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S-Code 390: 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

Here at Barn Finds, we are fortunate enough to have the privilege to write about some beautiful and desirable cars. Every now and then one will come along where simple words can not convey just how stunning that car actually is. This 1968 Mustang GT Fastback is just such a car. It had already led a fairly pampered life before the current owner subjected it to the most meticulous of restorations. The result of this effort is a car that is achingly beautiful, and that would stun anyone who had the good fortune to see the car in the flesh. It is now ready to head off to a new home, so take a look and see whether that new home could be yours. The Mustang is located in Boise, Idaho, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has now reached $50,101, and I’m not in the least bit surprised that the reserve hasn’t been met. To gauge just how much of an impact this car has made, there are currently 198 people who are watching the listing.

The current owner of the Mustang is, in fact, the car’s third. The original owner only retained the car for a relatively short time before parting with it. The second owner purchased it for his wife in 1971, and she used it on a regular basis until she passed away in 1977. That owner then parked the car in his garage, threw the keys on the front seat, and that’s where it remained until 2018. The current owner then purchased it, and what he found was a solid and rust-free Mustang Fastback that retained all of its original steel. However, this wasn’t enough for him, so he then treated the car to a full and meticulous rotisserie restoration. Not one aspect of the car escaped his attention, and the end result is a car that may actually be better than when it rolled off Ford’s production line in February of 1968. The Mustang’s panels are arrow straight, and the car has received a repaint in its original Candy Apple Red. This has a phenomenal depth of shine to it, and this isn’t simply confined to what can be seen on the top of the vehicle. The owner supplies a great selection of photos, and the Mustang’s underside looks equally as impressive. The red paint is nicely contrasted by the White GT “hockey stick” stripe, while the external trim and chrome all have an as-new appearance to it. The original GT wheels are absolutely faultless and wear a set of new white sidewall tires. The glass is just as flawless as the rest of the car, while the vehicle also features a perfect GT grille with correct fog lamps, and the extremely cool GT flip-open gas cap.

The Mustang has managed to retain its numbers-matching status, but as with the vehicle’s body, the drive-train has come in for its fair share of attention. The original S-Code 390ci V8 was sent to a Ford specialist to receive a full rebuild. This was completed using all correct parts, and while they were at it, they also treated the engine to a balance. The original C6 automatic transmission, along with the starter, alternator, and brake booster, were also rebuilt at this time. That should mean that the 390 will once again be capable of delivering at least 325hp, and thanks to the fact that it has been balanced, it should be capable of doing this very smoothly. Adding to ease of operation, the original owner ordered the Mustang complete with power front disc brakes, power steering, and a 3.25 performance rear end. Before everything was bolted back together, it was all detailed within an inch of its life, and the presentation of the engine bay would now have to rate as close to perfect. The owner says that he holds receipts for every piece of work that has been performed on the car, and he also says that this is a classic that isn’t just about looks. It is, apparently, a really fun car to own and drive. Of course, any car that can blitz the ¼ mile in 14.4 seconds is guaranteed to be entertaining.

The owner says that he chose to replace the whole Mustang interior with components and trim that were true to the vehicle’s original specifications. This means that the car scores Red “Comfort Weave” seat upholstery, along with matching trim, carpet, and plastic. It also features a center floor console, a roof console with map lights, a folding rear seat, grille design in the lower door trims, simulated woodgrain on the dash and roof console, a clock, deluxe seat belts, and an AM radio. As you would probably expect, the presentation of the interior matches the rest of the vehicle. In other words, it would be considered to be close to perfect. The owner has also recently received a Marti Report for the Mustang and is happy to use this to confirm the car’s authenticity.

When I look at this Mustang, I really am left quite stunned. Its presentation is just amazing, and the next owner is going to be able to take possession of a car that will be capable of attracting attention wherever it goes. When you look at the amount of work that has gone into the restoration, I would hate to think just what this has cost the current owner. He does quote a Hagerty #1 value of $86,900 for the vehicle, and while I tend to take those valuations with a grain of salt, it isn’t far off the mark for a car in Concours condition in the market today. I suspect two things. The first is that this car has so far cost the owner significantly more than the quoted valuation to get it to its current state. The second is that I don’t believe that he is going to make his money back on it. However, someone looks like they have the potential to become the next owner of a classic that would appear to be quite special.


  1. robj Member

    Can a car be “too perfect”? If that’s possible, this is it. I’m not even sure one could call this a restoration as I’m sure it’s much nicer than the day it rolled off the line.
    People talk about cars “too nice to drive”, this is almost too nice to even look at!

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  2. Keith

    Wow! All of sudden we see all the 1968 fastback mustangs up for sale…..Why is that?

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    • Steve R

      There are typically two or three fastback Mustangs featured every week on this site. It’s nothing new.

      Steve R

      Like 2
    • Angrymike

      The Bullet Mustang just sold, ppl think theirs is worth more than it is !

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  3. Jwinters

    Perfect candidate for a Bullitt clone!
    just kidding i’ll show myself out!

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    • Tom Member

      Very funny, really, funny!! LOL !! LMAO !!!

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  4. Moparman Member

    WOW! Just WOW!! :-)

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  5. Junior Samples

    St, st, st, stunning!

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  6. Classic Steel

    Now this is a nice car….,

    Its better and cooler than that low mileage torino and one to drive on weekends…

    I love it 🥰

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  7. John Skeadas

    A possessions value is obtained by 2 forces. That which a seller is willing to take and that which a buyer is willing to pay. Period, end.
    That said, in the word of classic car restorations, whoever wins this auction is the truly the real winner!

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  8. Tempo Matador Ray

    The only thing left to do with this Fastback is to take it out on a regular basis, exercise its performance and enjoy the driving experience. Too many vehicles sit stationary with a feared “mind set” of potentially exposing them to the elements. For true drivers, that is quite a shame…Continue to innovate not duplicate…

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  9. Comet

    WOW! I’m not really a “Ford” guy, but my jaw hit the floor when I saw the pics. STUNNING!!!

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  10. Keith

    This mustang is way too nice to drive! Definitely don’t park it at a Walmart parking lot because one of three things would happen for sure! 1. Get stolen, 2. Grocery cart tagged, 3. Get wedged between two welfare wagons! LOL!

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  11. buddy
    • Tom Member

      The guy who just dropped the $3.4 Mil on the real Bullitt should buy this one so he can park them side by side and say, while pointing,….”Before, after! before, after! before, after!”

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  12. 71Boss351

    I really prefer to see this one back to original condition for the price that the bids are reaching. It is not a #1 as too many things are not quite correct. Where is the MARTI report? It’s missing way too much for me. Missing entire T/E smog system. Underneath should not be the body color, rather primer red with a touch of red overspray. Shocks are not NOS and battery is not correct. VIN provided makes no sense. Need some more information as it can be verified with some stamped numbers to determine if it really is a numbers matching Mustang. Engine should have a partial serial number as it was produced after December 67. Too much to nit pick but this is a nice fastback. It’s just not my preference on the restro work that has been done.

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    • Tom Member

      Great comments. This one obviously restored beyond and at a higher level that what was new. Actually now, in my opinion, too nice to drive.

      Car, parts, time and materials, easily calculated at a $6 figure + restoration. Currently getting half his money back.

      This much intensity in a restoration, which I really appreciate, can be dangerous because you limit not only who can afford your car BUT once into the big dollars…..if you’re ABLE and going to spend big money it has to be “exactly” what you want and as 71Boss351 points out, you really have to dot your i’s and cross your t’s !!

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  13. MorganW Morgan Winter

    Beautiful car! I wonder why Adam calls this a “hockey stick” stripe? That name would be more fitting to describe a Boss 302 stripe…we always called this a C-stripe…I think that’s also what Ford called them.

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  14. Dual Jetfire

    Oh, look. It’s another Mustang Fastback.

  15. P Meyer

    It’s a beauty but market is indicating owner will not get his price!
    Mkt in $60’s max not being 4spd and no tach

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  16. JoeNYWF64

    Are the 2 inside door assist/pull straps supposed to be black?
    If they should be red, i would not be surprised if no one today reproduces them in red or other colors.
    Today it seems reproducing many old car interior parts such as dashes, etc. in COLOR is a lost art. Try finding even aftermarket blue or red velour seat covers, or color floor mats – carpeted or rubber in stores. & the few online are very very expensive.

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    • CanuckCarGuy

      Spot on. I have a green interior in my F100, and it’s a challenge to find any replacement pieces…the few that I’ve been able to find aren’t true to the original colour.

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  17. TimM

    Really nice!! Would love owning this gem!!!

  18. Steve

    I had a Honolulu Blue 68 vert with 289 three speed manny in HS. Michigan worm was present but man what fun for a 16-17 year old. I would love another vert or fastback from 66 or 68, my two fave years. Anyone know the approximate ratio of notch backs to verts to fastbacks for Mustangs?

  19. boxdin

    With an AT isn’t this car a GTA?

  20. JoeNYWF64

    Has rack & pinion steering been fitted? – i see rubber bellows underneath.
    Is that the only steering wheel offered in ’68?
    Is it supposed to be shiny red underneath? You can eat off of that.

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