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Sienabraun Survivor: 1974 BMW 2002tii

Much has been written about lately with regards to the softening classic car marketplace. The results from some recent major shows and auctions indicate consumers are growing cautious, so it’s not surprising to see a reduction in some of the bananas spending we saw over the last several years. One such vehicle that saw a run-up was the BMW 2002, which became especially price in Tii form. This 1974 model listed here on eBay is bid to a reasonable $13,700 at the moment with no reserve and presenting as a driver-quality survivor.

The Tii was the hotshoe’s choice, and really paved the way for the repeat offerings from BMW that put in the top ranks of the driver’s car class. These were the early days of the best years for BMW when it offered cars that enthusiasts craved at a reasonable price point. Simple, fast, and exceptionally good handlers, the 2002 Tii is often considered the most pure expression of the original driver’s sedan, a niche of car that is increasingly hard to find. Note the Tii-specific clock on the dash.

The seller doesn’t tell us much about its mechanical history, but these were generally robust cars, certainly far tougher than its modern counterparts. The engine bay appears to be quite original with hoses that certainly don’t look new and the red fan blade that was a staple of early BMWs. The seller reports that it benefits from a new battery and recent oil change, and he makes the bold statement that it will pass inspection – a claim I find curious given the variance in inspection requirements from state-to-state.

The big story here is the lack of rust, which this car seems to have only minor amounts of. Rust is a killer on vintage BMWs and can turn a desirable car such as this into a parts rig pretty quickly. While you may not love the color of Sienabraun, it is a very period-correct shade for a company like BMW in the 1970s, and I wouldn’t change it if this were my Tii – it’s a seriously cool color, even if it’s just a shade of brown. This Tii looks like a fine driver and could be a bit of a steal if bidding stays under $20,000.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Spent a year with a ’73 and really had fun driving it. Hard to beat for daily transportation. Nice example here.

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  2. Michael

    I prefer the square taillights; roundie 2002s generally look better in photos and squares are much better in person. With this being the only year for square tii’s, this is the one to get. It’s a sweet color, but my god did they have some cool ones at this moment… Turkis, Inka, Mint, the color palette for these is heavenly!

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  3. alphasud Member

    Pretty cool to still have the original bill of sale and window sticker. I will be curious what this ended up bringing. Agree on the round tail lamps and small bumpers. 2002 entering into the ugly years. I have not driven an injected 2002 but I imagine the injection gives this engine some crisp throttle response.

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  4. Frank Drackman

    $6,800 was pretty pricey for 1974, some $42,000 in 2023 $$$, could get a pretty nice used late model Mustang/Camaro for that price. But it looks well maintained! Wonder if the AC works? does it have AC? It’ll certainly “Pass Inspection” in Georgia as we don’t have one (OK, Emissions for 1998 and newer cars in Atlanta area (Last 3 model years exempt, it’s almost like they’re trying to get people to buy new cars)

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  5. PairsNPaint

    Had a black ’74 2002 (not a tii) back in the ’80’s. Great little car. Fred Flintstone floorboards. Blew a head gasket inside the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel during rush hour. Still get Xmas cards from the tow truck driver.

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  6. Peter B

    don’t get overly excited about this one. It looks like it has been hit in the right rear, hence the wrinkling at the right rear fender and back. Shrewd is seller who does not include a better picture of the right rear.

    Good luck finding a body shop to fix that one. Most wont touch is since these are too old to show up in their labor & parts databases.

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    • Brian F

      I am unsure I could reach the same conclusion regarding it being hit from behind. If it had been hit from behind,
      1. The crease above the center of the wheel well would be vertical.
      2. The lines of the chrome beltline trim appear to be straight.
      3. There is a seam where the rear panel meets the rear fenders that are filled in when repairs are done to the rear. This one still has the seam, and it appears to be the same as when it came from the factory (it’s hard to replicate this).
      4. The bumper bellows appear to be original. They are not compressed.

      I agree that the seller needs to include many more pictures if they want top dollar.

      I put together a BMW 02-series buyer’s guide with one of the foremost Tii experts more than 15 years ago that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. It included over 250 pictures showing people what to look for.

      The pictures we can see show a decent car. I would like more pictures of where these cars tend to rust.

      FWIW, having owned 43 examples of the 02-series, my two favorite ’02 sedan configurations are 1) The very early 1600s and 2) A square taillight car with chrome bumpers from 1972. In the US, the 1973 had brackets that pushed the long tail bumpers out from the car, while the 1972 brackets kept the long tail bumpers close. The long tail bumpers also have a black impact strip that aligns with the impact strip that spans between the wheel wells.

      I hope this car goes to a good home. Personally, I have moved on from the ’02-series and it doesn’t appear I will own another one anytime soon.

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      • Jerry Udelson Member

        Good morning Brian. I have a 1974 2002tii that is in need of some body work and painting. Do you have any recommendations?
        Thanks so much!

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    • Matthew s

      I am actually the owner of this car.
      I am not some shrewd seller
      I guess I should have taken more pictures but the car
      wasn’t rear-ended at all.
      I hit the side of the car while backing out of my garage
      Most of the damage could be taken out with a rubber mallet from the trunk area I’m sure

      Thanks peter for your expertise anyway

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  7. Armstrongpsyd Armstrongpsyd Member

    My daily diver for the past 12 years is a 1975 2002 (Carbureted). I enjoy the functional bumpers for in town use, and the taillights can be seen at a distance. It loves the twisties up the coast from San Francisco and it costs next to nothing to maintain. Parts seem to be available still, and people seem to love waving at it. I, too, have never seen one in a color I didn’t love.
    The wrinkle thing might be an issue for the concourse, but my similar small wrinkle doesn’t affect the fun I have in it at all.

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  8. Greg in Texas

    Probably going to get around $27k on this one. You couldn’t restore one to that level for less. These are robust fun drivers. Not especially fast but fun to drive and good connection with the driving experience. While also great highway cruisers with lots of space for luggage. If you’re a 2002 BMW fan this is the one. Fuel injected and quite efficient.

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