come about owning this car? I suspect it is an inheritance that he cares little for.

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      • TCOPPS TCOPPSMember

        I knew you would chime in & say that. A ’69 road runner was the first car I ever drove (my late grandmothers) with her in the front seat next to me and my first legitimate tire melting experience. I’d much rather experience that over and over again than attempt it in a newer Mustang.

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    • Sandy Claws

      @TCOPPS, it is good to have fans. How old are you TC? Please explain what part of loud, destructive, and illegal motoring is appropriate? BTW, Grandma with a RR? Doesn’t add up unless she just got out of prison and dipped into her stash for a few giggles. My Grandma baked cookies, didn’t even drive. The Little Old Lady From Pasadena is a myth.

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      • TCOPPS TCOPPSMember

        @Sandy I can’t honestly say she enjoyed it, but I must say she compared me my grandfather, the true source of my vested interest in classics. I saved up every dime I could from 14-18 and restored mine, driving it for the first time after graduation. Sure you can say your Honda is better in every way, but I couldn’t feel more differently. As a 28 year old, I still manage to leave a ‘going away’ present at the end of my road to parent’s house once a summer. Who says you can’t have some fun?

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      • triumph1954

        Sandy Claws. You are so correct! I just love racing Road Runners and mustang GT’s. I race at least one of these everyday on my way to work with my V-14 supercharged Hoyovell ST. And it gets 51 mpg. doing it. I just don’t know what they were thinking in 1969. Hey do you want to start our own site. So we don’t bother people on BarnFinds with our factual nonsence. We could call it Modern (lame) Garage Finds. We could charge $39.95 a week to keep the uninformed away. I’am 64 years old. Let me know. Thanks

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      • 36 Packard

        You hang in there Sandy, don’t let them get you down. I agree, these are dangerous cars as proven by many lost souls from my generation (and I suspect yours too, you old crazy obvious Boomer). I have only one old car, as you can see by my name, it isn’t a performance car, so there is no temptation to act childish. I take it for nice weekend and evening drives, isn’t that what you are supposed to do? I recently updated my Hagerty insurance so I spoke to a live person while doing so. I commented on that they sell me a pretty good policy at a low price. His response was that people that have old cars through them tend to treat them carefully and with great respect. The kind of driving that negates accidents. How many of you supposed funny car drivers have Hagerty insurance? I always thought with age comes wisdom, am I wrong? Also, why are you all telling Sandy to leave the site? Just because he points out the handling characteristics of an older car does not mean that he does not enjoy them. I bet Sandy has some old cars, but with practical engines, say, A Satellite with a 318 vs a 440 GTX. The car looks just as nice, yet is better for even just safety reasons alone. Besides, how many times can you reasonably light up your tires? How long before the cops and the cost of new rubber shuts you down? The way some of you speak of how you drive makes me fear to be anywhere near you on the road. How about other’s safety? Ever consider that?

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    • Del

      Price seems to low ?

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  4. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Disagree about C.L. I bought my 27000 mile 64 Buick Riviera off Craig’s list in 2011 N. E. Texas. It’s been a great car, well worth the $7500 I paid for it. Now concerning this road runner, it appears to be a well preserved car. The 383 with 4 speed makes it a desirable car, even though a lot of folks think these cars either must have 440 or 426 hemi. The asking price seems very reasonable to me. Try buying any decent classic car for $17 K these days. You might be able to buy some worn out junker for less. But they won’t be as nice as this one. I’m talking buying one today not last year or 5 years ago but in 2019.
    God bless America

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  5. Angrymike

    I’ve got a 06 Mustang GT convertible, if I had the extra time and money, I’d be driving to Oklahoma !

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    • Sandy Claws

      That is a beautiful car, you would trade that for this Runner? Have you ever actually driven one? They are over rated.

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      • Angrymike

        Uh, my father bought one new, and I have owned 3. I want another.

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      • TONY MILO

        I agree,I had a 68/383/4Spd.

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      • treg forsyth

        You can buy a new Mustang anyday anywhere, a classic Road Runner that’s always going up in value, and if you can get it for a good price it’s a no brainer, If a person needs a commuter car, this is not it, I’m guessing it’s the same reason some people buy a brand new Triumph motorcycle and some people buy a 60’s bonneville

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  6. Skip

    Wasn’t this just up for sale on eBay?

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  7. moosie moosie

    I had this cars twin almost, mine was a hard top, no B pillar, owned it for two years, had 5 years of fun with it tho, sold it to a friend for $ 1200.00 to buy my ’71 LT-1 Roadster.

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  8. Tricky


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    • Angrymike

      It’ll probably show up for sale for 35,000 if it’s as clean as I think it is.

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  9. RobB

    Damn, I’m in the middle of restoring my 69 RR. Had I seen this before I started, I might have done things differently. If it wasn’t Craigslist, I would still consider it. I know some people that had bad experiences with Craigslist. This is the coupe, which is very desirable and that price is too good to be true. Some people would call this a “trap car,” because it seems too good to be true.

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  10. robjMember


    Looked like a really nice deal to me. And to someone else as well.

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  11. BoatmanMember

    TCOPPS, that’s a nice looking (Charger) Roadrunner you’ve got there!

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      Thanks Boatman. Here she is.

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  12. Troy s

    I like the simplicity of the Road Runner, pretty straight forward looking machine with decent power. Aftermarket gauges belong, along with the modern stereo, why not enjoy the ride even more, right? Upgrading for improved ride..performance in all ways..even listening to the radio, always made more sense to me. For a driver.
    Seems priced kinda low compared to some of the rusted out remains of a Mopar we’ve seen lately, makes me wonder.

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  13. Jerry Kimble

    I am a Ford guy. But, dodge built some beasts. This is one of them. Even the lowly 383 in this car, will be STOUT. I don’t know what that is worth, but a mustang is the best option. Now, I want the 2020 GT 500.

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  14. Stevieg

    Sandy Claws, there are so many times I agree with you. But then you make it sound like no grandma would ever ride a hot car. You make it sound like most of us who are younger than you are delinquents. I have no clue how old you are, but I assume you are roughly the same age as my parents. I am 48, Mom is 69, Dad would have been 71 this year. Dad was a biker. Milwaukee is Outlaw territory. Dad was a Hell’s Angel (he says…I am starting to doubt that). Either way, he had issues with them. He always had fast cars, fast bikes & fast women. That is why things with him & my Mom didn’t work out.
    Mom always loved muscle cars. She never knew much about them, but she loved (& still loves) going fast.
    I enjoy vintage classic cars (along with hot rods, muscle cars, rat rods, whatever…I love cars), but my favorites are original or restored to original vintage cars, particularly 1946 to 1980. These are the cars I knew as a kid. Old beaters that some of my family drove. Newer cars as others from my family drove.
    My now ex-wife loves fast cars. I tend to be more like you in that I drive conservatively & love inline 6 engines. But I also appreciate speed, in the appropriate setting. So if someone’s grandmother rode in her car while her grandson was flogging it, appreciate it as fact. Don’t doubt it & make a big deal of it. We all come from different backgrounds. My parents are not like your, & your grandparents are not like mine. Enjoy your memorial day, peace to you & peace to all veterans too !

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  15. Gary Zwick

    how many miles? any pictures of undercarriage? has it been sold yet? very interested in buying I would have it shipped 2 N.Y. State

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