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Sport Sedan: 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta


Why can’t this one be closer to me? A non-rusted out, good running, good stopping Alfa sedan with twin sidedraft Webers and a 5-speed for a buy-it-now of $3,500? It’s here on eBay, but unfortunately for me it’s located in Keswick, Ontario, Canada. The seller is also inviting best offers. Yes, there’s body rust, it is, after all, an Alfa. However, it’s not too bad, with the only major area being the right rear fender lip. Even the undercarriage is said to be clean! The bumpers are crumbling to bits though; sounds like an excuse to source and mount some euro bumpers to me. With less than 68,000 miles I have high hopes that the durable four-cylinder twin-cam is in good shape. Even the interior is livable, although there are some seam splits and minor other issues. If this one were closer I’d sell the Toyota tomorrow and start bidding! How about you?


  1. gord

    only a couple of hours from me, want me to check her out?
    remember our dollar is tanking at about 70c/us dollar so 3500 cdn = 2450us!

    • Dave @ OldSchool Restorations

      @gord………… it is priced in USA Dollars … $3500

      These are one of the worst of the Alfas for rust….so a good inspection is warranted…

      Not bad with the Webers, but the V6 versions are the hot item.

    • Horse Radish

      That’s wonderful, if the ad didn’t say US 3500$ and weren’t listed on US ebay

  2. DanaPointJohn

    I bet this is fun car but why can’t sellers take higher quality ad more detailed photos? Every mobile phone built in the last five years has a camera that can do better than many of the listings we see on BF. Oh well, it just adds that much more mystery to these cars!

    • Horse Radish

      You DON’T see these ads on BarnFinds, they are seller’s listings on other sites.

      That’s not t h a t hard to figure out , is it ?

  3. RayT Member

    If circumstances allowed, I’d fight you for this, Jamie! The only thing that would suit me better would be a Milano Quad, and I’m not even sure of that.

    For a number of years, I had regular use of a very similar Alfetta, which belonged to a colleague who a) didn’t do much to keep it up cosmetically and b) retained the original fuel injection. It had a few drivability quirks as a result, and was embarrassingly tatty. But it ran, and handled, beautifully. My only issue was the “cold-start” knob, which often had to be used even when the engine was fully warmed up.

    These were underrated when new, and at least to me are still desirable now. I could (and often did) step away from a brand-new “modern” car and jump into the Alfetta and, after a few miles, feel as if I’d traded up!

    • Olaf E

      Starting the engine early in the morning and listening to the proces of the awakening of the engine and handling it calmly the first 10-20 miles and you can almost hear the engine telling you: : “Don’t worry, it’s gonna be a bright, (bright) bright (bright) sunshiny day!”

      Oh yeah, the sound of an Alfa Romeo engine, it not only makes you smile, it also keeps you smiling.

  4. Blindmarc

    Long time since I saw one of these. Brought to mind a teenage memory.

    • Glen

      “teenage memory” , dare I ask?

      • Blindmarc

        A girl who’s parents house I moved into, had one of these. She was my girlfriend, extremely attractive, and a very good driver. She would drift thru turns at ease, while was lifting my feet on N.M. Canyon roads.

  5. Rick

    Did you see the MGB in the one photo background?

  6. Olaf E

    Jamie, I would be competing with you to win this car, but I am even further away (NL).

    One of my old Alfa’s was a ’77 Alfetta 2.0 (bought in 1984 when I was 18, drivers must be 18 in Holland), the year of introduction in Europe (USA: 1974!). Great car with, in my case, a somehow indistructable engine. Why I decided to sell it, I still do not know. Even stranger, because I got offered offendingly low prices I completely stripped the car. Sold the parts in 3 deals and tripled the ‘highest offer’!

    How, I don’t know, but the engine part and chassis with body were reunited and the car was reassembled into a race-car.(I believe you say trackcar?). It also raced at the circuit of Zandvoort and later crashed and sadly passed away.

    Once more, fantastic car (with Webers!), have handled worse Alfa’s. This car is here worth up to about $ 9000 in top condition.

  7. Mike

    Ahh yes, Cameron’s P.O.S. from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Don’t worry about it. I don’t even have a P.O.S. I have to envy yours.

  8. Kevin Harper

    Hey jamie.
    I am in Toronto for the next couple of days. Should I pick this up and deliver it to raleigh. Alternatively I am in Pittsburgh next weekend for the vintage races and you could fly up and pick it up there.

    I will say that I use to own one of these. It was nicknamed brownie, and while it ran flawlessly, and had limited rust. It is the one alfa that I have owned that I did not care for. It just did not elicit any passion and I didn’t find it fun to drive. I also owned a gtv6 and a spider at the time which were much more cherished

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Oh, Kevin, I wish :-) Thank you for the offer, however serious you were; you made me smile! Interesting to hear your thoughts on having driven one, though, I haven’t. Thanks for sharing!

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