Sport’n Survivor: 1969 Plymouth Sport Fury

Large scale coupes are always neat to look at as their proportions are somewhat massive. This Sport Fury has large proportions, but is really a stunner with its coloring, and fantastic survivor condition.  Having only covered 34,351 miles in its lifetime, this Fury has a big heart to match up to its name. Appearing very close to show room new, this large two door Mopar is offered for $10,500. Check it out here on craigslist out of Rhode Island. Thanks to reader Rocco B. for this beautiful submission!

Neat as a pin, the engine bay of this Mopar is just about clean enough to eat off of. The 330 horsepower 383 V8 appears very original and relatively clean as well. The only deviation from stock is a Holley carburetor. All in all a very tidy engine bay that is car show worthy!

With its very low mileage, it is easy to expect the interior to appear the way that it does…Like new! Absolutely mint inside, the only real gripe that can be mustered is that there are a few creases on the driver seat side bolster, and the factory radio has been removed for a modern CD player. Despite both of these minuscule issues, the seller does have the original radio to include with the sale. Otherwise, this Mopar is a real gem.

Long and sleek, this Mopar has definite appeal. Garaged all of its life, this Fury has no rust or rot in sight. The paint is beautiful, but the seller admits the trunk lid has been resprayed, and that there is a possibility that the driver side has been resprayed as well. Despite the touch up, the paint is beautiful in the pictures, and whoever matched the paint deserves a round of applause. The only concern about the paint is the seller says there are some blemishes he feels would “buff out.” Perhaps there are some paint tape edges, or “fish eyes,” or something of the like that could potentially be resolved. Beyond the paint, the sport trim, and chrome are all in nice shape, but the rear bumper has been rechromed at some point. The vinyl top is in great shape, and the rest of this car appears surprisingly original and nice. Clearly a nice example with low miles, would you jump on this low mileage Sport fury?

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  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Very well preserved 134K

  2. JCW Jr.

    Ah the memories. Nice car.

  3. Steve R

    Nice car. Chrysler really did these cars right.

    If it’s as described it seems like a very reasonable price.

    Steve R

  4. House of Hotrods

    I would think that any state could/would issue a title, regardless of age. To lay out 10k for a car without a title is a big big risk. Awesome car, but personally? Not a chance.

  5. Mike

    Check the grill and wheel wells for Minis and Smart cars. They have a tenancy to collect there.

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    • Chris Kennedy

      Mike, That is a hoot!!!

  6. mike Member

    Beautiful car! Fair price.

  7. Chris Kennedy

    I love this yacht! The long, flowing lines, and that the roof seems to be dwarfed in comparison! I would put the factory radio back but send it out to re do the electronics then add a 8 disc changer in the trunk.

    What a gem. The color combo is the best for this one…other then maybe a white on red?

  8. Big Ed

    Just before we went into The Marines in 70, my friend, Arnold Langley, his dad was a salesman at a Plymouth/Chrysler dealership in NW DC. His dad brought home a demo car with the 440. We drove it that night and the police thought we stole it. They actually called his dad while we waited and squirmed. ” Go Home” was the admonishment! That dealership had Sunbeam Tiger 260’s or 289’s on the showroom floor also.

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    • Ed P

      My ’70 Fury moved smartly with a 383 2bbl. The 440 must be awesome.

      • Mitchell MacLeod

        A friend in the military had a 69 Fury II with the 383 2 bbl. Passed everything except the gas station.

  9. Frank Ramlow

    my dad bought me a 1970 plymouth.sports fury it had the peekaboo head lights and 2hood scoups on the hood that had the turning indicators on the back of the scoups it was 70s pee green withdark green interior 70 thousand original miles my dad bought it from the preecher at our church I lo ed that car 383 roured like a rocket and I could load ,8 friend in there comfortably and hit the drive in then a 80 year old women ran a stop sign and hit me in it right in the door she was driving a ford Ltd and it was totalled these cars hold a special place in my heart

  10. Chuck hills

    Love this 69 fury man what a car had a bud that had a gold one with gator top buckets 440 automatic was a beast of a ride so cool I want one a conv.

  11. Frank

    Had one with the same engine (383 – 330 HP) but in Royal Blue with a white vinyl top, factory air ( no vent windows ). It always looked different from the other 69 Sport Furys in town because of it’s roof. Found out later it was 1 0f 2200 built with the formal hardtop roof vs 38,000 with the standard roof. Traded it in 1974 for a Mustang II (V6 – 4speed) because premium gas was 75 cents per Imperial Gallon! Big mistake, would love to have another.

  12. Mr. TKD

    The posting has been deleted.

  13. Rock On

    Mr. TDK- probably sitting in some Barn Finds readers garage by now.

  14. Marc NYC

    Rocco, just wanted to complement your taste, the cars posted recently that caught my eye were ones you submitted..kudos sir! :)

  15. boxdin

    Those random spark plug wires are not clean enough to eat off of nor show ready. A sign to me of “who cares”.

  16. Harold Wood

    I had a 66 sport fury that same color in 1970. My dad brought it up to Denver Colorado to me when I was there at Lowery AFB for Bomb School. He traded my 66 GTO for it cause he wouldn’t drive my GTO up there for me and I was desperate to have a car and the Air Force wouldn’t let me travel that far on a weekend to get my GTO. Dad thought he was calming me down with that car cause it kinda had a Family car Look compared to the GTO. Little did he know it had the 383 Police interceptor engine and that thing would FLY. When I got my first leave after Tech School I drove home from Denver Colorado to my Home town of Athens, Texas, A trip of 990 something miles in 10 Hours. I 1970 there were unpopulated stretches of Highway that were about an Hour between small towns, a luckily I only saw one cop the whole trip. There were times I sat at speeds in excess of 120 MPH for about an hour at a time and barely dropped below 100 MPH going through those small towns that had no Police. LOL I got a lot of tickets back in those days but I didn’t get one on that trip. Would love too have some of those old cars I had back then today. I was really into cars back then and at One time had as High as 40 cars mostly Muscle type cars. I Had a Dealers licence just so I could avoid taxes and could run a dealer tag and not have to register each car. All I probably had over 2,000 cars that would be collector type cars today, but back then they were just old cars, lol. It was a hard Habit to break I probably have close to 20 cars and trucks even now.

  17. Robert Adcox

    Given where the car has been repainted, Y have to wonder if the car had been in an accident.

  18. Joe Boggs

    I had a gold 69 Fury III with the darker tortoise shell print top, had the curved back glass no vents. I believe was called the formal roof as earlier mentioned. Had a 383, I later added dual exhausts and four barrel carb. Was well optioned. AC, power windows and seats, am-fm multiplex stereo, turning lights, skirts. Won many stop light races and would run out on the road. Was a fantastic looking and driving machine. I miss it. Older lady ran into the side of it. Insurance bought it. Should have kept it. Later realized what a ride it really was.

  19. Frank Ramlow

    I had a 1970 Plymouth Fury Sports Fury 3
    Also had the flip up lights in the front and it had the hood scoops on the hood with the turning signals on the back of them it was puke green with puke green interior but that car haul butt funny thing is I had a lady run a stop sign she’s 80 years old and hit me in the side of it and total it out man I love that car

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