Shag Carpet Split Window: 1963 Chevy Corvette

It’s hard for us to think of collector cars today at one time being borderline throwaway vehicles. Certainly, more than a few Stingrays have appeared in junkyards over the years (much to our dismay) leaving aside any doubt that every car has its peaks and valleys in terms of value. This 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray with the desirable split window is a long-neglected example, complete with shag carpeting coating the headliner around the perimeter of those very desirable pieces of glass. Find it here on eBay with eleven hours left and bidding over $52K! 

The last time this Corvette was registered for road use was way back in 1984. The seller doesn’t know much about the car’s history, other than he’s selling it for his son who isn’t going to complete the project. The motor is not original, but the seller suspects it came with one of the higher output engines available in 1963 “…by the tachometer.” What I’m assuming he’s saying is that this car has a higher redline, which may indicate higher output. Regardless, the correct engine is long gone so this will never be a numbers matching example (and let’s face it – the tachometer could have been swapped out.)

Here’s that sweet shag carpeting I was talking about. If you needed further evidence that this was at one time just a used car, here’s exhibit A. For someone who grew up after the shag carpeting era, I’m always amazed that this was a material many automobile owners wanted to be surrounded by at all times. I get feeling it on your feet, but what value does it have on the roof? Perhaps the rear crevice was a previous owner’s perch for convincing his date to check out the moon and the starts through his sweet split windows. Take a picture, because you can bet the next owner will be removing this tribute to the swingin’ 60s.

And, at one time, that shag carpeting did cover the entire interior as the remnants here suggest. What amazes me the most about this car is the eBay listing reveals A LOT of questions, from the seller’s description and correction of listing this Stingray as “complete” to the lack of any underside photos and repairs to the bonding seams. The bidders don’t seem to mind the questions, and perhaps it’s because the original color combo of black with a red interior would make this one of the prettiest split windows available – especially if it was originally a 396 car. Would you pay north of $50K for a split window in this condition?


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  1. slickb

    poor car… it needs better and deserves

  2. CCFisher

    The 396 was only offered in 1965.

    • Peter S.R. Member

      … different hood too ?

      • Andre

        Yes that’s a ‘65 big block hood

  3. Tony

    396 wasn’t available until 65. So 365/327 was the big dog.

    • moosie Craig M. Bryda

      Top horsepower for 1963 was 360 which had fuel injection. Next lowest was 340 with a. 4 barrel carb.

  4. Jim M

    I’m not sure about this one. I know what it is, a 63 split window. It’s already at $52K and will probably go a bit higher. By the time you put oodles of $$$ in this one to restore it properly, a lot missing, not original engine, I don’t see the bargain. Go buy a nice finished one and save a lot of work and money.

    • Capt Jim

      I agree. Cheaper to buy them done.

  5. Jim

    396 didn’t appear till 1965…..

  6. PatrickM

    Yuch on the interior! I thought the 396 wasn’t available until 1966/67. Might be wrong. No underside pics. Title? $25k tops, due to the work involved…research the data plate, etc.

    • Andre

      66/67 was the 427 as a big block option.

      • paul

        65 was the 396 option

  7. Madmatt

    Shag carpeting is a great sound deadner/insulation,
    at least,that’s what I would keep tellin myself….,lol
    the cars price would indicate,that shag carpeting is making a comeback…!

  8. Pa Tina

    At least it isn’t mold after all those years.

  9. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Hmmmm, 4 Aces on the trip set.

  10. glen

    That shag is horrible! I wonder how much glue was used.

    • Mr Firth

      Glue .. . yeah that explains the freakin’ Shag job

  11. Classic Steel

    What was he thinking? shag wagon?
    This type of shag would only get you a date with a couple “Franklins” on the bad side of town around first to third street with the heaviest ladies 🙀😮

    I am now going to have to look at restored cool Vettes to avoid my eyes going blind !

    Hope this flipper gets 100k!

    Remember kids shag is bad!!!!!!

  12. Dirk

    Is that shag carpeting around the rear glass or stalactites?

  13. Mike

    Think it’s got a decent cam or is it gagging through that 700 Holley and Victor Jr .
    As questionable as this one seems it will make for a nice updated driver , notice I didn’t use the term resto mod . Find a later
    model Z06 and swap out everything saving only the body and chassis . Warehouse all the bits removed , add a
    Coat of shiny stuff and period leather and waalaaa you can live the rest of your life with one kidney .

  14. 63 Crapper

    Small block chev with distributor in back

  15. Beatnik Bedouin

    That poor Sing Ray (yes, two words), having to endure 1970s shag carpet. I’m sure the installer enjoyed the high from the fumes… ;-)

    Engine swaps were pretty common in early Corvettes (including Sting Rays) back in the 1960s/70s, as so many of ’em were thrashed by their owners. there were also the ones who wanted something more powerful than the stock engine, hence why one might find a 327 or 350 sitting where a 283 would have been, as well as the Rat Motor we see in this example.

    • Andre

      The car posted has a small block (mouse), not a big block (rat).

    • Eddie Marion

      Not a big block in this car…

  16. Dolphin Member

    “There is nothing in such bad taste that someone, somewhere hasn’t done it to customize a car”
    …case in point.

    • 63 Crapper

      Actually the only thing worse would have been to put the redneck 4 wheel drive under this and completely the creating a sh*t Ray with green shag and red …..really on color choices too….☹️😮
      Maybe it was the drugs in the 70s 💊💊💊💉💉💉

  17. fahrvergnugen

    Shag-a-delic, baby! Yeeahhhh!

    • Pete

      Oh Behave

  18. Bing

    I sold an all original numbers matching 63 on e bay for 57 K two years ago.

    Period correct with documentation since new, only it was a 327/250 with an automatic and roll down windows. Great driver, fresh under the dash wiring, and a time capsule car. One nice repaint on a no hit body and a NCRS score sheet showing 88 points. Original ration and working clock.

    That said, why would anybody bid over 50 for this?

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      And sold for over 65K!
      When will the insanity over splitties end?


    I like this sellers honesty but I’m with his son, buy one finished!

  20. Mark

    Shag was lining everything in the 70s and apparently Corvettes too

  21. SRyan

    Rare one side pipe and dual exhaust. Rest of the car is best to death.

  22. JW

    Being a young driver of musclecars and vans of the late 60’s early 70’s I only remember shag carpeting in vans, no one in my area would do this to a car without being laughed out of Big Boys drive-in.

  23. Paul

    It sounds like some people have more money than they know what to do with. This car is definitely not worth what the bidding is up to.To get a professional body off restoration done to this car it will cost another hundred thousand dollars to do it right. The 396 came out in 1965 .

  24. Steve A.

    $52K! Another perfect example of someone having more money than brains. Unbelievable.

    • ACZ

      More money than brains. That ruins it for the rest of us.

      • Pa Tina

        “More money than brains” is the business model of the car collection hobby.

  25. Comet

    Yes I would gladly pay north of 50K for a 63 split window originally equipped with a 396. It would be the only one ever produced. The 396/425 hp option was only available in 1965.

  26. robhall74

    As much as this is my absolute must have car on the planet. The answer to would I spend 50k on this car. The answer is AHHHHH hell Nah! Especially if its not #’s matching. Also, when I went to the ebay page, at the bottom there is a numbers matching gold 327 split window that has been hit lightly in the ass end left side that needs the bumper attachments repaired for 69K and no shag carpet.

    So, that is my two cents

  27. Pa Tina

    Anybody know when the 396/425 HP was available?

    • al8apex

      1965 only

  28. MFerrell

    It’s worth whatever someone will pay for it, no more, no less.

    • Tom Member

      Funny how that statement is both true and false all in one !!!

  29. Andy

    You all are assuming that’s a real bid at $52K. I don’t think so. A non matching numbers split window in this condition is simply not worth that amount. But then again maybe it is…

  30. Franimal007

    Nice car and I respect them but corvettes are so overpriced.

  31. Eddie Marion

    Man, if you’re going to write about cars, at least get your facts straight. The 63 did not have a big block. The top hp option was a fuel injected 327. And there is no rear bench or rear seat of any kind. Only a small child could fit back there. You couldnt get two contortionist teenagers in there, and even if you could, you’d never be able to do anything. Lol! Sorry, but I used to own a red 63 coupe, and I tend to be a purist about them. I dont like many modifications as these cars were very cool just as they were built. Wish I could have kept mine.

    • Jeff Lavery Staff

      Bench is a vernacular issue. I obviously did not mean a literal “bench” seat. I’ve updated it to “crevice.” As per your definition as to what is possible between two teenagers in an automobile, that is purely subjective but I’ve often applied the rule of “where there’s a will, there’s way” with great success.

  32. Dan in TX

    Remember folks…take a look at the comments before you try to correct something obvious. One answer about big blocks in 1963 was enough.

  33. Joe P

    It breaks my heart to see a split window coupe in this condition.

  34. Rex Kahrs Member

    Is the shifter stock?

    • al8apex


  35. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Who said drugs weren’t available back in the day? Could be nice, but it’s going to take a lot of $$ to get it there and you’d be upside down on this one and it still wouldn’t be original. Might want to go resto-rod on this one as it never will be original again.

  36. Scuderia

    As an owner of a ’64 C2 for the last two decades as well as a daily shopper for a SWC I’m shocked that this project sold for $65K. True it was born a black car and possibly a 340 or 360FI. Other than that I just don’t see it. If it’s an FI car, black, concourse restoration might fetch $150-175K but it’ll take $100K to get it there.. Do all the work yourself and maybe only $50-75K. FI unit will set you back $10-15K alone never mind the FI motor.. Oh and then 800-1000 hours of skilled labor. If it was a ratty old original driver that could be used as is might be worth this kind of money but I’m going to bet if the license plate mounts have rusted through than so has the birdcage. I simply don’t get it.

  37. Ken

    First thing I thought of when I saw that interior

  38. 69goat

    Seriously folks sold for $62,100 I would be hard-pressed to give $5,000 for that car I just don’t get it. The 63 split window is a great car and certainly different because of its split window but it was certainly not the Pinnacle of Corvettes of the 60s. And I maintain that the people that have all this disposable cash to blow on this stuff have just ruined it for the average person who loves working on owning and driving classic cars. I would love to have that car or more accurately a car like that but alas I am just a common ordinary retired Auto Body technician who could never be in a position to buy something like that with that kind of pricing unless of course instead of owning a house I could live in the car. Just saddens me yet another Hobby of the average middle-class has virtually been taken away from us by the wealthy. Just my simple opinion.

  39. Paul

    Interesting to see if the car has really been sold. Price of the car is way too high unless there was a little shilling going on. No one in their right mind would pay that kind of money for that car

  40. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    There’s a lot of $$ made in the legal marijuana biz, lot of people with more money than they know what to do with, or the brains to think logically. A good buddy sold a nice 63 split around 1985 for $10,000, he would always complain about not getting more money.

  41. Brian

    Fully restore it and put in new shag carpet just to freak people out……. no really, don’t do that…. but, I hear hardwood is in now.

  42. Pete

    Actually it sold for 65K, How ridiculous is that? That Shag is just heinous. Is car abuse an official crime you could be charged with? I mean I get the whole customizing your car thing of the 70’s. He just forgot to put button tuck seat covers on it in purple valoure to complete the customization. Groovy man, Far Out! Yeah I was around back then. But in my part of the world someone would have jacked up the back end and put wide slicks on it. I am thinking that it must have been owned by Robert Plant, John Bonham or Jimmy Hendrix or some one like that for it to have gotten this much money bid on it.

    I agree by the time you put this thing back the way it was supposed to look your going to be seriously upside down unless you can hang onto it for 20 more years. Even then it will not be numbers matching. Then again of the 10,594 Split Window Coupes built how many are still even this close to looking like a complete car? Half of them? I would not be surprised if this ends up being relisted due to bidder failing to pick the car up after inspection if it even gets that far.

    • Paul

      I won’t be relisted unless the new owner thinks there is money left, the car was picked up today…..

  43. Scuderia
    “but honey don’t you love the shag carpet in the other one”?

  44. Scuderia

    I’ve got a suggestion when he gets to the tail lights..

  45. DR Member

    Even without its original engine, the new owner will not lose a penny on this car even after a high-end resto – which is a rare occurrence these days.

    And I had to drop my head in my hands after the 396 reference…c’mon dude – do some research before you write these things.

  46. Scuderia show me anyone that can build this from that for $75K

    • Tyler

      I’ve never been a fan of the split window, but that is one beautiful car!

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