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The Most Valuable Snoopy Car


I spent some time with one of our readers today. His name is Sid and he has been building cars his all life. We had a great time sharing stories and looking at photos. We did a feature on his 1959 Corvette back in March and he has since purchased a stalled Vette project that he is finishing up. He had some other fun cars in his shop too, but there was something shoved in the corner that really caught my eye…


Introducing the Coot Funmobile. Coot was known for their articulating and amphibious ATVs in the sixties, but they also built these fun little runabouts. It is basically a big go-kart with a fiberglass body. Quite a few were produced, but since they were a disposable toy, there aren’t many left today. Coot produced a blue Searcher, yellow Snoopy, and red Red Baron version. The blue and yellow ones came with 12 hp 4-cycle engines and the red one came with an 18.5 hp 2-cycle. There was also a long list of options available including a roll bar, chrome wheels, and even a gun bracket!


This isn’t just any old Snoopy car though. Sid purchased it from a relative who had planned on restoring it, but instead it sat in their backyard exposed to the elements for many years. They claimed it was originally owned by Charles Schultz, the creator of the Peanuts cartoon. Sid wasn’t so sure though so he started doing some research.


His search led him to Craig Schultz, Charles’ son, who confirmed the claim. The car had been gifted to Charles by the Coot company in return for using the Snoopy name and logo. Craig has many memories of driving it around the neighborhood as a kid and was able to confirm its identity by some modifications he had made. Funmobiles may not be worth much, but we think this one must be the most valuable of them all!


Sid and his son are now slowly bringing this special Snoopy car back to life. His son has autism and this little car has provided a great opportunity for them to work together on a project. And that may be where the true value lies in this Snoopy car… Thanks for opening your garage to me Sid! We wish you luck with all your projects and hope you will share some of your stories here on the site. We liked your Funmobile so much in fact, that we one for ourselves! Anyone have a Red Baron sitting in your backyard? Maybe we could challenge Sid to a little race…


  1. Mark E

    Having been a child of the 60s I knew about Coot ATVs but never heard of these carts. Obviously the 18hp 2-cycle model sounds the most…ahem…interesting!

    Phew, the male adolescent part of my brain turned over in it’s sleep and almost woke up there…

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    • David Dorough

      I actually have a red baron sitting in my basement, that I bought at the age of 13, I had some great times on it.
      I have all the parts and an extra engine cover, I have been buying engine parts over the years to eventually rebuild the JLO Rockwell engine.

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      • jason

        would be interested if you ever decide to let it go

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      • Sammy Meade

        I picked up a RedBaron yesterday!

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  2. Don Andreina

    Nice find, Sid. As much as I would want to keep this uncluttered, I can’t imagine letting any loved one drive it without a rollbar. Just don’t brake too quickly with your legs either side of that steering wheel strut.

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    • rusty

      Don said
      “Just don’t brake too quickly with your legs either side of that steering wheel strut”

      Later that night was heard a scream….PEA NUTS

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      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        Perhaps a collapsible steering column would be a good idea.

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      • Mike B.

        Or at least some padding!

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  3. rusty

    Love it.

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  4. Jim-Bob

    It’s kind of like the love child of a go kart and a Cub Kadett. The wheels and tires look very similar to those used on lawn tractors (and golf carts) of the 70’s, so I wonder if that is where they were sourced from. It also has a similar air cleaner to the 12 hp Kohler my grandfather’s Cub Kadett had, so I wonder if it’s the same engine. I wonder though if it has a CVT (a Cub Kadett would have been hydrostatic) as it looks like it might have a variator for one of the pulleys. It’s certainly an odd little thing though, and that makes it very cool.

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  5. scottst

    The Roll Bar would have been a valuable option.

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  6. ConservativesDefeated

    For all you old coots out there…children of the Sixties…………

    Click here: COOTWORLD • View topic –
    Click here: Coot Red Baron
    Coot Web Links

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  7. David

    Great story! Thanks, Jesse

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  8. julian

    good Grief – it’s a Snoopy Car. Too powerful for me!

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  9. jim s

    you two already have a hot rod go cart. it is called a GTI. great find

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Good point Jim. We will be publishing an update on the GTI soon!

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      • jim s

        or do you have more the one rabbit. they have been know to multiply and i am almost sure that people have been sending in listings of other GTIs that are for sale!

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  10. KE100

    I like it. I’d like to see the one with the gun bracket. :)

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  11. larry womack

    when i was a kid my father bought a snoopy for us kids. we had more fun then you could ever imagine. there were only five kids at home by that time, but we all got on it though i dont know how at the same time more then once. it is such a small thing, usually only two of us at a time would ride it and we took turns driving. i have had two since then but lost both in a fire and have not been able to find another.most people have no idea what i am talking about as i try to explain what it is that i am looking for. if you ever find one for sale please let me know. thanks larry butte county california

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    • Maxine womack

      Larry Womack, we had so much fun on the snoopy we had as kids. Wish we had pictures!

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  12. jon

    Here is my snoppy that I restored last year. Like everyone else it is just too much fun to drive.
    And no it’s not for sale.

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    • Ray

      What part of the country are you located in? The project I have is missing some parts. (The drivetrain.) Being able to look at one to see what exactly is missing would sure be a help. Or if you could take some good pictures for me that would help as well.

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    • Brandi

      We have one in our garage and not sure how much it is worth we have it on let go for 1000 needs fixing up we just don’t have the money. We did ride it down the street though.

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    • Garry Campbell

      I have a snoopy were can I find decows that go on it can anybody tell me thanks Gary from sc

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  13. Bryce Banks

    Unfortunately, they aren’t worth a great deal of money. What makes the one in the article valuable is it’s cool history, having been owned by the creator of Snoopy. One sold on eBay recently for $400. Unfortunately for me it was on the wrong side of the country. Where are you located? Also, can you post a picture or two? Thanks, Bryce

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  14. KD Grayson

    In 1975 I had a Yellow SNOOPY by COOT industries as shown here. Mine was the 12 hp version, it had a CVT setup, a drive and a driven pulley that changed sizes according to speed and torque etc, it had great power at low speeds and got going top end too fast for what it was, I cannot imagine an 18 hp motor in one! I routinely lost my passengers turning left, sometimes in the dirt, sometimes on the street, doing 25 mph and my buddy slides off the seat and rag dolls across the asphalt!
    We had a levee behind our home, very steep yet the COOT was easily able to climb it even starting at the bottom with no run at it, the braking was pretty much the engine much like a TOTE GOTE , you let off the gas and it almost stops moving! I am pretty sure it had no front brakes.

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  15. Nancie

    Years ago, my dad was a had a Polaris dealership. One day a Snoopy mobile showed up in our show room.
    The Coot dealer brought him one as a demo.
    We had so much fun in they thing.
    My mom would pick me up from school in it.
    Years later, we moved to Florida and brought it with us. It was the perfect beach rat and a head turner.
    My dad sold it due to it was getting harder to license and insure. He sold to a guy on a farm.
    I wish I had it today. Fond memories of the past.

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  16. javis Musolf

    looking for a engine for my coot.

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  17. jason

    looking to restore a coot we had when we were kids. It needs some work and curious if anyone would be able to point me in a direction of where to source parts. Thanks in advance

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  18. Matthew peterson

    I have a snoopy go kart I’ve redone, original motor and tires even, looks beautiful, what should I be selling it for how much

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    • Chris Felix

      Mathew Peterson,
      I also have a snoopy in great condition owed it since 1972 can you tell me how much chain travel is on your Large drive sprocket I feel that mine is to loose my travel is about 3 inches…I think over time the chain has stretched. Im thinking about removing a link or 2 depending on what your chain travel is ….wWould appreciate a responce … thanks

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  19. Christine Marquette

    Hi, I have 3 Red Barons, they are all Original except They don’t have motors in them. My husband passed away 3 years ago and my kids aren’t interested in fixing them for my grandchildren. Can you tell me were would be the best place to put them up for sale? And what they would be worth?

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  20. Bryce Banks

    I may be interested depending on your location. Where are you?

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  21. Maxine Womack

    Interested , location California

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  22. carla

    interested, where are you located?

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  23. Nancie Abdallah

    Interested too!
    My dad sold our Snoopy and I’ll never forgive him for that.

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  24. George Carter

    Looking for a Snoopy or Red Baron to restore. Located in Texas.

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  25. Christine Marquette

    Hi, can someone give me some advice on the Coot Red Baron’s. I have 3 that are all original but they don’t have motors. I think my Son might keep one. My husband died 5 years ago and we never got to fix them for our kids/ grandkids. I’m trying to find out how much they are worth and if there are people that would be interested? I am in pennsylvania.

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