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Sleepy Beast 1967 Plymouth Satellite Hardtop

right front

This innocent looking Plymouth is said to be motivated by a 440 with a 6 pack, rebuilt with performance modifications. It’s in Lake Whitney (the town I hope and not the lake) which is between Dallas and Waco, Texas. You can find the ad here on craigslist. It’s been converted to an automatic, a 727 torque flight. It was repainted white about 30 years ago. This looks like a complete and mostly original car and is said to be rust free.

engine right

He doesn’t claim the engine is original and it’s certainly had some upgrades in the rebuild. The 440 was an option in 1967. It has solid lifters and a roller cam, bored 30 over, forged pistons and rods and an MSD electronic ignition control box and distributor. It will be interesting to read what you Mopar folks think about the engine. The owner describes its performance in colorful terms. He’s put about 500 miles on it.

front seats

The interior appears barely serviceable. A pair of original bucket seats (needing upholstery) are available as well as the console and shifter.


The body doesn’t show any obvious signs of trauma. You can’t really tell for sure from the pictures, but the paint might look ok once it’s cleaned up.


I really look forward to reading your comments and seeing what you think of this car. It sounds like you could clean it up and drive it as it is. If it’s really rust free and the engine is original, what could it be worth? Is it worth restoring? Certainly some brake and suspension upgrades are in order.


  1. Avatar photo grant

    Those exhaust tips have to go, first.

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  2. Avatar photo Glen

    Sounds like a few changes have happened over time, which hood is correct?

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    • Avatar photo Mike Mopar

      Flat hood standard. ’67 GTX had two classy looking long slender hood scoops. 440-4 barrel and 426 Hemi were the only motors for the ’67 GTX. 440+6 came out for the ’69 model year. ’67 Super Stock had a large wide hood similar to the new Dodge Demon.

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  3. Avatar photo Mark in WNC

    Glen,Not sure what hood is correct for THIS car but the Road Runner 6 Pack had a fiberglass lift off hood with a scoop and the hood secured with NASCAR style hood pins.

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    • Avatar photo Glen

      Thanks. The scoop doesn’t quite look right on this car, atleast to me.

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  4. Avatar photo piper62j

    Seller used the “P” word.. Nice car for the money and the seller has all the original console, floor shift and seats if originality is your perk.. This is a great find and a real nice car..

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  5. Avatar photo JW

    Not bad car or price IMO.

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  6. Avatar photo Pfk1106

    I would keep the sleeper look, but convert to 4 spd. Mopar fans seem to love the torqueflites, but I prefer a clutch.

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  7. Avatar photo Charles

    Back in the early 70’s I owned a 67 GTX that was based on the Satellite. My car was a four speed with a 440 engine. The engine had so much torque that the body cracked below the rear windows, of course it did not help that the car was drag raced on a regular basis. These are some awesome cars. This one looks like it has a lot of non-original parts, but looks to be solid and could be a lot of fun. If the seller has a factory console, I would install it, do some work on the car to sort it out and make it look good again, than enjoy. The 727 trans is bullet proof, and will likely encourage the body to stay in one piece longer!

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  8. Avatar photo JW454

    A good friend had one of these in the mid-eighties. It was in perfect condition with very low miles. One night, while parked at the curb, a drunk took out the whole side from bumper to bumper rendering it scrap by current value of the day. Today, that car would have been fixed. Sad but, that happened a lot back then.

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  9. Avatar photo RNR

    This car, while maybe not a rust bucket, is far from original. The spray bomb black underwood paint doesn’t quite cover up the car’s original blue color. It’s said to still have it’s clutch pedals, but it doesn’t seem to have either a four speed “lump” in the floor pan or console brackets, and the front buckets are from a later model “something else” (and somebody wrapped everything in the interior with plain black vinyl). Since they didn’t put 440’s in Satellites in ’67 (that would make it a GTX), the lack of “Commando” badges on the front fenders, and the plain carpeted tranny tunnel, leads me to the conclusion that this was originally a B5 blue 318 car with a column mounted auto and the “buddy seat” option instead of a console. While likely a blast to drive, $10k is too much for this car.

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  10. Avatar photo stillrunners

    I’ll just skip though the reads or comments – bad car for the price – I’ve watched him list this car before – if your buying the engine then yes maybe close – it was a rare car with what looks like a 4 speed hump on the floor if that be the case it most likely was ordered with the 383 4 speed to get by the insurance guy as the GTX -it’s first year – was the hot ticket in 1967 with a 440 standard or Hem optional. The six pack showed up in late 69 and if it cranks and idles smooth it might be a $7500 car. The interior like the door panels are not original so your looking for some money there but both GTX and Satellite have the same inside and most trim outside….any way I’ve been passing on this one to replace the 67 GTX I sold years ago…

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  11. Avatar photo Wade

    Plymouth did have cars with bucket seats with no console I had a 72 BaraCuda that was like that column shifter no console

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  12. Avatar photo Steve

    As normal, most of the comments here are correct. The chrome trim on the side only was on a Satellite not the GTX. It had side chrome but it was on the rocker panels not up where the car was two tone painted. Most did have buckets when they had a console, even those with a 273 automatic. This motor could not have come with this car, only came with the GTX and then it would be manual shift and hood scoops. As it is it could be a nice car with some TLC. Design on the seats are not original either. I’d still buy it provided it runs and the other mechanical things work. I’d remove that 6 ,pack first thing because you never get it tuned right and I’d offer $8500 tops.

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  13. Avatar photo gregg

    I agree, the exhaust tips have to go. Also he needs more exclamation points in his ad.

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  14. Avatar photo Mike Mopar

    What’s up with the GM style alternator? Cool car. What’s the VIN#? First seven digits say a lot. Looks like a factory auto on the column small block car. I still like it though. Are the pictures 10 years old? Thanks

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    • Avatar photo Ed P

      The old Mopar alternators did not have the output of modern alternators. Maybe the owner wanted more output and upgraded.

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