Spotless Restoration: 1968 Pontiac GTO Convertible

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I’ve been sitting here trying to come up with one reason why buying a beautifully restored classic car would be a bad thing. The truth? I can’t think of any negatives. This is especially true when it is a desirable vehicle like this 1968 Pontiac GTO Convertible. The Pontiac is a stunning car, and once the buyer hands over their cash for this one, it appears that they will have a vehicle that won’t need a cent spent on it. I always appreciate when our readers refer classics for us to write about, so I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder Gunter K for spotting this one. It is located in Monument, Colorado, and has been listed for sale here on Craigslist. If you hand the seller $39,900, you could be taking this one home. It might be worth asking the question because it appears that the seller may entertain reasonable offers.

This GTO is a car that will knock your socks off. There is so much to take in with this one that it is a feast for the eyes. It isn’t clear when the Convertible was restored, but its overall condition suggests that it hasn’t seen a lot of action since the work was completed. It is finished in Verdoro Green, and the paint shines beautifully. It is hard to spot a flaw in the paint, which has a fantastic depth of color. The panels are laser straight, without so much as a ding or a ripple to grab your eye. The panel gaps are some of the tightest that I’ve seen on a classic of this age, and they are consistent across the entire car. The owner doesn’t mention any problems with rust, and there is nothing visible in the supplied photos. The White soft-top is in excellent condition, while the back window is crystal clear. The Pontiac rolls on a set of Rally II wheels that are free from marks and stains. The trim rings match the rest of the exterior chrome because it all shines flawlessly. The original owner ordered the GTO with tinted glass, and this appears to be free from any chips or other defects.

If you thought that the interior might be a let-down after that beautiful exterior, you’d be wrong. As is the case with the outside, this interior wants for nothing. It is trimmed in Gold Parchment vinyl, and it is breathtaking. There is no evidence of any stretching or marks on the seats, and the door trims are just as impressive. The dash and pad are perfect, while the wheel is in as-new condition. It would be forgivable to find some marks or stains on such light-colored carpet, but there’s nothing to report once again. If I wanted to get down to some serious nit-picking, I would say that the lid on the console might possibly be slightly warped. Mind you, I wouldn’t be willing to bet my life on it. The Pontiac isn’t loaded with optional extras, but it does come with ice-cold air conditioning and an AM radio.

There’s nothing like taking a ride in a classic convertible if you want a wind-in-the-hair experience. If you would prefer something closer to a hurricane than a soft breeze, this GTO can supply that for you. Hiding under the hood is a 400ci V8 that should be producing 350hp. The Pontiac also features a 3-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. At 3,790lbs, the Convertible is a relatively heavy car. That makes the 14.8-second ¼-mile ET all the more impressive. Give it enough room, and the speedometer needle should be able to nudge 120mph. Is that wind fast enough for you? The engine bay presents very nicely, with no significant problems. However, this is about far more than mere looks. The owner says that the GTO runs and drives exceptionally well. It also comes with a fine collection of paperwork, including PHS Documentation, along with a pile of receipts.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I really like this 1968 GTO Convertible. If I walked out to my garage and found it parked there, I’d have a smile on my face that you couldn’t remove with a sandblaster. Sadly, I won’t be parking this classic in my garage. However, that means that my loss is someone else’s potential gain. This car would seem to need nothing, and it offers the possibility of miles of Summer motoring enjoyment. I might not be able to own it, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t envy the person who does buy it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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  1. Moparman MoparmanMember

    On this car, I’d prefer to have some discreet exhaust turn down tips, rather than the extra long ones here. Otherwise, this car is an ABSOLUTE beauty!!
    GLWTS!! :-)

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    • Jeffy B

      Agreed. The wheelbarrow look is this cars only downfall.

      Like 5
      • Bry593

        Lol, perfect description. Count me as unimpressed with the wheelbarrow look. Turn down is the way.

        Olds calls this color Jade Gold.

        Like 1
  2. Gloin

    Looking at the 58 Pontiacs shows how different cars looked in only 10 years. My 2015 Chrysler 300 looks almost the same as the 2005 model

    Like 6
  3. Jcs

    Understandably, she’s gone.

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  4. Gene wood

    I had one like this, only red with a white top. It was fast and fun to drive. It would cruse at 100 mph effortlessly. With the top down and the duel exhausts rumbling, it was hard to keep it at the 70 mph speed limit back in 1973.

    Like 8
    • Tman

      You are right about the speed limit if you were in 1973 California. I remember living in Oregon they were one of the first states to mandate 55 mph in early spring. Taking a drive to LA was torturous coming back. 70plus in California then frop to 55 in Oregon was strictly enforced

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  5. George Mattar

    Moparman. Those tailpipe extensions are butt ugly. I agree. However, my 65 year old eyes make me believe they are the optional chrome extensions available in 68 and 69. Seems cheap. Someone got a beauty.

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  6. Todd

    Those are the correct exhaust tips for a 68. 69 did turn down a bit more and were shorter. Fit and finish looks really good especially the front bumper to fender which most people don’t get right on these cars.

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    • JoeBob

      My 68 GTO had exhaust tips that turned down without chrome tips. Looking at my 68 Pontiac sales brochure I don’t see any GTOs or Tempests with chrome tips but maybe they were an option. I think the goat looks better without them.

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  7. John Polacek

    Should have kept at least one of the 5 GTOs I had, 2 were 68’s. I sold them way too cheap lol. Although I ended up with a 67 Conv eventually. Frame rotted in two :-(

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  8. Keith

    I ws the lucky one to have a 68 GTO convertible but not just a plain jain one a Ram Air 2 auto car and one of only 4 built and the only to this day that has been found. It is in a collection in Chicago along with some of the rarest Pontiacs on the Planet. Of course I wish I had it but that car bought my first house and living in a car was something my wife was not keen on.

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  9. DaveP

    Get rid of the 400 sticker on the air cleaner. And isn’t that the wrong blue on the engine? And anyone notice they spray painted the fan belt when they sprayed the top of the engine? Makes me question the “restoration” done on this car

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  10. John

    Great looking car. needs to peel of the hideous Buick air cleaner decal.

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  11. Timothy Youngberg

    Engine color is hideous. And the color of the interior just doesn’t go well with that beautiful green exterior. Otherwise I’d love to have it.

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  12. John Oliveri

    It’s a gorgeous car, I prefer the 69 to this because in my opinion the dash, and steering wheels are nicer, I prefer the ignition on the column, and the 69 has no vent windows, that white top makes the paint pop, I’d loose the gold interior and replace it with White

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