Solid Starter: 1949 Willys Station Wagon

1949 Willys Station Wagon

One of our readers just contacted us about a 1949 Willys Wagon that they found over in Idaho. They thought it was solid enough to justify the cost of dragging it all the way home to Pennsylvania, but they haven’t gotten around to restoring it so they wanted to see if anyone here would like to take over. It has a few problem areas and is missing the transmission and transfer case, but if it’s a rust-free as they claims, it should make a good starting point. This was the first year that 4wd was available on this model and it made them very capable crawlers. Just remember, 60 mph is about the max you are going to see on that speedometer though. Willys may have defined it as a station wagon, but many consider this to be the world’s first SUV! The seller, Todd, is asking $2,500 and you can contact him through email here. Do you think that’s a fair price?

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  1. kenzo

    There is one of these in our town. Nicely done up and is his daily driver. A great vehicle with great lines. A couple more pictures would be nice. Maybe interior.

  2. Mike

    A bit pricey for a roller. You can still find Willys wagons around that run / drive with minor rust for $ 3500-5000 (just bought one). If you pay $2500 for this + ship + trans ++++, your beyond market price.

  3. guggie

    Had a 51 , the standard 4 cyl was good for 45 mph , pulled it out bought a conversion kit from J C Whintey and swaped out for a Ford Flat head v8 , now it was good for 60 mph .That was back in 1962 !!

  4. leiniedude leineiedude Member

    Hello, I just bought a red over white 1960 two weeks ago from a dude from Chicago. Motor runs great! Needs breaks, and I am close to being done. I paid 2500. It has the back seats, headliner, and interior panels. Just what I want. I will buy snow tires and maybe some slotted wheels. The body and frame is OK. Cool looking rig in my world. I have a 72 Stingray that might be for sale now.

    • Matt Tritt

      Keep the original rims in case you ever want to sell it. They are better looking and add value to the vehicle.

  5. Scramboleer


    Congrats on your wagon. I have a ’64. You should check out if you haven’t already. Great site. Very helpful Willys people there.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Thanks for the heads up. Had Jeeps my whole life, but nothing that old. Or with a flathead!

  6. Terry

    I wouldn’t say it’s rust free. I was the one who sold it

  7. Steve hagebusch

    I bought a 49 bout 20 yrs ago i was 17 complete pulled from a free row gave $500 for it…..pulled the straight flat 4 shoved in a pontiac 389 offy intake with 6 2bbls and a straight axle…..hello gasser…..not the traditional “willys” gasser but wasnt a 4×4 so wanted something diff……also 49 was the first yr for a 4×4 wagon makein it pretty rare wagon….also was considered the “first all steel body wagon” and the willys guys will prob burn me at the stake for that one lol

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