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Sitting For Years: 1970 Opel GT 4-Speed

It’s hard to not know what the seller really wants to get for this 1970 Opel GT, but as of now it’s listed here on eBay and the current bid price is $5,000. It’s located in York, Pennsylvania.

These are really interesting cars, it’s too bad that they really do look like a tiny Corvette. That’s what most folks think when they see one and it’s hard not to see why. The GT came out in 1968 just as the “new” ’68 Corvette was heading to market and both were GM-related cars, the Opel being sold through Buick dealerships.

This car has been sitting for years, according to the seller. They don’t say whether it was inside or outside but there is a fair amount of rust underneath and elsewhere so it was either driven on the streets during winter or wet times or was stored outside, I’m guessing.

A red interior always gets to me and this one looks really good. With 51,377 miles on this car, it hasn’t had a lot of time to get worn out by use. The carpet is pretty faded and there is some delamination of the “woodgrain” on the console, but other than that, I don’t see many flaws inside this little beauty.

And, it has AC! This is the bigger 1.9L inline-four which would have had just over 100 hp. It’s always interesting to see where the batteries were located in these cars. The seller, a used car dealer, says that it does run but that’s the only info they give on the operating condition of this GT. What would you pay for this Opel GT?


  1. Bill

    There used to be one in Pine Bluff back in the early 1980’s that was green.

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    • bob

      great! thanks for that meaning full comment!

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      • Tom

        And I like chocolate!

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  2. Terry R Melvin

    The headlights are opened and closed by pushing and pulling on a lever inside the car!

    • Miguel

      Terry, you are correct and if I remember correctly it was not easy to do.

      I am not sure I would be abler to do it today.

    • SubGothius

      Yep, and they rotate longitudinally, both in the same direction!

      I gather the optimal technique is to get the lever past the initial detent, then just give it a big heave-ho.

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      • the one

        Wow! cool! easy to work on , fun to drive!

  3. Rob Brandt

    The concept car this was based on came out before the corvette concept car that’s so similar, so in reality the Corvette is a “super sized” Opel GT.

  4. Mark Epperson Member

    I had an Opel GT, a 1970. Great little car, not like a TR6 but it still was fun if you kept the revs up. Got good gas mileage, was fun to drive and I never had a real problem in the 5 years I owned. Bought it brand new.

    The light lever was no big deal and I had no problem with it at all.

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  5. schooner

    A Weber 32/36 really woke up my ’70. Nice car and the same bolt holes and offset as the BMW ’02 so lots more rim possibilities than shopping under Opel. I didn’t have any issues with opening or closing the headlights. Traded in on a Manta Rally as I liked the engines and gearboxes Opel was sending over. The Buick dealer I used was offal, seemingly a common complaint.

  6. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    No a/c belt plus a loop on the compressor, ergo non functional. A lot of other stuff more than likely in same condition. It’s probably not worth more than $800 or $900 at tops.
    God bless America

  7. Roy L

    The poor man’s corvette.

  8. Mark Epperson Member

    Not really Roy. Poor had nothing to do with it. It was a fun little sports car and that is why I bought it. Never liked Corvettes much except for the 65 to 67″s but certainly loved English sports car’s. There is something about the feel, the noise, the smells and darkness brought to you by Lucas.

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  9. Roy L

    I stand corrected.

  10. Mark Epperson Member


    I didn’t mean like that. It did look a corvette but I don’t many folks that purchased it for that reason. The GT hooked on sports cars and my next one was a TR6. Much more fun but I really did enjoy the GT.

    Have a good Sunday.


  11. Mark

    This is actually a pretty rare one. It is only the second one I have seen with the factory air. Over the years I have had 5 of them. they are a great little car.

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