Sitting for 25 Years: 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

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The original owner of this 1977 Cutlass Supreme parked the car in a garage over 25-years-ago and didn’t touch it again. It was recently brought out of retirement by its current owner, returned to full health, and it is now looking for a new home. While it isn’t perfect, it does appear to present quite well. It is located in Medina, Ohio, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist.

I really think that the Cutlass of this era is a handsome looking car, and this one looks really nice, with some real depth to that black paint. The vinyl top, chrome, and wheels also look to be in good order. The owner does say that there is some minor rust in the bottoms of the doors, but it is really hard to detect in the supplied photos.

We get one interior shot of the car, and while what we can see looks really good, there’s really not a lot that we can learn from it. Likewise, there are no photos of the engine. We know that it is a V8 and that it is backed by the Hydra-Matic transmission, but that’s about it. To revive the car it has received a full service, new brakes, new springs, and a new battery. The owner says that the car drives great.

While this Cutlass is a really nice looking car, it is one of those cars that is going to be hard to determine a value on. We know that it is a V8, but we don’t know what type. We don’t know whether it has been fitted with any optional equipment, and it is hard to tell what the overall condition of the interior is. Basic values on these in good condition run around the $9,000 mark. The owner of this car has set the sale price at $8,000. A personal inspection could find that this is a pretty good buy at that.

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  1. erikj

    I had a few of these through the years and a 442 1977. I had the T-tops in most of them. They drove very smooth. Nice style.

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    • Tim Dennis

      In 79 I had a cutlass supreme with brougham interior. T-tops bucket seats. Black interior and exterior was black as well. I would absolutely love to find one. Do you have knowledge of one

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  2. Vance

    I always thought that this car was one of the best looking at the time. I was fourteen and car crazy, just waiting to turn 16. Big bumpers be damned, this car looks as good now as it did then. I have owned a lot of cars, maybe one day the time will be right. I am jealous of the new owner.

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  3. DanaPointJohn

    This listing is a great learning experience for anyone posting a car for sale. Four more photos would have helped the seller get his asking price: engine, dash, front seats, and trunk. How hard would that have been?

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  4. Angrymike

    Personal inspection isn’t the word for a N/E Ohio car ! The humidity is really something here, my Chevelle sat from 80 till 2007 and was quite crusty underneath. You’ll have to get under this and take a good look before spending a penny on it !

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  5. Superdessucke

    I think these were available with the 260, 350, or 403. For what it’s worth, it took the Cutlass Supreme 16.4 seconds to hit 60 miles an hour when equipped with the 260. So you might want to also make sure it’s not equipped with that engine before spending a penny on it too.

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    • Jim D

      Someone had a fast 260 because my Mom had one with a 260 and the school buses could shut you down, loaded.

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  6. James S.

    Doesn’t mention adding new tires, if not those will have to get replaced. By the time it was garaged it had spent 15+ years in Michigan weather, rust problems beyond the mentioned is a big possibility. It’s decent but $8,000 is way too high, more of a $3500 car. TV auction shows have warped seller’s expectations, 1970s cars in great shape (esp. Mavericks, Novas and similar type cars) routinely sell for <$2500 here.

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    • PRA4SNW

      Those Eagle ST tires with solid Raised White Letters haven’t been available for decades, I don’t think.

      I bought a set for my Camaro in the mid-80s.

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  7. Jay

    This car looks exactly like one that I remember, wonder if it’s the same one? It was in Northeast Ohio, too. Original owner put Penetrol on the frame to keep it from rusting.

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  8. Jim

    Oldmobile sold over 400K of these in1977. In 76, the Cutlass was the top selling nameplate in America, selling just shy of half a million. Previous years were impressive too.
    Those kind of numbers are just mind blowing today.
    Yet so few now remain. Time was not kind to these.

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  9. IkeyHeyman

    Classy looking car, no wonder they sold so many. Who would have thought back in the late 70’s that GM would one day have to jettison Olds (and Pontiac) as part of a survival strategy?

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  10. Bo

    Judging from the photos in the ad the current owner is driving it in winter. Anyone who did not grow up in this era may not understand how quickly a “clean” old car will rust badly when driven on salty winter roads.

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  11. Bob

    Ad says rust at the bottom of the doors. BUYER PLEASE go look at this car before you make an offer. This is northern Ohio. Everything rusts there even if stored inside. The roads are covered in salt all winter and it looks like the current owner has it out in the snow this year. I bet the bottom of this car has a lot of rust. Reason for no pictures????

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  12. Miguel

    I learned to drive in one of these and also took my first ever drivers test in it.

    I got 100% on the driving part. This car is so easy to drive.

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  13. Ron Ron

    I’m very well versed on the values of classic cars. This is a dying breed of Oldsmobile, but still in good shape. I’m willing to offer you $3200. which will include shipping to NH. Thank you.

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  14. John Clark

    Looks like ah very nice car, had ah couple in my day, I’m willing to offer you 4500 plus shipping to Alexandria la.thank you

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