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Split Window Eliminator: 1963 Chevy Corvette

The seller of this 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray split window claims it’s the perfect car for his plans to compete in a bracket class, but that the desirability of the split windows kept him from putting it into drag duty. Wearing period livery from its many years of drag racing in Texas, the Corvette is now available here on eBay with bidding over $25K and no reserve.

According to the listing, the previous owner raced the car extensively, from 1986 to 2017. With that kind of history, I’m sure someone in Texas can recall seeing this Sting Ray taking on all challengers on the Texas strips. The faded paint job would normally indicate years of stagnation outdoors, but given its active racing lifestyle, perhaps the tired paint is just from years of sitting trackside. The seller notes there are wheel tubs in the back and that the front end has been modified to tilt forward. Check out the stickers in the back glass – further proof this split window has practically lived on the drag strip.

One challenge for the seller will be addressing the missing cross beam with the VIN and trim tag. Apparently, when the Corvette was stripped down for racing duties, this component was tossed out. It’s amazing to think of a split window of being just another used car, considering how desirable they are now. The dash has also been modified and the seller says everything that has been tweaked inside and out will be changes the next owner has to live with, as he has none of the original parts. But then again, who cares? This is a well-loved drag car, and one of the few that remains in as-raced condition. Leave it alone!

Now, as much as we love track vehicles, they can be tiresome to live with given their lack of creature comforts. If you’re in need of a special Corvette that offers a more subdued driving experience, check out this listing for a 1974 L82 four-speed convertible in this most recent Barn Finds Exclusive post. While both cars have tons of eyeball appeal, one should maintain its drag racing lifestyle, while the other should remain a garage queen.


  1. KevinLee

    Anyone know what a ’63 split window was worth about the time this was converted to a dragster?

    • Steve R

      Figure it was converted to a race car no later than the early-1980’s, likely earlier. It want worth much at that point.

      As for those that think early Corvette’s shouldn’t have been converted into race cars. There is something wrong with your line of thinking. These were used cars in the 1970’s, they were at the bottom of their depreciation cycle. Cars like this were at nearly every race track. Look at magazines that covered drag racing in that era, they were everywhere. There are several mid-60’s Corvette’s still races locally, that are much nicer than this one.

      This car won’t be restored, it might even be priced a bit high for an older bracket car. The seller is just trying to flip it, he had it listed for $45,000 recently. It’s not worth anywhere near that price.

      Steve R

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  2. 327 365

    Unless this was a wreck a total loss I don’t understand

  3. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    They were turned into drag cars right off the dealer lot – review your early Hot Rod Mags….maybe look up Mr. Bardahl

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  4. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Run from this one…..the comment ” Texas is a No Title state ” isn’t true….so what else isn’t ? Saying you don’t have a title isn’t that hard….the vin and title are most likely together on another car.

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    • Steve R

      More than a few race cars are sold with only a bill of sale, even in California. Many race cars are scratch build and never had a VIN, it’s not a big deal if the car is going to remain a race car. However, any buyer would be wise to check with their states DMV.

      The seller is blowing smoke, his story about not wanting to wreck a valuable car doesn’t fly. It’s a race car, which happens to be an early Corvette, not a valuable street car. He’s saying whatever he think will bring him more money and make the transaction easier for him.

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    • bob

      Ditto on what you said. People who own/have these cars know exactly what they are doing and if the VIN tag and title are gone you can almost bet the farm it’s on another car, oh yea, and that other car would be a HOT one. Easy to find out, the VIN is also stamped on the frame, in two spots. OK, someone check it out and presto, can of worms open.

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  5. GeraldFame

    Corvettes mark up their car with numbers including the frame.

    I would crawl underneath and find the vin and go to the NCRS and see if this baby already exists or did etc.

    It’s to hard to put back unless someone had a recent wreck, flood or damaged 63 to get the drive train with engine swapped.

    The parts could be bought from Corvette shops but you’d need a titanium credit card.

    I would take the rill bar out throw new carpet and put aftermarket guages that looked similar inside the dash. Then throw some 63 alum reproduction wheels on along with a reasonable exhaust system. Paint it black and find the frame Corvette vin get a new vin tag after validation that the orig vin is not taken and register and drive it.
    It’s BS to say build a sleeper but one could have fun dusting other muscle cars in the split window 👍👀

  6. RobB

    These split window Vette’s were the car to have in early Modified racing. Some were dealer prep/sponsored race cars. They came with high rev’ing small block Chevy motors.

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  7. Johnny Gibson

    I like it although the price is a bit over the top for me. Do it up and use it for its purpose.

    The color scheme of this car reminds me of a friend who drove his fully prepped 73 HQ Holden Monaro race car from a small country town to Adelaide, South Aust (about 280 Miles) freeways, main roads, etc and got caught about 400 yards from his workshop. He tried to explain that he just moved it from around the corner but the cops knew better from all the reports coming in.

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  8. ruxvette

    Yard art.

  9. JimmyinTEXAS

    “…missing cross beam with the VIN and trim tag…” a telling statement. Can it be cured, sure with deep enough pockets or keep it a racer. Either way, now that it is no longer “numbers matching” it can be built to the owner’s spec.

  10. TimM

    Sounds to me from what you all wrote it’s a car to run away from!! The 63 is probably the most desirable of all Vetts!! I would want it as a driver so I could use it more than once a week!!

  11. ACZ

    I wish I could forget seeing this.

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