Soda Pop Special: 1990 Mustang 7UP Edition


Just over 4,000 Fox Body Mustangs were produced as part of the cancelled 7UP package promotion, and they don’t pop up for sale too often. Coated in Ford’s Deep Emerald Green paint and shod with a variety of cosmetic upgrades, even fewer were equipped with the 5-speed manual transmission like this example here on eBay, that wears just over 32,000 original miles from new. 


Meant to be part of a center court promotion whereby lucky fans could take a shot at making the basket and winning a Mustang convertible (obviously with the requisite corporate sponsorship from 7Up), these green machines were robbed of their time in the spotlight. The promotion was cancelled but the cars were still sold, and more were produced than ever originally intended.


In addition to the paint, the Mustangs also featured white leather seats and a white top, rounding out the distinctive cosmetic appearance. This car’s interior looks to be in great shape and the sporty Mustang buckets show little signs of wear. The presence of a 5-speed stick in the console is a nice surprise, and according to the seller, just over 1,300 7Up editions came with the row-it-yourself option.


The presence of the original fog light covers is another indication as to the car’s high level of preservation, along with unmarked alloy wheels and mudflaps still attached to the body. The seller is looking for a Buy-It-Now of $11,100, which is a strong ask for a Fox Body. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable price tag, but I’m not sure the market is there yet. Bidding is currently well short of the BIN; what do you think it should sell for?



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  1. redwagon

    significantly less.

    might bring more if it were related to coke but still not that much imho.

  2. RichS
    • hhaleblian

      As Wayne and Garth would say… “Excellent”

  3. flmikey

    …don’t think those fog lamps were part of the package…owned one many years ago with the 5-speed…awesome cars…still have a 92 5.0 lx convertible, unfortunately with the automatic…

    • RichS

      Those fogs were available on the early “four eye” Fox Mustangs, but in the ’87 “aero” update they became round, lost the covers and were only on GTs. The LX didnt have provisions in the bumper cover for them.

    • Tony Goodner

      Your picture unfortunately is not one of the 7up mustangs. Your’s is Bright Calypso Green metallic, an altogether harder color to find. Great car, though.

      • Michael

        I think that is the 92 he currently owns. Just a guess.

  4. Michael Yentzen

    You’re right. Cheesy fog lights are not stock. I owned one of these. An auto like yours. Sold it for $1400.00 awhile back, but it was driven hard. This example seems hardly driven, but I certainly wouldn’t pony up $11K for it even though it’s a rarer 5 speed. Cool car though.

  5. Vegas Vic

    8k is fair
    Nifty car, though
    Great classic body, different color, ok, odd story to share
    7 n 7!!👍🏿

  6. Vegas Vic

    8k is fair
    Fun car, nifty styling, classic pedigree, different color and ok story to share, like the Levis AMC Gremlins, 15, 17 years prior

  7. EB

    At age 25 I bought one of these as my daily to replace my 73′ Mustang. 5 years before they had been brand new and were on the showroom floors of many Ford dealerships. My girlfriend at the time had been in the market for a new Escort. I couldn’t help but drool over the emerald green beauty.
    I had the car 10 years before I sold it to a buddy of mine. My friend had it 8 years.

    I still have the yellow GT and no I don’t daily it but I will always have a soft spot for the 7-Up.

  8. Rock On Member

    These fog lights were standard on the Mercury Capri RS and the Lincoln LSC.

  9. Rob

    Are those wheels stock for that car that year? Thought it would have been pony wheels…

    • Jim

      Yes, the Turbine wheels were standard on the GT, and used on this special LX as well. Pony wheels were introduced in 1991.

    • Michael

      Wheels are stock.

    • Todd Martin

      Those are the correct “GT” wheels for the 1990 LE (7-UP) car. My very first “brand new” car was a 5 speed 7-UP. They came with monochromatic painted exterior (vs all other LX’s had black belt line & mirror caps), fully white interior with white dash. While all other Mustangs with white interior had grey, red or blue dash accordingly.
      $11,000 is very fair for this car. Fox body Mustangs have been on the rise over the last couple of years, but have definitely risen the sharpest in 2016.

  10. Bobsmyuncle

    Could this be the origin of the paint colour?

    My most detested paint of all time. I think every boring commuter car of the early millennium sported a version of this paint.

    Terrible Teal.

  11. tasker

    The driving lamps in question were added….they never put “KC Hi lites” on Mustangs, never mind on an LX. I do like the accessory mud flaps…..too bad about the scratches on the trunk lid….nice looking car

    • RichS

      Good eye. I assumed from the writing they were Marchals which would have been more correct (but still wrong).

  12. Rando

    Quote: “Just over 4,000 Fox Body Mustangs were produced as part of the cancelled 7UP package promotion, and they don’t pop up for sale too often.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Don’t POP up too often!??? Pun intended?

    Sorry, that one got me. And if you’re in a part of the country where “pop” isn’t slang for soda or soft drinks (whatever you call ’em), then that may not be funny to you at all.

  13. 68 custom

    nice stang love the white interior and 5 speed. these cars will only continue to rise in value, like the late 70s T/A’s, plus it is a vert! would be real nice at 8k but probably worth what he is asking.

  14. rusty

    Am curious. If 30 were going to be used for a promotion but weren’t. How is 4000 of them made considered that special.

    As “pretty” as it looks it seems an awful lot of that particular package made to be considered special. Just trying to get my head around such a large production run being considered coveted for rareity. Nice car just curious to understand what’s driving the collecting of more modern cars like from this period.

    not knocking it’s collectablility just curious as to how people now see the old car scene.


      What’s driving the collecting of more modern cars? Try looking at it from this way. This car is a 1990 model, that is a 26 year old car. If you were a 10 to 20 year old gearhead car person in 1990 this may have been at the top of your list of what I want to own. However just like most of us when we were in our youth going into a new car dealership and buying a brand new car like this was not in the cards. Now 26 years have passed and some of those who were just kids in 1990 are now in a position to have the funds to make this purchase. Most collectors are buying back their youth, those of us who own (or wish we could own) a 1960s era muscle car most likely were in our youth when those cars were new.

      • rusty

        Yep agree cathouse. Possibly my initial surprise is 30 were made for a non existant competition so there should be no exclusivity put on the car because of that contest.

        But i get what your saying as now knowing it’s muscle car heritage (as I am in aussie that was lost to me) puts a better slant on it.

        It’s like our Monaro and Falcon GTHO of the 70’s prices went crazy because baby boomers were well off enough to afford rediculous money.

        It’s now cars of the 80’s & 90’s which cashed up grown up kids will be chasing.

        Cheers mate

        Being a

  15. Michael

    4000 of one “edition” in modern times is rare. That said whether it is collectible is up to the collector.

    • rusty

      Thanks Michael

      would you think many survived?


  16. Michael

    My guess would be about 75% survived. I never thought my car was too special because it was an automatic. There’s an online registry which has some information.

    • rusty

      Thanks. By coincidence found that googling before I wrote..hee hee.

      reason I ask is I have come across a few 1988 converts here in my country that are priced reasonably at present. That may be because Ford Australia is now selling current model mustangs at reasonable prices as where before this the previous model as a unofficial import and needing a rhd conversion was twice the price of current model. So prices of older models may have taken a hit although fox bodied versions were always cheaper here as most aussie wanted the classic shape.

      Presently fox bodied converts are reasonable price in aussie. (About twice what you guys pay ) Hence my curiosity that people think 4000 is rare. Will this thinking make fox bodied cars too dear?

      • rusty

        And not comparing an 1988 to this 2000 model in rareity it’s just that it always seems to be 1988 models available here in Aussie. As it is fox bodied mustangs are always cheaper over other models will that change?

  17. Michael

    Given that the production of 1990 LX 5.0 convertibles was 9692, the 5 speed 7 up car represents a little over 10% of overall LX 5.0 convertibles. Not rare as a hen’s tooth, but rare enough to be collectible to most – or at least most collectors who like the model.

  18. Mepo

    Didn’t someway say they ,made 4k of these, that’s 41%

  19. Michael

    They only made a little over 1000 cars with manual transmissions.

  20. Jim L

    I used to work with a guy that had one. He was always bragging about how rare and how fast it was. He claimed it came with a limited edition engine that was supposed to be really something. I caught him out on the road in it one day when I was driving my ’93 SHO. (which he always put down) Needless to say, the SHO SHOwed him taillights and that was the last time I ever heard him bragging about how bad his car was.

    • Dolphin Member

      I like results like that. The only thing that counts is how a car+driver do against the other car+driver, on the road, or preferably a track.

      Nothing else counts, not bragging, not stats—-nothing.

  21. Greg

    Now THAT’S a funny story about the SHO.

    I had the pleasure of owning one of these 5-speed 7-Up cars, as well as a 5-speed ’92 SHO. The fox-bodied ‘Stang was the looker, and had plenty of 5.0 giddy-up, but the SHO with a simple chip was the sleeper which would whip that ‘Stang fairly effortlessly, especially on the top end.

    This 7-Up edition is a pretty good bang for the buck, with a stick and the ability to drop the top and go a bit retro. It even has an airbag to justify the purchase for your 16 son or daughter!…

  22. Rocco

    The seller is a bit generous about the 255 HP, since most Fox Mustangs with the 302(5.0) eng. through ’95 were fortunate to have the advertised 215 HP.

    • Brian

      I seem to remember my 1990 LX 5.0 was advertised with 255 HP as new.

    • fanglemeister

      1990 V8s were rated @ 225hp/300Lbft, later years were advertised @ 215hp but there was no difference mechanically, only change was in the method to determine the rating.

      • Rocco

        Thanks, Brian & fanglemeister.

        My mistake. I guess I just remembered the ’94-’95.

  23. fanglemeister

    Emerald Green over white is certainly one of the more attractive color combinations on these cars, but it was far from being the rarest color scheme of 1990, that honor probably goes to the would-be 25-year “silver anniversary” Mustangs. There was no official Silver Anniversary car actively marketed by Ford, but in 1990, compared to 4,106 of these emerald green 5.0 convertibles produced, there were just 794 Light Titanium Metallic (paint code YF) 5.0 convertibles produced out of a total 4,506 Light Titanium (V8) Mustangs. The following production year (1991 model year) the code YF Light Titanium Metallic color went away, was replaced by a slightly brighter silver Ford called Titanium Frost (code YX). As it turns out, this 1-year-only “silver anniversary” color was actually the very same base color as the ubiquitous matte argent silver color found on the bottom half of so many two-tone ’87-93 GTs, just with gloss clearcoat applied over the argent base coat.

    • Rocco

      Are either of those paint codes the same as the argent on so many of Ford’s wheels?

  24. Eric

    Ha! I just bought this car the other day. I paid $10,500. The front left fender has no vin tag and its paint is not quite an exact match. The air conditioning is not functioning and unfortunately the original goodyear tires are shot. I have to replace them for safety reasons but I’m going to save them. The socket on the trunk brake light needs to be cleaned, it keeps fluttering. I think someone was careless when trying to replace the bulb, hence the scratches. I paid too much but this car is like brand new and drives flawlessly. I love it! I’ll see where its value is in maybe five years or so but right now I feel like I never would be able to part with it. I’m 41 and these old 5.0s were my dream cars back in the day. Getting a rare 7up car was just a bonus. Cool to see it here. Thank you!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Eric, congratulations! And thanks for sharing! Be sure to post some pictures!

    • Bobby

      A true 1990 & 7 UP car is rare. One sold at Barrett-Jackson for $82,500.

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