Sparkey, the SEMA ‘Stang! 1965 Ford Mustang EV


Here’s a different one, a 1965 Ford Mustang EV! Yep, you read that right. This battery-powered fastback is in Simi Valley, California and it on eBay with a.. cough.. current bid price of $4,550 and there is no reserve! But, there are still nine days left on the auction so this will be one to watch. What do you think this one will sell for?


Sparkey, this conglomeration of Mustang and other parts, is sure different; sure to be a show-stopper. In fact, the seller says that it was shown at the 2013 SEMA show! It’s a C-Code Mustang and supposedly no cutting was done on the EV conversion so if you get a hankerin’ to burn good ol’ gasoline again, you can source a drivetrain of your choice and you’ll be back to burning dinosaur-liquid in no time! I sure love this fastback body style, it’s my favorite Mustang design, by far.


I’m surprised at the low price on this one, and that there is no reserve, unless the reserve has already been met. But, still, $4,550 for a car this nice even with no drivetrain at all is an absolutely killer deal. And, this one has a drivetrain, albeit a slightly different one (understatement of the decade).


Even the interior looks perfect! Well, I’m assuming that the dash is cracked, hence the dash cover, but other than that it looks great in there. It’s listed as having a manual transmission but there is no mention as to what it is. You’ll even have room to haul your luggage for your 50-mile roundtrip vacations! Wait, only 50 miles on a charge? Yes, as is often the case with EVs, especially older ones running regular lead-acid batteries, the range isn’t made for long trips, they’re just for in-town commuting and then plugging in again when you get back home. You could convert to something like lithium polymer (similar to lithium ion but the lithium salts are in a polymer instead of suspended in liquid) battery packs and have several times the range, a much shorter recharge rate, and a longer life.


Speaking of batteries, here are a few of them. I don’t see a motor at all and this is usually where it is on these EV conversions, but this one is a “Montenergy ME1002 motor rated 144 volts, 205 AMPS, 4550 RPM wtih 89% efficiency, and it’s powered by 12 Odysses 31-PC2150 batteries”, according to the seller. That’s quite a mouthful! Someone sure went wacky on this car, and needless to say, I like it, especially at this price point! But, there are nine days left on the auction and the car looks like it’s in absolutely fantastic condition so it has to be quite a bit higher than $4,550 at the end of the auction. What do you think of this one? Are there any EV fans out there? Any Mustang fans? Any Mustang EV fans?!


  1. Glen

    It’s now $10,000. Where is the motor?

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    • Jim B

      Aren’t the motors usually right at the wheels on conversions like these?

      • Chris

        No usually the bolt it up to the transmission. It is there under the batteries if you look closely.

  2. OneBugatti

    I love the idea, this my friends is what you will see in many a vintage classics in 2075. The engines will be in museums with the same thought process as ”how did we allow smoking on airplanes !”

  3. rdc

    I suspect the electric motor is in the rear, keeping the car rear wheel drive. Just run a few cables. Bet the weight distribution is closer to 50/50 BTW, hate the later Mustang wheels.

    • rdc

      As someone stated the electric motor might be just behind or under the batteries hooked up to the trany.

    • 68 custom

      those have to be the ugliest factory alloys ever! shame they modded a fastback like this, but it is their car…

      • Clinton

        Yea these are pretty bad. They are up there with 1st Gen Viper wheels and 1st Gen Lexus SC430 wheels

  4. sunbeamdon

    This re”volting”; Mustangs come with V8s!

    I’ll drink to that

  5. Joey

    Did the guy that put the butt ugly wheels on this get the electric chair?

  6. Blueprint

    Watt the …

    • Rob S

      Those wheels, Just shocking….Couldn’t put any current ones on it??

      • Scotty G


  7. DRV

    You couldn’t use the tranny if the motor was in the back. I would love to drive electric with a manual!!!

    • rdc

      you are correct

    • 68 custom

      with the electrics motors full instant torque you could probably start out in any gear. probably would not even need first or second. third for burnouts, forth for cruising.

  8. roger

    What a terrible thing to do to a mustang.
    Hope someone puts it back the way it was

    • rdc

      In twenty year or so when electric cars are common we will see more and more of this to keep driver quality cars on the road. Things are changing.

  9. Dairymen

    Electric cars are only here because of being heavily subsidized. I can’t see them taking over combustion engines. There will be a place for electric cars for a small segment in the market.

    • rdc

      Lets agree to disagree. :) We love old cars as a hobby. So many people view cars as an appliance. Once we can buy affordable possibly autonomous electric vehicles that meet a person’s needs EV use will increase substantially. Our population is aging rapidly so driving may get iffy for many of use a self-driving vehicle may be very important sooner than we like. :)

  10. Glen

    What about an industry of replacement electric motors for cars that started out with gas engines? A bolt in operation. Don’t ask me about all the technical aspects, but there’s lots of clever people out there. As for being heavily subsidized, mass production can bring costs down, and electricity is everywhere, charging stations can be setup anywhere. Just a thought.

    • 68 custom

      the electric motor may bolt in but you also need to consider the batteries, motor controller, cables etc. not a cookie cutter operation.

      • Glen

        Like I said, don’t ask me how to do it! It sounds like you understand the complexities, apparently you are one of the clever ones. Me…not so much. I’m just a fan of anything that moves.

  11. BIG FISH

    What a shame to do this to a fastback. Driving this would be like kissing through a negligee if you know what I mean, kind of exciting at first and then a lot disappointing. Don’t like electric cars , never did never will. They may be the future but not mine. Sorry im just a stubborn old man.

    • rdc

      I am a stubborn old man as well, but I like technology as well as I like cars. It’s exciting to see EV and Hybrid technology blended with an internal combustion engine aka ICE. Look at the Lemans cars and a few Porsches and others. I am sure we will see more ICE powerplants removed and electric systems installed in the future. The younger generation will be the driving force.

  12. JW

    While I appreciate the effort given to keep the classic Mustang appearence I wouldn’t be caught dead driving it to cruise night. While my buddies are showing off their multi carbed big blocks with throaty exhaust doing a mind boogling burnout there I would sit showing off my little economical earth saving Mustang that like a young first driver who must be home before curfew I have to head home before dark since my batteries won’t light the road and drive the wheels at the same time. Now before I get those dreaded thumbs down there’s a butt for every seat and if that is yours in this car fine but my grandkids would laugh at me and that would break my heart so I will stay with the ozone depleating 70 Mach1 to keep them smiling. JMHO take it or leave it.

  13. grant

    I’ll give you a thumbs up for that JW but I will point out that electric motors are instant on torque, this is probably the future of cars and if you enjoy performance there’s a lot of potential with electrics. With that said I hope someone puts this Mustang right.

  14. Winterhawk

    I’m amped up on this one, but the wheels are so wrong, and would be on almost any car.

  15. Chebby
    • Glen

      Very cool.

  16. dm

    assault and Battery on a Mustang. Rescue it with a Coyote, Tremec, and some Torq-thrust wheels.

  17. Rustytech Member

    With a range of 50 miles, and a top speed of 50MPH, my vote is find a C code engine and put it back the way it belongs. But not @ $10k.

    • rdc

      It was just an early experiment in ev power. Consider the electric drive train out the tesla in this car. Performace would be incredible. It will happen soon, if not already. :)

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  18. DRV

    rdc Totally agree. At one point soon it will be much easier and cheaper to hot rod with electric and be faster too. A Tesla 4 door is faster than most anything out there .

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  19. Grant

    The Tesla P90D 4 door sedan does 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. There are only a handful of cars in the world capable of faster times. Most cost about 10 times as much – in the millions of dollars. Comparing this early EV conversion to a modified hot rod at cruise night is like comparing a Ford Model T to a 1970’s muscle car. As has been mentioned earlier, electric motors make huge torque and do it instantly – at 1 rpm. They are being used in locomotives and huge ships. My company makes lithium batteries that are being used in offshore supply vessels, full electric car ferries and hybrid port cranes. The hybrid and ev car industry is in it’s infancy and there are already people building really cool, really powerful hot cars with the tech – look at Neil Young’s Lincvolt – ’59 Lincoln ‘vert, 2600 pounds and 26 feet long. With AC motors on each wheel and a capstone turbine under the hood, this hybrid could smoke the tires as long as he wanted. The ultimate carbon offsets.
    FWIW, I am a car guy but I understand the times are changing and the advantages to EV or hybrid make sense enough to outweigh the disadvantages. And to the people who talk about them being subsidized, look at where your tax dollars are going in terms of subsidies to the oil industry. We do not pay the real cost at the pump!

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  20. JW

    I am not saying I would never own a electric car as a DD but until the cost comes down along with charging time, longer battery life without burning the car up and charging stations on every street corner I will not. I’m 63 and I probably will not see it in my life time but my kids and grandkids will and that’s fine with me. I had a really hard time paying 43K for a F-150 4×4 quad cab ecoboost but it’s probably the last new vehicle I’ll buy and so far it has not got the highway mileage they stated from the EPA’s wind tunnel which is a joke in the real world and half the gadgets on it I’ll never use.


      Its peppy though, right?

  21. Scotty G

    My favorite quote of all time,

    “If I would have asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses.”

    -Henry Ford

    As the recent (unclaimed) Nobel Prize winner said, “the times, they are a’changin'”

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    • Winterhawk

      The times are changing for sure, and for the better when it comes to cars. We need more and more innovative hot rods and less cloned unimagintive traditional hot rods. Car shows today are hard to go to. You have to look extremely hard to find anything that stands out. I’m not saying the quality of workmanship isn’t there, but how tired are you of looking at the basic theme on every car no matter what the brand. So bring on the ERODS etc, I plan on it with my next car.

  22. George G

    Looks like enough room in front to add a generator for extended range. I don’t get the claim they make for 50 mph in the ad. Almost all EVs can outdo that, but range suffers. Then there’s the Zombie 222…

    • JW

      I’ve seen that car race on Velocity channel which I don’t dispute the claim of massive torque with electric cars, it’s their range and not enough charging stations to make them feasible for daily use over a 100 mile range and less after dark. Plus I love the sound of a throaty fossil fuel exhaust.

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