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When I first listed a Barn Finds Exclusive for a ’69 Javelin SST, I heard lots of armchair quarterback commentary about the lack of spare parts and how hard it is to restore one (to which I laughed and suggested that they try owning a fleet as I do, which includes 4x4s from obsolete auto manufacturers and 1-of-1,953 touring sedans). Well, this seller in Maryland has you covered and should put a rest to any concerns about parts availability: he’s got a whole mess of spare AMC cars and parts listed here on craigslist, including this sweet Spirit hatchback.

The seller lists having parts for every major model you can think of, from Javelins to Matadors to Americans to Rebels (this is a sobering reminder of how cool car model names used to be). He also notes he can provide restoration services, and has a few cars very close to being finished. These include a ’74 Javelin with a 360 and a ’74 Hornet hatchback with tucked and smoothed bumpers and a 360 as well.

If this individual ran a small restoration shop expressly for AMC cars, you can bet he’s accumulated quite a stash over the years. He mentions having hardware, engine cores, glass, and interiors for multiple AMC models, and it’s clear from this photograph there’s plenty of goodies hung in the rafters. Pictures also show some nice OEM wheels, bumpers, body panels, and more – fortunately, all stored indoors.

And remember, if you’re looking for an AMC project with a clean body that either needs its original 343 rebuilt or the engine build of your dreams dropped in, check out this Barn Finds Exclusive for a 1969 Javelin SST. Chances are you could pick this up and work out a deal with the seller in Maryland for any spares you might need – and, as an added bonus, they’re both on the same coast!


  1. Eddie Stakes

    It is how I ended up with 22 TONS of AMX, Javelin, AMC parts as was only one buying them at Houston police auctions, storage lots & salvage yards in 1980s & 90s. And why I have owned 395 AMCs straight since 1976 (11 currently). Recently bought a 74 Javelin car headed for crusher, LOTS of great parts on it, dragged it home no front suspension, parting it out in driveway before goes back to crusher.

    Its not unusual for American Motors fans to have multiple cars, not hoarding, but just stash “just in case” we don’t have the luxury of buying whole new bodies from Dynacorn, or many new items like 71-74 AMX grilles, 70 Javelin grilles, 71 AMX back up lenses for instance. So for many of us, me included going back into the 1970s, we bought whole cars to get specific parts. A quick google search for ALTERED AMCS brings up one of the old files on my site at Planet Houston AMX explaining how AMCs were first to be crushed at junkyards. And how many have adapted since then.

    So for parts, stop by my website, 35 years in business selling AMC PARTS you know and mostly used at that.

    I have a huge AMC VENDORS list over 100 people, businesses that specialize in only AMC, Jeep, Rambler stuff to help you.

    and these guys are NOT in my Planet Houston Vendors list but are parting out 200+ AMCs….over 40+ of them AMXs & Javelins, to help you with used hard to find items like sheetmetal, interior, ect. Tell them I sent you when calling, the PARTING OUT AMX file

    I also have a large & growing Facebook Group AMC AMX & Javelin 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 of which you don’t have to have a AMX or Javelin to join and LOTS OF PARTS for sale in it with whole cars too!

    Don’t ever let the scarcity of some of the parts deter you from buying & enjoying a American Motors car either. Have the fun of having a aMC is playing Where’s Waldo finding some items. No one says you have to do nut & bolt restoration on it. And for parts, you would be surprised how much drivetrain parts interchange with Jeep (which AMC owned 1970-88) are over counter things!

    Happy Hunting, Eddie Stakes’ Planet Houston aMX

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      Eddie is a good man and my friend. He’s right but like everything else out there things are getting scarce fo AMC parts. At the last Homecoming in Kenosha there wasn’t a lot of stuff like you saw in the past and the good stuff that you did find was $$$.

      Cars are dwindling to because of this and the canabalizing that took place in the past. However it makes it that much more special to get one back on the road!

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    • TimM

      I had the opportunity 20 years ago to buy a 69 AMX!! They were to me a great looking car!! The one reason that I didn’t do it was because I didn’t think I would be able to get the parts!! I think if I would have known about you I definitely would have bought the car!! It was silver in color with worn paint!! I want to say it was a 390 with a 4 speed!! But I’m not really sure that was the motor size anymore!! After all it was 15 years ago!!!

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  2. Ian C

    I would love to have the Machine or the Matador coupe sitting in my driveway.

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  3. Rosco

    Just the one photo, but the Machine looks like a serious project!

  4. TimM

    Maybe you could make a good car with all of those parts and the blue one to be the driver!!!

  5. don

    Back when I worked at a salvage yard in the early 1980s The owner would always get mad at me because when the crusher came in , the first cars I picked up to go were always Japanese cars !

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