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Original Paint: 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

The Malibu Sport Coupe was the most popular version of the mid-size Chevrolet Chevelle. Yet, in 1972, a mere 2% of production involved anything other than a V8 engine. In the case of the seller’s car, it has its factory 250 cubic-inch inline-6 with just 56,000 miles. This unicorn is in beautiful condition for its age and was intended to receive an L6 swap, but the seller didn’t have the heart to do it to an all-original automobile. So, it’s time for the car to move to someone who will appreciate it for what it is. From Lubbock, Texas, this Chevy is available here on eBay where the bidding has reached $15,200 while leaving the reserve still in limbo.

Chevelles from the 1968-72 period are popular today as candidates for cloning into SS look-a-likes because there were so many of them. In 1972, more than 212,000 Malibu Sport Coupes were produced and a fair number of those left the assembly line already wearing Super Sport badging and equipment. But a scant 4,800 slipped out the door with a 250 I-6 motor, a passable performer but nothing that would set the performance world on fire. In the case of the seller’s original car, the motor is paired with Chevy’s 2-speed Powerglide automatic which was soon to be retired.

When this car was first ordered, options were few but enough to make for an attractive automobile. It has a black vinyl top to match the basic Malibu interior and power steering and power brakes (drums all around) were specified. And Rally wheels make the Mojave Gold Chevelle look sportier than it really is. The Chevy here has moved around a bit, first sold in Washington State, then by a classic car dealer in Ohio, and now by the seller in Texas. But other than a few blemishes in the paint, the car looks no worse for the wear.

It has had a bit of recent work, but nothing major. Like a new carburetor, battery, and tires. Surface rust is at a minimum and the seller says that’s in the trunk but it’s hard to tell by the photos. Not that you would want to use it, but the original 51-year-old spare tire is in the trunk. When the buyer comes to get the car, it will go with its share of original paperwork, like the Protect-O-Plate and build sheet. Hopefully, the next owner will not want to molest the car by putting a big block V8 in it and slapping some SS logos in places. After all, they’re only original once.


  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    Not that I’m a fan of the sixes, but ya, it was a good decision to leave this one just as it is…

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  2. TimS Member

    It not being Requisite Red, I would enjoy shining it up, going to a car show and popping the hood. Some poor sap raised on auction shows would probably think I took the big-block out.

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  3. Bruce

    Vintage Air and drive it

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  4. Bud Lee

    Shock everyone. Put a modern V6 and 4 spd auto in it. That’s a joke. Leave this beautiful car alone.

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  5. Stan

    Beautiful car. Yes some A/C, and whatabout the sweet Chevrolet 3.6V6 from the Camaro lineup in there.. Keep that column shifter with the new automatic would be really cool 😎

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  6. CarNutDan

    Some may ok ok a lot may feel otherwise but I feel that a 6 cyl is refreshing to see and in today’s world probably just as fun to drive if it had a 8cyl with today’s traffic.

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  7. Art Engel

    Ugh, another powerglide. Worst trans ever in a car like this with low power. Other than swapping that with a TH350 or a 200R4 I’d cruise it the way it is.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      A powerglide is fine in a light ’60s nova or camaro with optional 3:07 gears & no heavy options like a/c. & substituting a back to front oriented turbo muffler.
      Imagine how slow the monstrous FULL! size ’71-72! chevy would be with the 6 & a glide – best for taxi duty in flat cities with 25mph speed limits. I can’t believe you could get that combo – look at the powertrain box on the right in …
      Might not make it up a steep grade with a/c on & 6 people & luggage aboard. lol
      I would think that combo would not be available in an even heavier ’71-72 full size Chevy WAGON!

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  8. Fans

    I truly enjoyed seeing a roadrunner Aspen with a slant six in it at a car show, although I’ve owned a 69, 71 and 72 Chevelle all with an 8 cylinder

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  9. Ray M

    Nice ride, not every car has to be powered by a tire shredding V-8, leave it as is and have a beautiful dependable cruiser, that gets pretty decent gas mileage

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  10. Paul

    I owned a 72 chevelle SS with the same paint scheme as the one shown, only it had a white roof. It came with a 402 pollution packed engine that was timed in the 15 seconds for the quarter mile. It a nice car but slow because of the pollution pack.

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  11. Oldschool Muscle

    Looks good the way it is but I am one of those guys that like v8 tire shredders I’d yank the 6…😎

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  12. Joseph Summerville

    How sweet a 454 under the hood who cares about original

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  13. 433jeff

    The 6 was great i had one…The Ls6!!!

    Ok well with the Dynacorn being incorrect for body restoration.

    This car while original is parts for a big dollar car in need of restoration

    I think the needs of a real car or a clone car will win out over the novelty of a original 6 car

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  14. Frank Houston Sims

    Ac/ sucking power from motor? It is already connected by belts. It does take any more power to run a/c!!!.

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  15. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Up to 24K now, Reserve Not Met.

    Come on now, really?

    Lots of shilling going on with this one.

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    • Ed

      A clean solid body unmolested desirable car is hard to come by. I would probably be asking a lot as well.

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  16. Stanley

    The current owner couldn’t do it but the next guy will buy this beautiful car LS swap it with 18″ rims and take it to an auction and sell it for about $100,000

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  17. Wayne BMan Lewis

    As an Old GM Fan, I knew ppl in the assembly lines and this car was probably put together with left over parts in the stock line After all special orders were filled.. strictly economy unit

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