Souped Up 440! 1972 Plymouth Satellite

The Satellite nameplate debuted in 1965 as the top-of-the-line mid-size Belvedere and stayed through 1974. At times, they could be mistaken as Road Runners, but without quite the same punch. This 1972 edition has been the recipient of a punched-up 440 V8 whose output is likely greater than stock. Located in Smyrna, Georgia, it needs some cosmetic TLC and is available here on Facebook Marketplace for $12,000 OBO.

Third-generation Satellites (1971-74), built on Chrysler’s B-body platform, received “fuselage” styling that was in concert with that of the larger C-body cars. Sedans and coupes no longer shared any sheet metal, so they had their own unique styling. 2-door Satellites had a loop-type front bumper, and its body was the basis for the GTX and Roadrunner models. Unlike those two cars, the largest engine available in a Satellite for 1972 was a 400 cubic inch V8.

We don’t know what drivetrain was originally in this Satellite, but a 440 is there now. It has been bored out and the seller doesn’t know just how much horsepower this professionally built motor will produce. It’s said to fire right up and run great, so presumably, no mechanical issues will have to be dealt with. The car comes with eight years’ worth of receipts to document the work that has been performed, including the addition of a B&N ratchet shifter for the TorqueFlite automatic transmission. The seller estimates the motor has about 1,000 miles on it since the build (no photos of the engine compartment), but the car’s total mileage is an unknown.

There are no rust issues that the seller has indicated, and the body looks straight overall. However, the dark grey/green paint is showing its age but is passable for the time being. The black interior looks good, especially the back seat, but the upholstery on the front buckets does not match the vinyl in the back, so they may have been swapped out at some point. The driver’s side seat back has some separation issues, anyway, so why not recover them in the original material.

Plymouth built 137,325 Satellites in 1972 vs. 7,628 Road Runners, but the former’s number includes sedans, so we don’t know the difference in coupe production. But with a 440 under the hood now, this Satellite isn’t much different than its cousin which was always being chased by a crazy coyote. According to Hagerty, the ’72 stock Satellite tops out at $23,000 while the Road Runner is about 50% higher. So, what’s a Satellite worth that has a Road Runner-like motor in it

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  1. Skorzeny

    The seller might want to consider that potential buyers may want to see the one thing that makes this Plymouth stand out, the ENGINE. Doesn’t seem like a bad deal to me, besides the interior it needs, some new paint, and a manual transmission.

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    • Gary L. Maize

      Unless you are going to rod it around a lot, do you want to replace an automatic with a 4 speed
      I lived with a 4 speed for 3 years and it got tiresome at every stoplight.
      If you blow the auto, then, maybe put a 4 speed in it. Why change what seems to be working right now.

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      • EPO3

        If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

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      • Brina Healy

        Even IF you can find the LONG-THROW pedals.
        This car is a monster to shift all day

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    • Ray

      The drag racers used the 727 since the Mopar manuals didn’t hold up. Keep the auto behind a 440.

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  2. Gary L. Maize

    I think $12,000 is about right for this car.

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  3. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    It looks like my dreams of picking up a decent ’71 or ’72 Satellite for cheap money is starting to fade.

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  4. DrillNFill

    If there’s no rust or mechanical issues that is not a bad price. Paint it, apply a RoadRunner decal set, hook up a “meep meep” horn and have some fun! My dad has a 71 Satellite that the previous owner turned into a RR clone, 440/ 727 auto, and aside from a few Satellite-specific interior bits and pieces, they’re basically identical.

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  5. angliagt angliagt Member

    I actually like the Satellite (as opposed to the road Runner),
    & I think those tail lights look cool.
    When I was in junior high,a student’s father had a white ’71
    Satellite with custom wheels.That was a cool car.

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    • Gus Fring

      Ummmmmm…they used the same taillights, lol.

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  6. Brandon

    I can tell you it was a 318 originally. A friend bought it from a guy in st peat FL.
    I removed it and put a built 383 in it about 10 years ago. He sold it and someone must have put the 440 in there. Unfortunately he kept it parked in his yard under trees and the fl sun.

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  7. Mike

    Souped up, huh? Is anyone really that hungry? $23K will buy a lot of Cambell’s….

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  8. Greg Williams

    Actually one of my favorite cars to drive. Nothing beats a B body Mopar. I’ve owned SB and BB vetted, Hemi Cuda”s and Superbirds but the 71 RR I had which shares this similar body style was the most fun I ever had at driving high speeds. They were built for high speed highway driving. Well actually for going around a track at high speeds but I didn’t own a track. Anyway,This type of car is very comfortable at 100mph and above. Although this particular car may have already seen the finish line.

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  9. Kevin Foster

    I like it,but would rather spend more on something already nice,projects and this guy…don’t see eye to eye anymore.

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