Special Order Camper Mosaic? 1969 Volkswagen Bus

Although we see air-cooled Volkswagen Buses pop up as barn finds fairly often, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve never heard of the special order designation the seller claims this 1969 Bus left the factory with. He refers to it as a “Camper Mosaic” that is a special order model with an options code number of S45. I’ve done some Googling and can’t find anything to this effect, and the seller also refers to this as being a Westfalia – which, by my limited understanding, usually features a pop-top roof with sleeping quarters. Have you ever heard of a Camper Mosaic VW Bus? Find it here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $5,500.

Now, there have been a few isolated aftermarket conversions that featured the Westfalia interior but no pop-top. I’m not sure if any of these designations are correct or factory-verified, as anyone can swap in the Westfalia cabinets, sink, and other features from a true camper van. No matter what, these furnishings are nice features to have and certainly worth some money if you decided this Bus was too rusty and needed to be parted out. The Bus does not present well in the photos but it may not be completely rotten; the seller claims all the doors open well.

There’s plenty of rot along the door bottoms but this isn’t the end of the world; certainly, rustier Buses have been put back on the road. The seller claims he has not inspected the floors so he can’t say if this area of the Bus is rotten, but it seems likely that floorboard replacement may be needed if you can see this level of rot on the exterior surfaces. It looks like you just get one hubcap, but perhaps the rest are inside. The market for air-cooled Buses is certainly always pretty hot, but until the provenance of this forlorn camper van can be proven, it’s just a rusty, non-running Bus without a pop-top roof. The original color combination was pretty, at least.

The rear glass is missing but all other glass is accounted for. The seller notes the engine is gone but it will come with the transmission; the brakes are locked up, so it won’t be a simple affair to just send your shipper out to Montana to pick it up. While more information would be ideal about the condition of the undersides, vehicles from Montana tend to fare pretty well if not driven exclusively in the snow. This Bus is the kind of Type 2 that would have been scrapped years ago or just ravaged for parts, but the new normal demands that this one will likely be saved or at least spared from the salvage yard for a few more years. Have you ever heard of a Camper Mosaic?


  1. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    A quick check of the option lists for Westfalia campers on TheSamba.com, confirmed my initial thoughts; ALL Westy option codes begin with M, not S. If it’s a Westy, then there should be a Westfalia ID plate just behind the front seat. No plate [or evidence a plate was once there] means it’s not a Westy.

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  2. chris bartku

    lol never checked interior….did you try and put your foot through it?

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  3. George

    I never heard of a VW Mosaic Camper before. I’m inclined to think that they made it up. There was an economy camper. I had a 1972. It did not have the pop top, stove/sink/fridge, nor the closet. It had the birch paneling on the walls and ceiling, a shelf/cabinet across the top on the back with a door, the folding bed, full width, a stool, and jalousie windows in the middle.

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    • bobhess bobhess Member

      Good points George. Have seen no flip top campers in the states and in
      Europe but almost all of them had the jalousie windows in the door and left side window.

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    • Roger A Novak

      I had a 72 camper also that had everything but the pop-up top. It had sink/fridge, closet, birch panels, folding bed, jalousie windows, etc. Original VW as far as I know.

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  4. Car Nut Gig Harbor

    Beautiful looking VW Bus. I’ve always loved the 1968-72 VW Bus (Transporter, Kombi, Bulli, etc.). Assuming the frame is still solid, I can imagine this would make an awesome restoration project for anyone looking for a resto project.

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  5. Troy

    This van was made up until 96 in the South American market so restoration should be fairly easy for someone willing to try but I see it as just a parts van

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  6. steve

    The actual Westfalia codes for the equipment were “P something ” A P27 was often the deluxe version with popop, stove etc. I don’t know about this one.

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  7. Bud Heffley

    I have searched and did find “SO45”. It was a Special Order, Westfalia Camper Mosaic! I only find a listing in the registry, but no serial numbers listed. But it looks like, yes, it was a special order! How many produced, I have no idea! It just listed it as an option. What it actually was equipped with, I have no idea! It may be the only one, with nothing to compare it to! Interesting! I found the SO45, listed in the how to read the vin number page for early VWs!

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  8. Steve RM

    I’ve into the VW scene for almost 50 years and this is new to me. Also, why would somebody not even pull the garbage out unless it’s there for camouflage? Unless this thing is super rare and valuable……..RUN.

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  9. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Mosaic was the seat upholstery pattern, perhaps? Back when this thing had upholstery!

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