Shiny Restovivor: 1979 Hurst Olds W30

I suspected that this car might have been resprayed when I was looking at this picture in the advertisement–look at that shiny black paint on the rear quarter! Apart from that, thought, this is a largely original 106,000 mile car “looking for a new wheel man” as the auction listing here on eBay states. The car is located in Napierville, Illinois, and the current bid is $9,900 with a lot of bids!

More shiny paint (and chrome) on this side of the car. I’m really glad the seller is representing the car with the correct mileage and it appears bidders are responding to that honesty. As it turns out, the seller thinks only the black has been resprayed, and it appears in these pictures to have been a quality repaint. Nice to see the W-30 decals replaced as well, and what would this car be without a matching set of (new) raised white letter tires?

As you can see, the shiny theme continues back here. I was actually surprised to note the blacked out tail light housings, but a quick check online showed them to be correct. Nice reflection in the gold paint, isn’t it?

The interior doesn’t let this car down either. Nice looking, especially for 1979. Somehow it screams “Oldsmobile” to me, even though this same basic shell was used on Monte Carlos, Grand Prixs and Regals. I like this interior better than the recent 1983 Hurst Olds we featured, especially the seats. although the Hurst shifter on this car pales next to the Lightning Rods for sheer shock value. The seller has also completed some recent work, including a front end alignment, new rear brakes, a new headliner and even new insulation under the hood.

Speaking of under the hood, the car features the only 350 available in a G body from Oldsmobile that year. It’s recently been tuned up and fitted with new belts and hoses and a rebuilt carburetor. As the seller states, this car appears to need nothing right now except a new driver. Is it you?

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  1. danieldc

    That was quick – Ended already

  2. racer99

    Nice enough to take to shows but used to enough to drive and enjoy. If was truely VIN #1 for that model and year that makes it even better.

  3. Howard A Member

    Somebody sure got a sweetheart of a car here. Always thought the gold and black looked great on these cars. I had 2 of these types of cars, and they were one of the few my ex-wife had a hard time killing. Working on them, which wasn’t very often, sucks ( changing plugs was a nightmare) These don’t bring a lot of money ( relatively speaking $10-15g’s) but one of the sharpest looking Cutlass’ I’ve seen, inside and out.

  4. Twisted bowtie

    Someone got a real nice Olds cutlass 😎

  5. Blindmarc

    Did anyone else notice the cost on the window sticker? The subtotal and the amount due are way different.

    • Jack

      The subtotal you see is actually the price of all the options. The msrp located at the top right is the base price, add the 2 together plus destination fees gives you the total.

      • Blindmarc

        Thank you for answering that. I was a little perplexed.

  6. Marlon Smith

    Back then the Cutlas was was the #1 selling car in America to bad Olds and Pontiac are gone

  7. Rustytech Member

    Maybe it’s the conservative in me, but I like this shifter better than the Lightning rods. The only way this could be better would be if it had a third pedal which I don’t think was even available “too bad”. This is a nice car, and it looks like someone got a good deal. Hey Howard, did you ever put plugs in a 67 or 68 Mustang big block? That was truly a pain in the a#%*!

  8. Jack

    It is interesting to imagine the person that ordered this. Adding almost 60% to the $5,827 price tag in just options ($3,415) on a 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais.

    • Blindmarc

      This era wasn’t about performance. We had the “muscle cars” from the late 60’s- early 70’s for that. And compared to today’s cars, the muscle cars of then don’t stand a chance against the ones of now.

      • Jack

        All show and no go, glam 80’s…

  9. jrc

    boy what a let down on the w 30 and w 31 badge

  10. Steve

    Back in the early 00’s i came across one of these in the newspaper. It was not running but solid. I beleive it was solid black. Not sure if repainted or if a ailable like that. It had gold velour interior though. (Ugh) I thought maybe it had an 8.5″ rear to use in my 79 malibu. (It doesnt). IIRC, the seller was asking less than $1k ($800?) but i was a broke apprentice electrician. Still kick myself for passing it up.

  11. Keith

    If you really looking for one of these, there’s a nice one on the South Jersey CL with 89k miles for $6500. As a bonus it’s a non T-tops car! I’m not the seller.

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