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Split Window Corvette For $3,500?

Split Window Body

We would all love to own a 1963 Corvette. It has that cool split window and was the first of the new C2 design. Unfortunately, everyone else wants them too so the price tag can keep them out of reach for most of us. Well, here’s your chance to own one for $3,500! Well, sort of… That will just get you this body which sort of looks like a split window. Oh well, it might be as close as many of us will ever get. Find it here on craigslist out of Cullman, Alabama. Thanks goes to Mike F aka 64 Bonneville for the tip!


  1. dj

    It sort of kind of looks like one. But why? You know if you bought the thing, you’d want it to look as close as the real thing. So you’re spending gobs of money on it. And then you’ll probably have as much in it as real one would cost when you’re done. My dad bought these for nearly nothing when I was a kid. He bought a fuelie 63 split window for $200. Fixed it and sold it for $1500. That guy waited a year and sold it for $15,000. But it was the 70’s and who knew.

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  2. randy

    That would be quite the starter project for a “glass man. I wonder what all frames that would sit well on. This one you would not have to keep “original”. Someone needs to finish these and sell them.

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  3. hhaleblian

    Stoopid is what stoopid does sir

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  4. randy

    You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?

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  5. George
  6. George

    Their current ad is for an AC Cobra kit that’s assembled. In the background you can see Fiberglass bodies for a variety of kit cars. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Replica-Kit-Makes-Roadster-/161891219841?forcerrptr=true&hash=item25b177f981:g:lKYAAOSwcdBWTNfO&item=161891219841

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    • Mark S

      Pretty bad fit and finish on the AC Cobra.

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  7. Rob

    That body is a mess. Why would you waste your time/money building a poor look-alike of an existing car. Chevy people…. yikes. :(

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    • randy

      I am glad you guys are here to steer me clear of an albatross!

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  8. skloon

    mount it on a diesel chassis and confuse people

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  9. 64 bonneville

    do over of the 63 ‘Vette funny car body. looking at the e-bay ads, seems these folks lay different bodies with a chopper gun. appears that they also have 32 roadsters, and cobra bodies also.

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  10. George

    From the eBay seller that posted the body in March: “any corvette frame built in St Louis and with a little modification on any frame built in [sic] Boullingreen.”

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  11. Doug Towsley

    I have looked at these starting back in 1985, theres a company here in Oregon selling probably better quality shells but approx $5000-$6000 for the whole shell. Always wanted one of these. But when i looked i was going to put it on a tube frame custom chassis. Licensing, registration and especially insurance was a deal breaker.
    Later i learned how to get around this using the Smokey Yunick school of rules. *IF YOU RETAIN ENOUGH OF THE DONOR CAR AND vin LOCATIONS, YOU CAN TITLE AND REGISTER AS THE DONOR* So, that opens up possibilities. Buy a late model C4 Corvette, a bit of fab work, and Voila!!! You have 63 split window style with ACTUAL handling, good breaks, and at a fraction of the cost. Or,,,Cheaper to insure,, 1990 Camaro, or other suitable cheap donors easily sourced with good titles.
    So, this car, is NOT a bad price compared to similar kit car shells. I would jump on this or similar except I am already doing one. A Fiberfab Banshee or Caribee (Whichever name you prefer, they were sold under both names) and restyling that slightly (Stupid door openings) however it loosely resembles a Daytona Cobra Coupe. 1974 260Z Donor car (Pre DEG/EPA emissions inspections here in my state) with a fully redone chassis, brakes, full cage, and 350 chev V8 with 5 speed. Again, super car at Poormans budget. After doing restorations for many years I am enjoying the whole concept of NO RULES, and Do it however I like.
    This car profiled here would make a good project for someone.

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  12. Mario

    Hi, is this still available? And is it a complete Shell? If yes, contact me on my email please thank you

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