Solid Shell: 1970 Plymouth Barracuda

Anyone who pays any amount of attention to the classic American automobile market knows that 1960s and 1970s Mopars have been bringing more money than ever before over the last few years. Because of this, it has become increasingly difficult to find a solid project Mopar that hasn’t succumbed to the rust issues that many do. Most of the solid projects have been snatched up, and even most of the basket cases have been as well simply because it has become financially plausible to restore most of these vehicles. Now this 1970 Barracuda may look scary at first, but upon looking at the photos more closely this car actually has the makings of a very solid project vehicle. Find it here on eBay in Nevada with bidding at $9,877.

The engine is a 318, and because it hasn’t been swapped for a larger engine, it may likely be the original engine. The Chrysler LA small block is known for being one of the more reliable V8s out there and parts are very easy to source. The 340 and 360 got known for their horsepower capabilities, but the 273 and 318 often fall by the wayside even though they are great engines! Obviously, with the intake and valve covers removed, this is not a running car. However, someone had the foresight to cover the exposed parts of the engine in plastic in an attempt to keep the elements out, which is more than most people think to do. The seller states that this is a “Plum Crazy Purple” car and the engine bay color supports that.

There is no interior, but there is a tire! Furthermore, the missing intake manifold is also somewhere inside the car. As evidenced by the 42 bids placed on the car, someone who wants a solid body to restore isn’t highly concerned about missing interior components and they shouldn’t be too difficult to source.

From this side of the car, the original purple paint can be seen showing through in several areas. This Barracuda isn’t a high-value performance model, but it has a solid body all the way around. Even the floor pans are in good shape! Though the wheels are missing, someone thought to put the car up on blocks so as to keep the tin worm away and prevent any damage while the wheels are off. The seller is including a set of roller wheels with the sale. This car is sold with a clean Nevada title, but no keys. While it may look intimidating, the value of this car is in the solid body. It may need a lot of work, but it doesn’t need any sheet metal replacement, and for many Mopar muscle enthusiasts that alone is enough! Would you take this project on?

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  1. JW

    This one will become a restomod with a newer drivetrain and more creature comforts in the interior. Not a bad choice since it is not one of the tire shredders everyone wants.

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  2. Jay E.

    A nice project car, but I suspect the current price is nowhere near where it is going to wind up.

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  3. Karguy James

    Very cool photo with nothing but scrub and hills behind it. I would love to find an ebody like this at the back of a lot somewhere. It is also a “Gran Coupe” which was sort of a luxury model.

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  4. XMA0891

    Great color and a great beginning! You’ve have featured similar-era Mopars in much worse condition, that readers readers later confirmed as “Sold”. One can only hope those then went to to be restored after the sale – Hope this one joins them! Nice find.

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  5. erikj

    That’s a grancoupe,looks like a rallydash,might have the overhead console. I had a grancoupe 1990. Orig. had all the options ,even had the rubber bumper and rally wheels

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  6. 86 Vette Convertible

    No keys! That’s the least of someones issues on this one but I’m sure it will be bought.

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  7. Sparkster

    Are the wood blocks included ? Looks like a nicely optioned base Barracuda . Not a fan of the column shifter, but who cares

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  8. gaspumpchas

    Go west young man for a solid car.Hope its brought back. Killer find.

    Good luck to the new owner!!!

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  9. MFerrell

    That first picture… those are some nice lines for a car design.

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  10. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Can’t remember ever seeing a luggage rack on a Barracuda. Part of that Gran Coupe package?

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    • JamestownMike

      Fender tag shows that to be a factory luggage rack.

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  11. OMG

    Damn it’s sure priddy 😜
    Mopar madness!
    Do the wheels and a rattlesnake come with it?

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  12. Superdessucke

    Over 10 grand for a 318 body shell? Wow am I out of touch. I paid $750 bucks for a running 1970 orange 318 Challenger back in 1987. And I wouldn’t give much more for this now.

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    • JamestownMike

      Lol, yes you are out of touch! 1987 was 31 years ago! Prices for Mopars are sky high!

  13. Crazyhawk

    Where’s Keith to tell everyone how worthless and crappy Mopars are. When you stick your head above the crowd, someone always throws rocks at it. MOPAR OR NO CAR!!

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  14. Kevin Lee

    For the love of everything that’s holy, don’t buy this and put the body on a Chevy 4×4 Blazer frame! This Barracuda deserves better than that! Besides, I’m pretty certain there’s already one for everyone(rednecks?), in America! Just sayin’.

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  15. Troy s

    Although this a barracuda, the pictures of it out in the desert kinda reminds me of the movie Vanishing Point, first thing that came to mind, although it would appear Kowalski never made it out of the desert. Hardy har har.
    It is amazing how much something like this costs these days, rare muscle cars have been pulling big bucks for years now, but this fish was meant for everyday driving choirs really without any drama, unlike those fitted with assorted magnums, six packs, and hemi’s. Oh well.

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  16. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    KarGuyJames get’s the star by his name – yep it’s a rare Grand Coupe….in thatn rare purple color – look those #’s up and maybe you can figure the pricing out.

    And Superdesuker – get a book – like the “Encyclopedia of Automobile’s” – think the one you want goes to 1976 and has a 1970 Cuda on it….or keep learning on the net….

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