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Sleeping Giant: 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Sedan

To find a 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 sedan in this sort of condition is a bit of a rare treat. This looks like a car that has been the recipient of some careful ownership, and it really does deserve the tag of a time capsule. It is now offered for sale, and it could be your opportunity to lay your hands on a full-size classic. Located in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, you will find the Olds listed for sale here on eBay. With bidding currently sitting at $1,675, I’m not surprised that the reserve hasn’t been met.

With a total length that is just shy of 19-feet, this is no small car. The Colonial Cream paint seems to emphasize the overall length of the car, but it is also a subtle and subdued color that helps to make the car look large but quite light. The paint itself looks immaculate, with no signs of any major damage or rust issues. The brown vinyl top looks like it is in as-new condition, while the external chrome and trim also look to be in good condition. So overall, the impression is all quite positive.

This positive impression continues inside the car, with the seats and trim all appearing to be immaculate. The only thing that might be showing its age is the carpet, but it is still very presentable. It just looks like it might have faded a bit, but it is still within keeping with what you would expect from a survivor car. The car doesn’t feature any luxury appointments such as power windows or cruise control, but it does feature an AM/FM radio and air conditioning.

I think that I would be fairly safe in saying that the Delta didn’t look like this under the hood when it was new. That is still the 455ci V8, and when new, it produced 190hp. I suspect that it may now possess a few more ponies, thanks to the addition of an Edelbrock throttle-body fuel injection system, an ignition system which comprises all of the nice pieces from Accel, Mallory, and MSD, along with a full dual exhaust with performance mufflers. That means it probably doesn’t sound like it did when it was new either. It’s no surprise to learn that the car is also fitted with power steering and power brakes. The owner doesn’t indicate how well the car runs and drives, but I would be interested to know how much more power is now available to get this 4,563lbs monster up and running.

The 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 is a big and heavy car, but with the upgrades that have been performed on this one, you would expect a fairly reasonable improvement in both performance and fuel economy. The car looks like it is in really impressive condition, and it would be quite a good thing for anyone who had their heart set on owning a larger classic car.


  1. Avatar photo David

    These were and are great cars. Dependable and long lasting. Most owners would sing its praises. Never was of fan of this factory color. Was the 455 the standard engine? It would be a pleasure packing in the riders for a day trip.

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    • Avatar photo Ron

      The 455 was not the standard engine in the Delta 88, though it was an available factory option.

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  2. Avatar photo Sal

    I hope this car goes to someone that appreciates it.

    Its not this car’s fault it was born 10-15 years too late and as 4 door. Sharp car in very nice condition. If I didn’t already have a fleet….

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  3. Avatar photo Sam

    Wow, would love to stash this away in my garage for a Sunday driver. My parents had a ’71 Delta 88 when I was young. Had the Rocket 455 in it. I remember my Mom getting pulled over in Texas, between Waco and Stephenville, for doing 125 while passing another car, lol. And the state trooper telling my Mom that she was lucky she was pretty, because as hard as it was for him to catch up to her, he should’ve been taking her to jail. That car was a tank, rode like your couch, and could pass anything but a gas station.

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  4. Avatar photo Gerry

    These days a 455 not viable w/ gas prices. Looks real clean though?

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  5. Avatar photo John Gibson

    Had a 455 Green 73 coupe in mint condition. It was like an armchair on wheels due to the long wheelbase and the front end arrived 1/2 hour before the rear. Loved it but my only gripe would be the customary Saturday morning detail routine I had to have a packed lunch with me and took the next 4 days to get over it. U could build 3 of today’s cars with the metal that went into these cars.

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    • Avatar photo Karl

      My mom had a 76 with a 350 in it. Good car decent mileage it was geared really high and very comfortable to drive. It did have a very known problem with the torque converter lockup though, I don’t remember the details. Pretty rust prone though!

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      • Avatar photo Marty Parker

        There was no lockup converter at GM until 1980.

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  6. Avatar photo Jamie Palmer Staff

    My late uncle (and godfather) had a 1975 just like this but in pale green named “Ollie”. We used to go on car-retrieving missions in it — it would tow anything, but most of the time I slept on the rear seat (could just barely touch each side door if I stretched) and he drove there, then I drove whatever we bought back home in convoy with Ollie.

    I remember seeing the sun rise one 1987 morning over the Atlantic with him with my wife asleep in the back seat that time. Same trip we got to see it set in the Gulf of Mexico. Not sure which was more beautiful, but I was driving the ’63 Triumph Italia (which I still have) on the way back, so I guess that would be my favorite.

    I miss Uncle John. He got the car gene too. Nice memories.

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  7. Avatar photo Pete Phillips

    350 was the standard engine in the 88. 455 was optional.

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  8. Avatar photo markp

    Too bad it is not a 73 it would be Ash’s Oldsmobile from the Evil Dead. It is the same color.

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    • Avatar photo OrangeKrate

      Shhh, Sam Raimi might bid this one up!

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      • Avatar photo Johnmloghry

        Nice olds. Suffered through the fake oil crunch. Held up nicely, someone will get a nice ride.
        God bless America

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  9. Avatar photo Mike

    One of the ultimate turnpike cruisers both then and now! Damn the gas mileage…full speed ahead! A few years ago, my wife and I were looking for a car to make weekend runs to see our twin grandsons in N.C., a little over 1200 miles round trip from our place in Ohio. Our choices came down to a 455 powered 76 Olds 98 Regency and a 500 powered 75 Coupe DeVille. Both were in good condition but still needed a few things. We ended up buying the Cadillac since it was already triple black, which we both wanted. A year later, after many weekends working on it, we made our first of many “bonzai runs” to see the boys. There’s just something about jumping into a classic piece of Detroit iron and eating up 600 miles of interstate, cruising at 80+ with the a/c on and not having to worry about being beat down tired and sore when you get to your destination. You just can’t get that in modern cars! Our daughter and her family are moving back home this summer but the “Slick Black Cadillac” (the first song we listened to on the maiden trip) will still get plenty of use, even if it’s just a quick run to their new house to take them out for an ice cream.

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  10. Avatar photo Stevieg

    This is a nice car but it appears to me to be a repaint. It is close to the correct shade but not right to me. Looks a little too yellow. Also missing the vinyl strips the factory put on. Maybe they were optional but I never seen one of these without them. I actually think it looks better without them lol, but it is still noticeable to me that they are absent. Great road trip car though! I hope whoever buys it appreciates it.

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  11. Avatar photo Milton Kulak II

    you said it has power windows I see a crank in the picture yes it has power locks but no power windows thank you

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