Solid Gold: 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car

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One of the last full-sized, and I mean f u l l – s i z e d, cars for a U.S. automaker, this 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car is 19.5 feet long and 5,000 pounds. The seller has this gorgeous gold land yacht posted here on craigslist in the Little Rock, Arkansas area and they’re asking $8,500. Here is the original listing, and thanks to Pat L. for sending in this tip!

The optional Light Gold Metallic is a great color for this car, I always think of gold when I think of a big Lincoln from this era – figuratively more than literally. I know the famous diamond-cutter commercial was in the back of a Mercury Marquis, but by this point, they were somewhat similar cars, at least under the skin. That Rolls-Royce-like grille, the hidden headlights, the padded vinyl top with oval-shaped opera windows, and opera lights in the b-pillars. It doesn’t get much better than this, my friends, at least for the late-70s.

The seller says that they’ve had a million dollars worth of fun with this car and I think that they may be selling it short, I would have guessed much more than that. The fifth-generation Lincoln Continental was made for model years 1970 through 1979 with an extensive redesign in 1975. The 1977 cars would be the last ones with full rear fender skirts, I actually like that look, but I also like padded vinyl tops.

The Twin Comfort Lounge seating surfaces don’t have a herd full of cowhide, these are “Media velour”, sort of like the collars on your silk smoking jacket. As expected, the interior looks as nice as the exterior does both front and rear. This car has 68,000 miles and everything works, according to the seller.

Oddly enough, the engine looks like a backseat. As is often the case with craigslist ads, the seller didn’t bother to pop the hood and show us car fanatics what the OHV V8 engine looks like, which is a drag, as no Town Car owner said, ever. This one should have 210 horsepower and 357 lb-ft of torque, and it runs like a charm. Have any of you owned a big, beautiful Continental Town Car from this era?

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  1. JE Vizzusi

    Imagine 210hp to haul around 5k pounds. I’m no physics guy but eventually something gotta give when you’re talking horsepower to torque ratios. Makes sense I would see these monsters on the highway overheating. Modern townhouse garages today wouldn’t even fit this boat. If you want huge buy a nice Caddy.
    jv – smash palace

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  2. Harvey HarveyMember

    I have ridden in and drove several of these and they float down the road. Never had any overheating issues.

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  3. Maggy

    I think it’s decent price for a clean land yacht.I like it and the color.My uncle who owned a machine shop from the 50’s until86 when he died always had Lincoln land yachts and none of them had overheating issues.They feel like driving your living room couch down the highway.glwts.

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  4. Scrapyard John

    That 460 reportedly has 357 lb ft of torque. Probably at less than 2k rpm. I doubt it struggles to pull 5k lbs, although I’m sure the car isn’t a rocket ship.

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  5. Tom Crum

    I bought a 1978 Lincoln Towncar that was with a 60 inch stretch. This is on the border with Mexico in California. I didnt dare go into Mexico and the very narrow streets and small areas for turning. I did enjoy driving it up to Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nv. Never had overheating even though it was close to 120 at times. Bought it from Charlie Boardman. He has a toewnnamed after him: Boardmanville, California. He had 400 acres in the desert for people to come and run their four wheelers up and down the sand hills.

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  6. Troy

    I just can’t bring myself to pay that much for it it doesn’t seem like that long ago you could get them for under $2k in this condition and in my opinion the market for them is going to crash again. At least in my state I can do a emissions delete and get more power and know what I’m looking at when I open the hood

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    • 62 Linc

      Wow. I’ve never seen one of these that was not rusty and otherwise in good condition go for less than 6 – 10 thousand. Where do you live that they were giving them away for under 2k?

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  7. Clarke

    Post has already been deleted on Craigslist.

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  8. Stan

    Ever driven a 460ci Ford ?

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  9. matthew grant

    I had a 280SE 4.5. my business partner had a 75 Lincoln with landau bars on the roof, real pimp car. this was in 76. I would drive that thing if he had become impaired, and oft occurring event, and that thing was real work to drive. it was all over the road, constantly needing steering correction. and just too big. a total sled. now riding in the back seat, another story. but a drag to drive, especially compared to my 4.5.

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    • Big C

      Except when it came to maintenance. Then he had you in spades.

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  10. Steven M Dempsey

    I owned a 78 Town Car years ago. While it wasn’t a power house the 460 was more than adaquate to pull a 28 foot travel trailer. Loved the stand up grille and the hidden headlights. It turned 100,000 miles on Daytona Beach with the camper attached. If I had more room I’d have another!

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  11. Zen

    I love these. Built like a tank. I hope it found a good home.

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  12. Edward Svoboda

    I had a 75 and a 78 Town Car with the 460. Great cars, never had problems with them. Neither ever overheated.

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  13. Tom Crum

    I had four of these Lincolns. I was in Calexico, California with them. This is the same as Yuma, Arizsona. It could reach 120 in the afternoons during summer. I never had a overheat problem. I did wish that I had a guage instead of ther light. When the light comes on it may be too late.

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  14. HoA Howard AMember

    Looks like that plastic flap under the grill done flapped itself into oblivion. I remember many of these passing me with that piece flapping. At night it sounded like a recap coming off. What a relief, it was only a Lincoln,,,THEN the recap blew. I’m a bit surprised the author made no mention of the 8 track. I wonder who it is, Ol’ Blue Eyes maybe? With as much hassle as flying is today,( neighbor flew to Florida, got sick 2 days later) many are simply going back to driving and a car like this is the absolute epitome of automobile travel. As much as my old man and I differed, he loved these cars, and I know why. Someone got a nice car.

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  15. Tom Crum

    I have owned four of these 1978/1979’s. I now own thee 1981 -`9823 Lincolns. I have the 302 engine and can get 20 MPG on the highway. Plus I have the electronic instrumentation and better quality stereos.

    When I would take my 1979 to Wall Mart I needed three parking spaces for opening the doors and room to get out of the car., With my Mark VI I now only need two spaces if I take the four door. Only Lincoln Mark series offered in a four door,, the Mark VI.

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  16. Robert Levins

    If only gas was cheap! I’d buy this car for every day use! In 1978 if you had the money to buy a new Lincoln Continental like this one – you didn’t care about the cost of gas, and you just bought it anyway. If you DIDN’T buy it, you probably thought it was “socially unacceptable “ to buy such a gas hog and promptly bought a new “ downsized “ Cadillac Fleetwood that uses less fuel than the Town Car. Funny thing – these Town Cars got and stayed “ cheap “ for many years because they were viewed as “ unwanted “.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      Hi Robert, spot on. We were brainwashed into thinking the end of the world was near, and “downsized” cars would help the planet exist.Since not many remembered the gas rationing of Dubja,Dubja 2, der, for the 1st time, our precious fuel was in peril. Panic ensued, you are right, it was looked down upon to drive a gas guzzler, even though, like you say, these could muster high teens, and downsizing didn’t gain much in that regard.
      To be clear, I don’t believe in this “adjusted for inflation” crap, I still say it was easier coming up with .30/gal. than $4 bucks, but fuel is about the only thing that hasn’t gone through the roof,,,yet.

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      • Robert Levins

        Spot on Howard! I don’t believe in adjusted for inflation either! I think we should start calling it adjusted for insanity. Good call on your anylasis !

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