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Shady Gasser: 1948 Crosley Deluxe Sedan

1948 Crosley Deluxe Gasser Corner

We are normally not too interested in rat rods or gassers, but this one caught our attention because of how unique and slightly humorous it is. This little drag strip beast was created using the one of the most unlikely of candidates, a 1948 Crosley Deluxe Sedan. Crosely built little, inexpensive, econo cars and most people would not consider using one to build a race car. Sure there was the Crosely Hotshot, but we have never seen one with this much power. This one is currently listed for sale on eBay with five days left.

1949 Crosley Ad

The ad above depicts the car in stock form. The Deluxe Sedan was the larger of the Crosely models in 1948. It could seat four people plus luggage and featured “speed line styling”.

1948 Crosley Deluxe Gasser Hood

What could be lurking behind that unsuspecting Crosley hood ornament? Remember that these little guys originally ran small four cylinder engines and it was not uncommon for them to achieved 50 mpg.

1948 Crosley Deluxe Gasser Engine

The creator of this monster chose fun over fuel economy here. They shoved a Ford 302 V8 under there. The body had to be widened four inches and a custom frame was built to make it all fit. We can not imagine the amount of work that went into this fabrication job.

1948 Crosley Deluxe Gasser Interior

These cars never came with many creature comforts standard and this example does away with any that may have been present, instead opting for for a stripped out interior and some rusty sheet metal as a seat. It does have an oscillating fan though to keep things cool while waiting your turn out on the strip.

1948 Crosley Deluxe Gasser Side

Check out that profile! We bet this thing looks even smaller in person. The seller states that this gasser features an eight point roll cage, five speed, and slicks.

1948 Crosley Deluxe Gasser Trunk

Finally, here is our favorite detail… Whoever built this car obviously has a sense of humor and we are sure there are many more years of fun in store for the next owner. We would be tempted to remove the wheelie bars and drive this one on the street. It would be great to see the looks of the muscle car guys when you pull up next to them at the stoplight in this thing!


  1. Wheezer

    I love it!

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  2. Mike

    Gotta love those ol’ gassers! Pull up next to a rice burner in this and see what they say!

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  3. Jack O'Connell

    Nice find

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  4. Kenzo

    What a blast it would be on a saturday night parking lot car show.
    clicked on the link and it’s closed. Wonder what it went for?

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  5. DENIS

    Did not see it listed…love old gassers. I woulda bought it for the right $ and have no idea why….

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  6. Big Ed

    I’d leave the wheelie bars on. “Shock and Awe” as I lauched it at the stoplights.

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  7. Big Ed

    The Crosley would be a beast. Lenghthen the frame to slow down or dampen any yawing and keep the wheelie bars. I’ve included the picture of my buddy “Pops” Colt as a tribute to the good old days!

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  8. Big Ed

    I would definitely let the Crosley leave first to watch it get “busy”!

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  9. Kevin Reid

    Go all out-blown SBF,fat Mickeys’ out back,have fun and rake in racing cash.

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