Semi-Survivor? 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS

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The Super Sport was introduced as an option on the Impala in 1961. It was a performance automobile that sold in small numbers (less than 500) until Chevrolet had a change in strategy. Said change was to focus on style over performance and buyers loved it, scooping up 99,000 copies in 1962. This ’67 edition is called a “semi-survivor” because the engine has been rebuilt, but the rest is mostly from the date of manufacture. Located in Springtown, Texas, a dealer is offering this gold beauty here on eBay with no reserve. So, it will sell with the current bid at $15,600.

The fourth generation of the Chevrolet Impala (1965-70) was probably its most successful. In 1965, they sold the most Impalas ever, and – in 1967 – they may have built the best-looking Impalas ever (IMO). The SS also had a banner year in 1965 at 243,000 copies, but internal competition from the Chevelle and Caprice saw that number drop to some 78,000 cars by ‘67. In an Impala, the Super Sport would be retired (at least temporarily) in 1969 when performance was reunited with style with the SS 427.

This ’67 Impala SS is wearing “most” of its original gold paint (we don’t know what was repainted or why). It looks rather stunning, and I wouldn’t touch a thing, except to maybe lose the rear fender skirts. We’re told this is real-deal SS and the drivetrain (327 cubic inch V8 with an automatic transmission) is numbers matching. The V8 and Powerglide have been rebuilt and the former has a 4-barrel carburetor and dual exhaust which should add some extra zip.

The interior is unusual in that we’re told the front bucket/bench seat combination was a special order. The passenger compartment presents quite well although some of the seams in the front seat are coming apart and hopefully they can be repaired. The automobile has factory air conditioning with a new compressor. Everything is said to work as it should, so this is a turn-key vintage car. And it’s oddly offered without a reserve so it will be interesting to see how high the ante goes. At 57,000 miles, the beauty of this automobile is more than just in the eye of the beholder. Here’s a video supplied by the seller.

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  1. Casey

    What a gorgeous car ! I would love to have this in my driveway. From the pictures this car looks like brand new. Love it !

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    • Biff

      Shows very nice, I always loved the slope of the rear sails and quarters on the 67 & 68’s. Do like the return to the round tail lights in 68. I always thought the 67 tail lights looked like an afterthought. I had a 67 with a 396, four speed, Indigo blue, I believe it was called with white interior. Bucket seats, console, a little rough around the rear quarter wheel openings. My dad trade a 61 Rambler wagon and some cash for a 68 with a 327/power glide, maroon with a black interior. Car was only 2 years old and the factory paint would haze over like chauk within a couple of days of being cleaned and waxed.Very cool color combination, I can’t remember seeing anyone redoing GM cars that had that color available on them, back to that color. I want to do a 68 Impala convertible one day, before I retire.

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      • David Cook

        As much as I loved (and still do) the look of a lacquer finish on GM cars, both the maroon and the dark blue were the worst when it came to oxidation and the finish turning white. I worked in the collision repair industry for 44 years and while the base coat/clear coat finishes of today are far more durable, nothing looks as good as an original lacquer job.

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    • Stephen

      Sweet impala! I’d drive it love the skirts don’t see many with them on and they clear the 8 inch rallyes. I had a ’72 Monte Carlo with skirts. Bought it for 2500 from one of my dad’s gas station customers had it 8 years got it with 25k on it sold it only had 56 k on it. I miss that one sweet highway cruisers.

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  2. Moparman MoparmanMember

    A survivor from the time when the styling of cars took your breath away! Such a beauty! GLWTA!! :-)

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    • David Cook

      I’m with you. Today’s vehicles are BORING! The only good part of it is that I am not tempted to trade as one is as boring as the next.

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  3. Mark

    This is a very nice period correct car!

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  4. Driveinstile DriveinstileMember

    Wow!!! This is beautifull. I’m more ppartiall to 66 Impala Supper Sports because my Grandpa had one (396). But this is just beautiful. I know some will say lose the fender skirts, but honestly, I like them and would keep them on. The rear may be jacked up a bit to get clearance for the hub caps with the fender skirts but I’m not 100 percent sure. The bench seat is a bit of a surprise too with having no console.
    Very nice Impala and hope it goes to a good new home.

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    • David Michael Carroll

      Always loved the ’67 Impalas but that Poeerglide trans would be a no for me!

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  5. Nelson C

    That fastback and skirts are the bomb. The armrest bench is just that much more unique. Great highway car with the 327-4V, ‘Glide and air. I love the rise in the rear window and deck of ’67&68s best.

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    • stillrunners stillrunnersMember

      Was going to ask – I thought a glide too but looks like D – L2 – L1 on the column read out. As for the semi bucket bench it’s what the Buick’s Rivi’s had in some – really like it. Nice car and those Ft Worth boys will be buying it to put their twist on it fer sure.

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  6. DanRyanGalt

    The frame, front end and the rear end are from a 1936-1939 Ford car. Those were the years Ford used those wheels. Saw a similar car at the Lake Compounce swap meet about 12 years ago. It had a Flathead Ford six in it with duel carbs. The Flathead six was made from 1941 through 1951. The seller said it was made in the 1950’s by someone in Massachusetts.

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  7. Rixx56Member

    I’ve wanted one since….. just now!!

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  8. Herbert

    Amazing. The only thing I would lose is the fender skirt.

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    • HoA HoAMember

      Hi Herbert, wait, let me log back in for 14millionth time, where was I, oh yeah, fender skirts are like continental kits, either you like them or hate them. I feel, the skirts add to the look here, and wouldn’t change a thing.

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      • David Cook

        Skirts were a factory option usually only seen on Caprices. I’m not in love with them but I would leave them on.

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  9. Zen

    Gorgeous car, I hope it finds a good home!!!

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  10. ClassicP

    Every Chevrolet Impala from 60’s had similarities for two years then change but even with the subtle differences each year had its own unique beauty. You have to be a car guy to notice. I could hear a squeaky voice saying that looks exactly like the 68’ no no. I had 67’ caprice I was 16 bought it used from a neighbor and it had the 283’ in it. Beautiful car big buckets with console and wood everywhere drove nice but all those engine choices and it had 283’ oh well safe for 16 years old. Love the 67 in BF

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    • David Cook

      Maybe it has to do with my age during this time the cars were the best styled of all time. Already by 1970 the styling was becoming less interesting. As for today, forget it! Vehicles are all boring!

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  11. HoA HoAMember

    For the life of me, with not much left, how in ‘tarnation could we have gone from this, to that dismal Kia thing I rented, YAAAAHHHH! Sorry, sorry, my demons and I’ll deal with it, the ’59 was the most beautiful Chevy to close out the decade, but the ’67 shown here, I feel, was the nicest of the 60s. One of my ex-BILs has/had a ’67 ragtop this color. I think these had a lot of frame problems, as my BILs was like this topside, but the frame had big holes that my OTHER BIL repaired. Don’t you love the dash? Cars had gotten to the point, all that was necessary to know, was, L to R, how much gas, how fast you were going and what time it was. The rest reduced to a warning light. I doubt anyone will care about a used Kia Rio, or whatever that POS was, but a ’67 2 door Chevy like this, is for the ages.

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    • Mountainwoodie


      Spot on as usual.I’m guessing if you keep railing against the toasters on wheels you’ll live a long time. That’s my secret. Maybe even long enough for a revival of Sixties style….well okay that won’t happen though the “new” Charger and Challenger may be as close as Detroit will come.

      While I’m not a big fan of the later Sixties Chevies ( too big) the fender skirts and color as well as the fastback make this look great.

      Hearing that Dickie Betts died certainly for me at least put a fine point on the memories of driving my ’61 Buick limo to work listening to Ramblin Man on my eight track lol. Oh well…we still have the music. Tempus Fugit!

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  12. Larry W Gronewold

    I like the fender skirts. Makes it look more unique. I used to hate them when I was a kid. We had a Pontiac Grandville that had them and I would fix the tires and leave them off and my dad always said “ put them back on”. I guess I have turned into my dad.

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  13. Joe

    If you don’t like the fender skirts and take them off then you’re left with rear wheel openings with no chrome lip like the front ones have so you need to buy a chrome molding so it would look right

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  14. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Great looking car. The stylists were at the peak of their game at this time.

    Terrific pics in the ebay ad.

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  15. Marshall

    Would have been nice to see under hood an inside interior

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  16. Marshall

    Oops sp9kevtoo soon ebay shows no pics

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  17. Jim Ayres

    Nice car! We had a ’67 Impala wagon when I was a kid. Loved that car. Nothing special about the front seat. It was just one of the options called Strato-Back front Seat. Certainly nicer than a standard bench seat, but it sure would be nice to see buckets and a console in this car.

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  18. Philbo427

    Whoa! Never seen an SS with rear fender skirts! Adds a bit of class to it and makes it look more streamline! Beautiful car!

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    • Jon Rukavina

      I’ve never seen an SS with skirts either. Adds to the sleekness of the car and makes it look longer.
      My first car was a ’70 Caprice coupe. I added skirts on to it. Took forever to get the brackets in ’73. Drove it year around and a pita to take them off every time I washed it. But I liked them a lot.

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  19. John Phillips

    My girlfriend’s dad had a’67 Impala with the 327-4v and it had a THD-350. I don’t remember seeing the Powerglide in anything with a four-barrel after ’66, but that could just be what I was exposed to.

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    • Rocco

      My 70 Impala did as well as moms 73 Vega!! I blew both transes!! 🤣

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  20. Donny

    What’s that thing sticking out of the steering column? Never saw a true SS without the center console shifter.

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    • Rocco

      SS Chevelle’s had column shifter’s as well as Nova’s!!

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  21. TC Galloway

    Dad had a 68, same colors in and out as this one – beautiful. 327 4 bbl with the TH350; good performance with good gas mileage. I had a 67 El Camino with the 327 4 bbl and Powerglide – strange but exciting acceleration. It started a bit slow then started screaming like a banshee way up the speedo till it finally shifted. Fun. But this 67 SS is gorgeous; painfully so as I will never drive it. 😔

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  22. Edward PacificarMember

    What a great memory for me. The second car I ever bought with my own money was a 67 Impala SS. I worked 2 summers in 73 and 74 to earn the 600.00 I paid for it. My parents were working immigrants who taught me that if I wanted something bad enough I would have to earn it. Mine was gold just like this one but with a black vinyl top without those horrible fender shirts. It had the bucket seats a console and a 283 PG combination.

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  23. TIM HAHN

    Don’t they call that seat a strato-buckets or something like that? I have a 1967 four door out back with that same front seat.

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    • Jim Ayres

      Yes, it’s an option called strato-back front seat.

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  24. steve

    REALLY tired interior. Ugliest Impala in the series. Hard PASS !

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  25. Captain Breakfast

    My daily driver is an 2008 Impala. While I like the bright red sedan with 1965 SS style wheels, little more than its name and its cool running impala badges hearken back to this splendid machine. I’m not a big fan of fender-skirts, but on the ‘67 & ‘68 Impala fast backs they are essential. I’d trade my ‘67 Delta 88 convertible for this in a heartbeat.

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  26. Captain Breakfast

    Also, this car is beggin’ for buckets.
    I know 1968’s and ‘69s offered optional
    hideaways headlights, but im Not sure if they were made for 1967’s… Caprice maybe ??

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    • Jon Rukavina

      No hideaway lights until ’68 and ’69 & only from the factory on Caprice.
      I say only from the factory because I’ve seen Impalas on-line that had the grilles swapped in. Headlight washers were also available for ’69.
      Caprices did have those fender lights as standard equipment for ’67 & ’68, too.

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  27. Utesman

    Contrary to the text info., it’s touting a T400….NOT a powerglide!

    1967 was Chevy’s first year for the turbo-hydro in use w/the small block….but then ONLY if specified when ordering an Impala SS or the Caprice.

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  28. Utesman

    As ‘Joe’ states above, if skirts are the route taken (not my cup’o tea) then to properly display the car’s styling, the lower skirt molding needs to be obtained to emulate the front wheel opening moldings as shown here on the Caprice,(

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  29. TMK

    correct me if I’m ,should there be a SS badge on the rear quarters?

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  30. Derrick Francisco

    I learned to drive in one My father had one and his had a white top with the same gold on the one the body it had a 283 with a power glide

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  31. PRA4SNW PRA4SNWMember

    I’m nit up on the prices of these, but the current bid of $18,700 with 3 days left sounds like a great deal.
    We’ll see where it ends up.

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  32. Rocco

    My very first car I bought in HS was a 70 custom sport 2 door in white with a blk top and hideaway headlights. 350 4 barrel with a slip n slide which blew before I went in the Navy in 78!! It sported 64 Vette hubcaps which I still own on the wall of my garage as a momento lol!!

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  33. TRUTH

    Nice car, reasonable price too for a change. Interior needs a little love and a thousand dollars and your good to go.

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