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Some Lime Light: 1970 Plymouth GTX

1970 Plymouth GTX

This GTX might be dirty and rusty, but it actually has a lot going for it! It was last on the road in 1986, but no reason is given as to why it was parked. I would guess it either had to do with the rust issues or a mechanical issue, but it’s a one owner car, so finding out why might not be all that difficult. It’s a 440 car with a 4 speed, the A33 Track Pak and wrapped in Lime Light green paint with a white top! Talk about a great combo, but boy is this Mopar rough! If you’re up for the challenge of restoring this one, find it here on eBay in Laconia, New Hampshire with a current bid of $7,637.

1970 Plymouth GTX 440 Engine

This wasn’t the fasted GTX you could get, but it would have been pretty darn quick. With the Track Pak option, you could drive your GTX to the dragstrip, race all weekend and drive it home on Sunday. The 440 is good for about 375 horses with a 4 barrel carb, so it would do a decent job of moving it along. Much like the outside, the engine is looking ratty. Hopefully it isn’t damaged or seized and the seller doesn’t mention anything about it’s current status.

1970 Plymouth GTX Interior

The interior is also looking pretty rough, but it looks complete and ready for a restoration. I love the white bucket seats and pistol grip shifter! With this color combo, it’s looking more ’70s than ’60s, but that’s alright in my book!

1970 Plymouth GTX 440

Restoring this GTX is likely to be a labor of love, although nice examples have been known to go for over $50k. I’m loving the options on this car and wish I had the means to save it. It will be a big project, but man would it be fun once finished! So do you think this one would be worth taking on? And why do you think the seller listed it in Canadian dollars when it’s clearly in the States?


  1. Rick

    Why has the owner listed it in Candian funds? Because he’s Canadian and doesn’t want to pay the 3% fee banks charge to convert US funds to Canadian dollars

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  2. SoCal Car Guy

    That’s the darkest “white top” I’ve ever seen.

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  3. JamestownMike

    It has a black vinyl top, not white.Canadian dollars when you live in NH, USA??

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  4. Luke Fitzgerald

    I remember a time when it was imperative that a car was clean/went as well as you could get it had legal tyres and was registered (taxed, licenced , whatever ) if you were trying to flog it – now if it is one of these things – all that’s irrelevant

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  5. scooter8

    owned many 60s mopars. one 70 cuda. loved 70 gtx/ runners never owned one. came close! not worth my effort though.maybe some day??NOT! rather ride my 74 shovelhead . sorta less $ money to keep on the road!

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  6. Oingo

    Not enough images and or description to pay too much, could be just some serious surface rust or a bondo bucket. Whenever there are no images from underneath I always assume the worst.

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  7. Todd

    I grew up in one of these. My Dad bought a 70 GTX brand new in 1970. My Dad’s car was almost identical to this one (including the limelight color) except for the vinyl top, the rims and the white interior. My Dad’s had the 4spd , no counsel, A33 track pack, black stripes, black interior, rally wheels. There only had to be maybe 200 in this color with these options. My Dad was in the military and we had the car shipped to Germany where he was stationed for 4 years. We even took the car on a road trip to Paris , France. Imagine driving around Europe in one of these in the mid 70’s ? I wish I could compete in the bidding for this one ! My Dad’s GTX is why I got into classic cars and restoring them !

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  8. Tom Member

    This is more like a BOAT find. Where was this thing, in the cargo hold of the Titanic?

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  9. RoughDiamond

    That car is a honey compared to a lot of the MOPARs we’ve seen on here. I predict with that drivetrain and original color combo it will bring big bucks. That Graveyard Carz show has caused some irrational MOPAR thinking or sorts in my opinion.

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  10. Paul R

    Looks like all it needs is the leaking pinion seal changed and it would be good to go!

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  11. Mike

    From the pictures the body does not look to bad, not real good, but not real bad. Being a New England area car I would like to see some pictures of the frame, the floor, the trunk, to ever make a decision whether or not it would be forth a go look see.
    As for the engine I have one sitting on a engine crate in my work shop, took it in trade for some work I did many years ago, guy ran it twice in a short track modified you can still turn it with a speed bar, so I know it is still free spinning, just never had a reason to sell it or put it in anything, I try to stay original as I can but your never know.
    But it is way to far for me to go to look at another Mopar, besides Lime Green never really was my color, now if it was black, I might try to con the little wife into a vacation trip to the New England area.

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  12. Joe Nose

    If this thing were a mushroom it would be a pizza crap.

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