Shorty Boogievan: 1975 Chevrolet G10

It seems unlikely GM knew they were starting a movement when they created the short wheelbase work van, especially given the target demographic was almost certainly plumbers and tradesmen. Well, suffice to say, models like this 1975 Chevrolet G10 van quickly became darlings of the van life movement that was in full swing in the 1970s, and while you do see the longer wheelbase models get the boogievan treatment, there’s nothing like a shorty. This G10 is in presentable, driver-grade condition with an interior that is just begging for your custom touches. Find the Chevy here on eBay where bidding is at $8,000 with no reserve.

The wood paneling on the side suggests this Chevy at one time had a fairly epic interior, but it’s long gone now. The seller notes he found the Chevy after it had been sitting since 1994, which was long enough for the original engine to be locked up beyond any point of salvation. Still, he clearly laid eyes on the solid body and chassis, with no sign of rot anywhere, and decided it was worth saving. Of course, the Chevy resides in sunny and dry South Dakota, one of the better locals for digging out a long-dormant vintage van. One can’t help but wonder if this G10 spent some time at the Sturgis rally, as it’s the perfect accessory for Bike Week.

Despite the years of sitting, the G10 still looks quite good in the driver’s compartment. Usually, the longer a vehicle sits, the more likely it is that the seat material degrades, the dash cracks, and vital trim pieces go missing. Not so here, as the seat upholstery looks to be in good shape and the dashboard and engine cover/center console is surprisingly nice. The only way to make this G10 even more interesting would be if it were one of the rare manual transmission examples, but those are impossible to find. There are 73,290 miles on the clock, and the condition as we see it here doesn’t provide any reason to doubt the odometer.

With the original locked up beyond salvation, the seller replaced it with a GM Goodwrench 350 he had sitting around. Fortunately, the other drivetrain components were apparently woken up without issue, as the transmission is said to shift well and the braking components were freshened up with new front brakes and a master cylinder. Other alterations include an Edelbrock carburetor and slotted mag wheels. The wheels and tires are a perfect match for a classic boogievan like this, but it’s the empty interior that will serve as the perfect testbed for how to make your plumber’s truck into a party wagon.


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  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    I had a friend of mine who bought one just like this,
    only it was black.It looked really sharp,with the white grille
    & wheels.
    I also like the looks of these old vans without the back windows.

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    • Ted Mathis

      A friend of mine in high school also bought one of these short wheelbase Chevy vans. It was black as well. But when you opened the door and looked at the posts you could see that it was originally a green van Sears used for service calls.

      • Miguel - Mexican Spec

        Ted a friend of mine also had one of these in high school.

        His had a 350 and a three on the tree and was dark blue. It was very nice.

        We were racing on Van Nuys Blvd one night and I could swear the front end came off the ground.

        If you are out there Rich, I hope you are doing well.

  2. MoragaPulsar

    Last Century this was a “Boggie Van”
    This Century this is now a “BogeyMan Van”.
    I have driven a lot of old vehicles around town, there are a few that tend to scare women and children, this would fully qualify.

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    • Dex

      Cool van, over priced, and no, women and children aren’t afraid of an old Chevy van. Grow up.

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    • Jcjc

      That’s a good thing, right?

  3. steve

    The G-series vans are one of the unsung heroes of the road. The very very VERY last of these was the 1996 1-ton G30 extended (had one, loved it, current owner? loves it) so any one of these you see going down the road (and often to work) is at least 25 years old. Look around, they are out there! The Econoline beats it in the” ease of entry” category, as you have to swing your legs over the wheel arch to get in the GM vans, They were, in every other way, a better machine. I wish I could still afford the14mpg….

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  4. t-bone BOB

    Item location:
    Rapid City, South Dakota

  5. Miguel - Mexican Spec

    $8000 for a beat cargo van with no air? No thanks.

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  6. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Do the home improvement stores sell wood panelling now? Windering if it will ever make a comeback.
    In the mid-70’s, I swear that my Dad panelled every room in the house.
    He even did my sisters’ room in a funky orange, brown, yellow panelling – very Brady Bunch.

  7. Kevin

    These were always cool when I was growing up,Ive had several, however the only shorty I had was an 82 ford e100,with the big 300 straight 6,and 4-speed stick on the floor, 4 was overdrive,it was pretty cool,21 mpg highway,working a/c,should of kept it,but how many times do we hear that on this forum,anyway to the Chevy g van era,I believe 95 was the end,and 96 was 1st year for the Chevy Express, and gmc savanna,which seemed taller, narrower, and definitely all long wheel base,personally they got ugly after 95,in my opinion.

  8. Cycle Salvage Kevin Member

    This brings me back to all the Chevy vans I’ve owned over the years. The first was a camo painted ’69 108 w/6 cylinder and 3 on the tree. Drove it for about 4 years, it never had wipers so I used up a lot of Rain-X. Better than blades except in a blizzard/freezing rain. The 2nd was a brown ’74 w/350 auto. Never a problem. Third, a ’77 blue w/350 auto and never a problem. It had ugh, shag carpeting everywhere and a little sticker on the passenger seat base that read, ‘shaggin cabin’, lol. I left the interiors as they were when purchased. These 3 I used to haul motorcycles and parts. The 4th had a problem in the form of the worst transmission GM ever built, the 700r4. That van was a comfortable ’84 conversion w/350. Parts only hauler, no cycles inside. I had two other vans, both ’85 Toyota’s w/high miles and nary a problem. I’d like to get an Astro, Savana or 80’s Dodge but never a Ford of any kind. Some Fords ARE good but I just can’t trust one on an 800 mile trip. The Ford inline 300 c.i. 6 is among the best domestic engines ever made so well……. I guess I’d consider it in a van.

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  9. bone

    Not a Ford guy, but Ford beat GM and Dodge by three years when it came to vans, either long or short wheelbase.

  10. t-bone bob

    May 09, 2021 , 9:07PM
    Winning bid:
    US $9,600.00
    [ 30 bids ]

  11. Kevin

    Not a big ford guy either, but have owned lots of everything over the years (except European)and you have to give credit where its due,for 1,the econoline had the longest continuous run of any domestic van,from 1961-2014,and had body on frame construction from 1975-2014,and I think they still make cutaways for box trucks,but government mandates and policies, forced them to start producing the turds we see now.

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