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“Slo-Motion” 1968 Plymouth BO29 Hemi ‘Cuda

Not too many legitimate race cars ever come up for sale, especially one that looks almost identical to it was when it was a competitive racer. This 1968 Plymouth Barracuda was one of fifty that were produced by Chrysler Racing. It was sent to George Hurst to be converted into a competitive drag car and has a documented racing history from there. It can now be found here on eBay with an asking price of $200,000. Currently located in Levittown, Pennsylvania, the car spent its entire life in the North East with the current owner owning it since 1977.

Here you can see the car during a race producing a monster wheelie! The Hemi under the hood was stout enough to lift the tires of the 3000 lb. car. Some of the racing accolades belonging to this car include the following: 1974 National Record at 10:17, 1978 winner – Pa.  Dutch Classic in Super Stock, 1983 winner – SS/AA Class Championship at Indy, 1983 winner – Division 1 Super Stock Championship, 1987 winner – NHRA Summer Nationals at Englishtown NJ, and 1987 winner – IHRA Summer Nationals at Atco NJ.

As you can guess, the power plant comes in the form of a 426 cubic inch Hemi backed by an ATI 3-speed Torquefite transmission. The engine is topped by a cross-ram intake with dual-quad carburetors. Wheelie power is transferred to the ground via a Dana 60 rear axle with 5.57 gears.

As mentioned, this car was race-prepped by George Hurst who discarded all non-necessary hardware including the window door cranks. Ultra-light glass was installed and even some of the metal bits were acid-dipped to reduce weight! The only heavy thing in the interior is the Chic De Niro racing roll cage.

The seller admits that the current 426 wouldn’t be too competitive today, since the car has been mainly used at shows since its retirement. Overall, it appears very close to the vintage photos in the ad. Hopefully, a new owner will enjoy it for years to come, and perhaps it will do wheel-stands once again.


  1. Avatar photo Steve R

    The seller is accurate in his description, it’s now a show piece, not a competitive race car. It’s a time capsule of mid to late-80’s Super Stock racing. Factory converted Hemi Cuda’s with provenance don’t come along often. Someone will wind up with a rare and desirable car.

    Hopefully it is maintained in its current condition.

    Steve R

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    • Avatar photo stillrunners

      Actually there is a king of the factory Hemi Barracuda’s and the factory Hemi Darts that’s been going on for years – Jegg’s I believe has won the past two. This one’s been for sale a while – seems like years and at the same price. Wish I could win the lotto and this would be mine !

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    • Avatar photo stillrunners

      Actually there is a king of the hill race between the Hemi Cuda’s and the Hemi Darts – I believe Jegg’s has won the last two.

      I’ve been watching this one for it seems years with the guy still only asking that price.

      Maybe some day I’ll; win the lotto and it will be in my garage.

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      • Avatar photo Steve R

        Those aren’t factory built Hemi cars. They are modern, state of the art race cars, which are running mid-8 at 150+ in the quarter mile. To make this car competitive with the cars you mention would cost well over $100,000 and require a total rebuild from the chassis to the engine, which would wipe away its current charm, which makes this car unique.

        Steve R

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  2. Avatar photo Steve Clinton

    It would be a nice grocery-getter for the little lady.

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  3. Avatar photo Troy s

    I hope whomever buys it leaves it just like this, as it’s a “known” car as it sits. Changing graphics, different paint, etc. ,, ruins it for me.,, some of those whaky paint and graphics, names like Billy the Kidd or Candy Cuda,,,Haha, I’m actually old enough to remember a hint of that, this one here was originally turquoise or mist green from what I could research. But this guise here is how people remember it for decades. Slo Motion my _ss!!

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  4. Avatar photo Nick

    This car has been for sale, through various pipelines, for a l-o-n-g while.
    A valuable car though apparently too pricey for anybody.

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  5. Avatar photo Richard Haner

    As a boy, I can remember going with my sister and her husband in 1968 to a Ma. dealership when they were buying a 68 318 coupe…But what drew my attention even then, was one of these 50 with it’s body in white…sitting off to the side…With the massive hood scoop I knew it was something special…If I only could have convinced them to buy that one instead….;-)

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  6. Avatar photo Super Glide

    I need another car to take books back to the Library.
    How is it in the snow? Is it an environmentally conscious car that I can take to my Sierra Club meetings?

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    • Avatar photo Troy s

      Just so long as your meetings are within a quarter of a mile or so…..hearing protection and toilet paper highly recommended.

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      • Avatar photo Camaro guy

        Or Depends 😁 probably only thing to do with this car other than the show circuit would be Bracket race it as long as the cage is updated to current specs which i think could be done without ruining the nostalgic look and vibe

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  7. Avatar photo Woody

    These Barracudas are the nicest fastbacks of the sixties,and the Hemi just tops it off! Way out of price range to own this one but would love to have it. Back in early 80’s I owned two 1969 fastbacks,today wishing they were still in my possession and maybe build a Hemi Barracuda in Hemi Orange.

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  8. Avatar photo Tooyoung4heyday Member

    Undoubtedly cool cars for ’68, unfortunately I believe non registerable. Didn’t these come with the placards stating not for highway use yada yada yada…?!? Im in full agreement of keeping this car in as raced form. I know of a former known race car that was converted back to street use (not BO23) and although cool, should’ve been redone in as raced paint scheme. Owner is considering selling that car too and has similar price in mind. It put it right out of my price range. It’s a shame with it having ties to bigger names like Sox & Martin and McCandless and a former record holder itself. I like how it turned out but should’ve stayed how people knew it. Good luck to seller here and hopeful new caretaker.

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  9. Avatar photo Brad G

    Is it street legal?

    (Asking for a friend)


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  10. Avatar photo John


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  11. Avatar photo Kevin

    This is or was my uncles car. Great memories at the race track

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