Solid Survivor Today: 1972 AMC Javelin

We come across basic, non-performance versions of Camaros and Mustangs all the time. Barracudas too, but there was a fourth leg to the Pony Car stool in 1972 and it came courtesy of AMC and their Javelin. Discovered by Pat L and located near Davenport, Iowa is this survivor condition 1972 Javelin SST. It’s available here on craigslist for $9,900.

There was plenty of Pony Car company in ’72 thanks to the Dodge Challenger, Pontiac Firebird, and Mercury Cougar but it’s the front tier from the big three and a half that come to mind though that “half” frequently gets short shrift. Having undergone a major redesign for the ’71 model year, the ’72 Javelin was in its second model year of new threads and offered in two trim levels, SST, such as our subject car, and the AMX, a performance variant. The short wheelbase, two-seater AMX went the way of the passenger pigeon after the ’70 model year. So, how did the ’72 Javelin stack up against the competition production-wise?*

  • Camaro 68K
  • Mustang 125K
  • Barracuda 18K
  • Javelin 26K

All in all, AMC held its own!

*all numbers, from four different sources, are approximate

The exterior of this car isn’t perfect but it’s not bad either. The Trans Am Red (?) finish still has a decent shine though there is some evidence of fading, typical for red. The optional gold “C” stripe still presents well too though there’s a bugaboo of some sort on the driver’s side, above the side marker light. The chrome and trim still shine though those mud flaps aren’t doing this Javelin any favors.  Finally, there appears to be a small dent in the leading edge of the driver’s side fender. Unfortunately, there’s no image of this Javelin’s 150 net HP, 304 CI V8 engine. Its sole accolade is a proclamation of “runs great” which is a fair assessment considering the 122K miles of use.

There really aren’t any interior images other than this one of the instrument panel and a second one, highlighting a door panel. The seller describes the interior environment as, “Black interior bucket seats” – not real helpful.

That being the case, it should look something like this image

If it’s a matter of preference, I’d go for a first-gen (’68-’70) Javelin – the lines and proportions were just perfect to my eyes. This design is more of what I’d call a fuselage architecture and it’s nice, no doubt about it, and they definitely have a strong AMC fan base. So tell me, if you were to be the next custodian of this ’72 AMC Javelin SST, what would you do with it, leave it as is or trip the light fantastic and go for broke?


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  1. Moparman Member

    I’d swap the wheel covers for a set of AMC wheels or Magnums and cruise! Sharp car, GLWTS!! :-)

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    • Big_Fun Member

      Wife was in Davenport today. She snapped this at a hotel and restaurant at the edge of town

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        Someone “snapped” up this great deal quickly!

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    Coming back from SE Asia in the ’70s we rented a Javlin to get from LA to Portland, OR to visit relatives and buy a car to get us to Florida. Hertz happily gave me a set of keys that fit the ignition but not the trunk. Filled up the back seat with huge bags of stuff collected the previous year and hit the road. Still in California running about 75 the radio speaker fell out of the dashboard. No problem, it worked. Shortly after the radio died. OK, lots to talk about to the crew chief. Getting dark, turn on the lights and no high beams. Getting cooler, heater control won’t move. Heard noise from outside the car. Stopped along side of road to find a hubcap fell off. Managed to get to Portland alive and promised I’d never get near a Javlin again and I haven’t.

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    • Melton Mooney

      I was just wondering why more people don’t take on Javelin and AMX projects. I think you just explained it.

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    • Mr Tinwoodie

      When these cars were new an AMC dealer I knew had a nickname for this car
      And he had to sell them!

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  3. Dave Australia

    Bobhess, your rental falling apart must have been put together at 4pm on a Friday!.
    The rear tail lights look very similar to the Australian ZF Fairlane. This Javelin be fun to drive

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  4. RKS

    I don’t think that’s a dent on the LF fender it looks more like a reflection of the person taking the pic. There is however a pretty good dent on the RR over the bumper.

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  5. DJE

    Before I was around my father bought a ’68 SST, new. From the beginning it chronically backfired. Had it for two years, got fed up with the noise, and traded it in for ’70 Mercedes 280SE. Fit his professorial personality better.

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  6. Stan

    I remember seeing alot of amc javelin, amc eagle, concorde amc everything on the hook 🪝 heading for a garage

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    • bone

      Did you live near an AMC dealership ? I highly doubt you spent your time looking at tow trucks and remembering what they were towing. ; most AMC cars were extremely reliable

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      • Rick

        The most reliable domestic brand vehicles I ever owned were AMCs. It’s a shame the company isn’t around today ’cause I’d probably still be one of their loyal customers.

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  7. joenywf64

    Compare the front overhang of this gen Javelin with a 2010 Camaro’s.

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  8. Steve Clinton

    Not one photo under the hood or under the car? No thanks.

  9. Howie Mueler

    Not the best photos, posted 5 days ago.

  10. Paul T Root

    Not having to do with much, but I always thought the Challenger was the main and the Baracuda was the other. Looking up 1972. The Challenger sold 22k. I didn’t look for Firebird or Cougar.

    I’ve become more interested in AMX or Javelins in the last few years. Not sure why.

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  11. Sam Shive

    My mom had a 68 Rebel SST it was ordered with the 390 and when it came it the person never picked it up. My dad was looking at a Ambassador wagon (290) and took the Rebel for a ride. Well mom was Pissed she didn’t get her wagon but DAM That Rebel Would Run. Mom smoked may Fords, Chevys and Mopar’s Some lady with a 67 Lincoln T-Boned mom after running a red light and totaled the Rebel, Well it was off to get mom a new car….. DAD Came home with a New 71 Matador with a 304. You couldn’t get that GUTLESS Wonder To Spin A Tire On Ice and Mom always bitched it was a GAS HOG. She tried to get her Rebel back and pull that 390. Never happen. Three years later mom had a 73 Buick Riviera and was RIGHT FOOT HAPPY AGAIN

  12. jfclemson

    Mom is my kind of gal (except when the gas bill comes in). Had a 73 AMX – loved it but it fell to a fire on the SF Bay bridge

  13. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I was just looking at a dealership ad for one that was very similar to this and it was priced at 14.4K. It was definitely overpriced and this one is WAY nicer.

    Compared to the other pony cars of 1972, this is a bargain.

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