Spotless Jeep: 1982 Jeep Wagoneer Brougham

When this 1982 Jeep Wagoneer was new, the Range Rover was probably its most obvious competitor in the luxury 4-wheel drive market. This Jeep does not appear as though it has lived a particularly hard life, and is a nice example. You will find it listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Lynnwood, Washington, and is being offered for sale with a clear title. This vehicle has generated its share of interest on eBay because after opening at $500, a total of nine bidders have pushed the bidding to $7,100 at the time of writing in this No Reserve auction.

This Jeep is in really nice condition, and that has to be one of the darkest shades of blue paint that I’ve ever seen. You look at the vehicle from any angle and the paint is close to flawless. I’m not usually a huge fan of the fake woody look, but I think that it sets off the paint perfectly. There are a number of shots of the underside of the car, and it is just as clean as a whistle. The exterior trim also looks to be in good condition. It may not be as flash as its newer contemporaries, but this Jeep would certainly stand out in a group of new 4-wheel drives.

By today’s lofty standards, the Wagoneer is not particularly well appointed, but when it was new it was about as good as it got. Up until this time, owning an off-roader meant coping with vinyl seats, rubber floor-mats, little sound insulation, and a heating and ventilation system that were totally ineffective. The Wagoneer changed that completely. This one features seats with cloth inserts, there is carpet on the floors, there is air conditioning for when the going got hot and tough (but it needs a recharge), and a radio/cassette player so you could listen to your tunes. The interior of this one is in great condition. There is a small issue with the vinyl on the back of the driver’s seat where it meets the cloth insert, but that is about all that I can really fault.

Under the hood is a 360ci V8 which is backed by an automatic transmission. The vehicle is also fitted with power steering and power brakes. The engine bay looks quite clean, and the owner says that the car runs and drives well, with no smoke or rattles from the engine. The transmission shifts smoothly, and the vehicle doesn’t have any oil leaks.

This Jeep Wagoneer Brougham is a nice looking vehicle that is in really good condition. It is a vehicle that you can drive and enjoy immediately. The fact that it is being sold in a No Reserve auction is interesting because the highest bidder will become the owner. Recently a similar vehicle was passed in at auction when bidding closed at $11,500. There is also one on the market at present with an asking price of $22,900. This one will probably go for a price somewhere between those two numbers.

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  1. Tommy

    Terrible eBay feedback rating of 75% not a good dealer

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    • KenB

      Actually, it’s low because the seller simply doesn’t have many recent transactions; much of the feedback is quite good.

  2. Andrew not a member

    Range Rover as the competitor? I beg to differ

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    • Ralph

      In 1982 most people in the US had no idea what a Range Rover was since they were still 4 years away from being sold here……..

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  3. That AMC Guy

    A great-looking example of an iconic vehicle!

    Air conditioning “needing recharge” translated from seller-speak means: “Needs refrigerant leak repaired. Could be anything from minor slow leak in a seal to most of the system needing to be replaced. Since I didn’t fix it assume the worst.”

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  4. half cab

    Ha give me the same year Bronco or Blazer any day over this ole man wannabe cowhand/golf pro get stuck in the yard truck.

    I had one back in ’87. Traded a “72 Chevy Cheyenne for if and got boot. Wish I still had that chevy.

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  5. Bob C.

    Hope they bring something like this back someday. They were SUPER!

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  6. Lance Nord

    Although the 360 is a solid engine, I would much rather spend the money on a good IH Scout II, IH Scout II Traveler or an IH Travelall. The IH vehicles are much easier to work on, have fewer electrical/mechanical issues and the 345 is one of the best engines ever built.

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    • Neal

      Yeah. What Lance said.
      These Wagoneers are cool (and this one looks cherry), but I’d still rather have a Scout/ Traveler. Appointments could be (almost) as plush, but there was a different level of honesty to the IH trucks. And they look better. I grew up with one all through the eighties and into the nineties.

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  7. Jimmy

    Nice !!!

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  8. Maestro1

    I think the 360 is actually a Mopar engine, and this unit is a nice sized hauler.
    If the price does not get out of line, try and buy it.

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    • That AMC Guy

      No, the 360 is an AMC engine, part of the “Typhoon” series of V8s that the company debuted in 1966. Displacements offered by AMC over the years included 290, 304, 343, 360, 390, and 401.

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  9. Wade Treadway

    My sister and brother in law had tow of these in the day. Cruising at 65 you could literally watch the gas gauge go down. Probably one of the worst MPG vehicles for the common road.

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  10. Gloin

    I guess it makes sense having the glovebox in the middle (easy access for the driver) but man it sure looks weird

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    • Bredlo

      We like ours there – shades, sunblock and even a hidden backup camera we added (we use ours for towing) make it a weird-looking but practical spot, especially with no center console in the armrest.

  11. Rex Kahrs Member

    These trucks performed great during my time with the State EPA. We hauled a johnboat around and shocked rivers to sample fish. Those Cherokees were tough as nails. But, the window cranks would sometimes come off in your hand, so the coachwork wasn’t the best.

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  12. XMA0891

    I do love these wags, and I still long to own one some day. I have never seen one in this color.

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  13. Comet

    Nice SUV. I had one, however you better budget a lot of money for gas.

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  14. Falstaff TR

    I had a 79 Wagoner in brown but otherwise very similar. Nice driver and looker but as said earlier the worst gas mileage of anything I’ve ever owned. 8MPG was the best I ever recorded. My dad almost bought a new Honcho PU in the early 80’s. It was a demo so the dealer let him use for a weekend and it sucked so much gas he returned it Monday and bought a new AMC Concord Wagon for my mom and a very nice used 77 El Camino we got many years of good use out of.

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  15. Guggie 13

    I had two of these ,would go anywhere I wanted and got me to work in all kinds weather ( upstate ny ) I drove snowplow for the state , traded for a s10 blazer always missed the Jeeps . most of them around here now are total rust buckets . Also I had the 360 engine in both and on a road trip I got 15 mpg , mostly 10 mpg in regular driving .

  16. Falstaff TR

    Guggie did you record the 15MPG on the decent of Pikes Peak?

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  17. Dave

    My dad had two or three of these. Great vehicles except for the gas mileage.

  18. Pete in PA

    There’s a cult following for these things and pristine examples bring stupid money. Look here if you have that kind of money:
    If you’re a movie star who doesn’t want to roll in the typical Escalade this retro Escalade is for you.
    They were the luxury SUV of the time before SUV was a term and luxury didn’t mix with 4 wheel drive. I bet a lot of realtors drove them before Explorers, Expeditions, Yukons, and Escalades hit the scene.
    We have a customer at the shop with a slightly newer one, say 1987, and it has the engine (4.7 V8) and transmission from a Dodge Durango installed along with the whole computer and fuel injection system. He uses it daily and it works beautifully. Unfortunately he’s going for the “MadMax” look instead of “realtor” class but that’s his business.
    Anyway, after working on that 87 I gained a lot of respect for these vehicles. At the time they were built they had no competitors.

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  19. Bredlo

    We bought our ’90 almost a year ago. We’ve put 7K on it and initially used to tow our Airstream cross-country. Today it’s a daily driver in northern California.

    Does it leak oil? Yep. Horrible gas mileage? THEE worst. But it’s also a blast to drive and get admiring glances everywhere it goes — strangely, from blue collar folks mostly. Well-heeled motorists (who were likely chauffeured to soccer in these back in the 1980s) seem happy to pretend they don’t even see us.

  20. Rex Kahrs Member

    Bredlo…great truck and camper! This old carpenter totally gets it. The current generation does not seem to have an appreciation for these old cars.

    I suppose if they peeled their faces off the damn phone screens and learned how to do something and actually live life, they might realize how cool these cars are.

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    • Brad

      Thanks, Rex. Yeah, I’ve owned five or six new cars, and three or four oldies by now (in my mid-forties). New ones are nice for many reasons… but there’s something magical about classic cars.

      When I had my ’53 Pontiac coupe, I felt like I was riding with my great uncle – just home after fighting in Korea.

      In my ’54 New Yorker, it felt like I could’ve been heading downtown for a Broadway musical with Grandma and Grandpa.

      And in our Wagoneer – with the ’57 Airstream in the rear view mirror? Every time I turn the key, it feels like we’re heading off on another adventure to see the National Parks.

      Classic cars are old, squeaky, smell like gas and are often unreliable. But… they’re also time machines.

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